(Int. Moon-bar. Everyone stares at Al. Al does not notice, because he is too 
busy trying to get Sam's attention.)

Freegie: Are you two using some kind of advanced IT?

Sam: What is an IT?

Freegie: What do you mean, what is an IT? Have you gone crazy?

Sam: No. I just... forgot. I remember now.

Al: Hey, Sam, who are these guys?

Freegie: We're astronauts, just like everyone else who was born after the 
year 2190.

Al: Sam, am I going caca, or did he just talk to me?

Sam: He talked to you, Al. Something about me leaping into the future makes 
it so that they can see you.

Jake: What do you mean, "leaping into the future"? What are these leaps you 
keep talking about?

Sam: It's what we call it when I...

Freegie: When you what?

Sam: Nevermind. How can you see Al? I mean, the other Newcomer. How can you 
see him?

Freegie: We can see him because he is plain as day, just as solid as you 

(Freegie pauses after trying to touch Al, suprised as his hand goes straight 
through Al's midsection)

Jake: Let's just sit down and have a few drinks to clear our heads a little 

Sam: Sounds like a good idea. But first, we, the newcomers, must use the 
little boy's room.

(Sam and Al head to the bathroom. They ener the door marked 'Men'. Sam 
checks for feet uder the stalls, then begins to talk to Al.)

Al: What was that, Sam? Why can they see me?

Sam: Where is the handlink?

Al: In the control room. It's useless for this leap. You designed Ziggy's 
memory banks to hold information about the past, not the future, remember? 
Now why can they see me?

Sam: Do you know what day it is?

Al: No. We were lucky to find you. NOW WHY CAN THEY SEE ME?!

Sam: I don't know! Why are you asking me?

Al: I don't know. I am going to try and figure this out. Maybe Gooshie will 
have some ideas as to why they can see me. (Looks upward and yells) Gooshie! 
Open the door!

(As the imaging chamber door slides open, a quantum blue light emerges in 
the midst of the bathroom scenery. Al takes a step back into the light, and 
the door slides shut, extinguishing the light.)