(Ext. Moon's Surface. Sam outside a Moon-Bar, Wearing a seemingly flimsy 
suit with what looks like a  giant surgical glove without fingers on his 
head. There are tubes protruding from this helmet that lead into air tanks, 
much like scuba gear.People stare at Sam, like an unexpected guest.)

Jake: Hey, where did you come from? Are you some kind of magician? I mean, I 
know we have instant transportation techs., but I have never seen anything 
like that!

Sam: Anything like what?

Jake: Are you kidding? You just appeared out of nowhere! Even using the ITs, 
you can see someone coming!

Sam: What year is it?

Jake: 2292.

Sam: That's impossible! I can only leap within my own lifetime.

Jake: What do you mean, leap?

Sam: Do you have time travel in this year?

Jake: Yeah, of course, but it was outlawed after Dr. Sam Beckett died while 
leaping, in the year 2054, remember?

Sam: I died?

Jake: What do you mean, you died? Are you trying to tell me that you are Dr. 
Sam Beckett?

(A man who has been watching in the background walks up and begins to talk 
to Sam.)

Freegie: Come and have a drink with Jake and I, Newcomer.

(Sam, Jake, and Freegie walk into Moon-Bar. Fade out, cut to Al in imaging 
chamber.A tube, much like a tornado, surrounds Al in the imaging chamber.)

Gooshie's voice on intercom: We don't have much on the future, so with what 
little we have, we have a 2.6 percent chance of finding Dr. Beckett... Wait, 
we're getting a lock.

(The tube of holographic images arround Al swings out to become the interior 
of the Moon-Bar. There are many people sitting on stools and at tables, 
wearing the same suits as Sam.)

Al: Sam! Come here! We've gotta talk.

Jake: Hey, Newcomer, who is that guy waving to you? Is he another Newcomer?

Sam: You mean, you can see Al?

Freegie: Of course we can see him. He is plain as day on Earth. He appeared, 
even more sudden than you!

Sam: Oh boy!