Chapter 2
	Sam felt strange, almost giddy, about returning home. Although he was 
dissapointed that Al had not leaped home with him, he couldn't help feeling 
that it was now his turn to be stuck in time for a while. All those years 
(present time, not leap time) he had spent leaping, and now he was home, and 
Al was stuck in the past. 'I guess it's actually kinda funny, almost like 
that time we simo-leaped', he thought to himself.
	"Samuel!" Gooshie called to Sam.
	"We have discovered why the admiral is where he is. It is November 4, 1989. 
He is in Elkridge, Indiana." Sam stared at Gooshie when he gave Sam this 
information. "Don't even think about it, Dr. Beckett. Anyway, his name is 
Johnathan Flint. He is the Flint's first child. He is there to make sure 
that Marie and Frank Flint don't get a divorce when their child, Justin, is 
born. They never did originally, according to Ziggy. My guess is that 
something you did in one of your former leaps made it so that someone 
effected their lives and changed history. The handlink will give the rest of 
the needed information."
	"Right." Sam grabbed the handlink off of Ziggy's main controls and walked 
to the imaging chamber door again. The door opened, but this time, the 
hologram was waiting for him.
	Al was sitting at a table, with a man and a woman. They were most likely 
the oddest couple Sam had ever seen. The man was tall and skinny, the woman 
was short and... pregnant. The man looked muscular, while the woman looked 
quite weak.
Sam walked over to Al.
	"Sam! What took you so long? If I were still the hologram, I'd have-" Al 
replied, before he was abruptly cut off by the man.
	"Stop talking to yourself, Johnathan. It's not healthy." This man was 
obviously worried about his reputation in society. You could hear it in his 
voice. He didn't say, but you could tell what he was thinking. 'Everyone 
will stare, Johnny. I don't want my reputation to take a fall because my son 
talks to himself.'
	"Uhh.. I, uhh... gotta go to the bathroom." Al said, seing as it was his 
only way to talk to Sam without looking suspicious.
	"But you just went, John, less than a half hour ago." The woman said.
	"But, mom, I've had alot to drink.," Al said, very convincingly. Then he 
got up and walked to the men's room. "Alright," He said, as soon as they 
were inside the men's room. "Why am I here?"
	"Well, your name is Johnathan Flint," Sam said, pressing the button's on 
Ziggy's handlink, as it made it's usual whirring and beeping noises. "You 
are the son of Marie and Frank Flint. You are 12 years old. As you could 
see, Mrs. Flint is pregnant."
	"Right, I noticed." Al said, wanting Sam to get on with it. "Now why am I 
	"Well, when that baby is born, they get a divorce. You are here to stop 
	"That doesn't sound to tough. You've had harder leaps."
	"I know I have. But you have only leaped once." Sam was concerned for his 
	"What? No, I've never leaped. You're the only one besides Zoe." Al said, 
his brain obviously swiss-cheesed.
	"You mean Alia. And yes, you have leap. Right after I leaped into the 
asylum, and we simo-leaped. And Stoppa leaped, too." Sam said, knowing that 
it was against the rules to tell his friend this much, but thought he 
deserved the information, because he had help Sam on more than one occasion.