Chapter 1

	 Sam found that he could remember everything now, from his first leap until 
present.  "I guess that barkeeper was right. I can leap myself around." 
"What are you talking about, Dr. Beckett?" Ziggy replied. That I can 
remember everything, every leap, and when I look back, when I think hard 
enough, I realize that just before I leaped out of my actual birthday, I was 
thinking about how I could have saved  Al and Beth's marriage. And just 
before I leaped into the future, I realized I was sick of traveling in the 
past, that I would like to go home, but wouldn't mind something a little 
different. Just before I leaped here, I was so tired that I just wanted to 
go home. And now here I am. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. 
Maybe because of the swiss cheese effect." Sam replied.
	"Speaking of the Admiral, where is he?"
	"I dont know. Maybe... maybe he leaped somewhere else in time... he did! I 
can sense it! Are our neuromns still connected?" "Yes. That is probably why 
you can sense where the Admiral is.," Proffesser Beaks said.
	"Can I go into the imaging chamber?"
	"Yes. It may take us a minute to get a lock on the Admiral, but..."
	"1989. Wherever he is, it is 1989."
	"Ok. go into the imaging chamber."
	Sam walked, almost casually, to the imaging chamber door. It opened, and he 
stapped in. Suddenly, a funnel of holographic images surrounded Sam. After 
about 10 seconds, it swung out to reveal a hologram of Al in a bathroom. 
"Someone go into the... the... hologram chamber!"
	"Sam? What are you doing here?"
	"Al! I leaped home!"
	"O.K. Now I know this is a dream. How could you leap home?"
	"Do you remember Al the bartender?"
	"How could I forget? He's that nozzle that said you could control your own 
leap, right?"
	"Right. But what he said was true. I control my leaps. Once we figure out 
what you have to do on this leap, we can get you home after you've done what 
needs to be put right. Just keep thinking, 'I want to go home' and you 
probably will!"
	"So why don't you go back to PQL and figure out what I need to do?!"
	"Right." The imaging chamber door opened behind Sam. He stepped back, and 
the door closed.