Chapter Fourteen
	Juniel Waters could not understand why she was here.  Although she 
realized it was ridiculous to argue with the Almighty Father who had brought 
her into this young woman's life, it seemed to her that Sam Beckett was 
better-prepared for this Leap than she.  Every step of the way, it was Sam 
who had the information, Sam who had the ideas, and _Sam_ who had the 
wherewithal to accomplish them, with all the marvelous technology his 
hologram had at his disposal.
	What was her role (and Dante's), then, other than sidekick?  For the 
first time, she began to feel shades of the resentment that Sam seemed to 
harbor deep within; the look was clear enough in his deep hazel eyes no 
matter how he tried to hide it.  Even when he was deeply into his work, he 
still wasn't all the way there, as far as his commitment to Leaping went.  
Now June could understand where Sam's point of view was coming from.
	June was lonely.  Even her Observer had disappeared to wherever he 
went when he was not present with her, either wandering around in whatever 
time June was in, or in some sort of between-reality limbo.  He claimed that 
the time he spent in whatever ethereal realm he retreated to could have the 
effect of clearing up his visions.  A memory of a distant Voice from mid-Leap 
occurred to her: Do not lose your sense of purpose, Juniel.  A universe is 
riding on this Leap.  Remember why you are here . . .   It was a futile 
memory, June thought, because she did not know why she was in this place.  
Never had she received an outright warning from the mysterious Voice that 
spoke to her during the Transit, and it had chilled her thoroughly.
	[Dear God,] she thought, [where are you now?]  It was as if the 
distant guiding force had turned its back, a force which she had so willingly 
embraced in the time when her life had proceeded in an orderly straight line. 
 She remembered the offer which had presented itself in a half-dream state on 
the night of her birthday, and now doubted its sincerity.  [Now, of all 
times, when I'm stranded without purpose.  Why have you left me?]
	--Juniel felt as if drawn beyond time, but imperceptibly anchored to 
reality in the same non-instant as a turquoise light bathed over her, forming 
a translucent barrier between herself and the world.  She feared, despaired, 
awed, and rejoiced all in one tumultuous emotion, uncomprehending of these 
new happenings but still innately understanding everthing that was unfolding. 
 There was a presence somewhere in this light, June sensed somehow . . . 
intuition, or something beyond that?  Perhaps the presence _was_ the 
light--but no, the light was too all-encompassing; the blue light could only 
be a fraction of its power, a manifestation in a form that June could 
somewhat understand, though it lay near the very edge of her grasp.
	--She felt an urge to try and speak to the light.  "What . . . what 
is this?"  June heard herself speak the words, and felt her lips shape them, 
but still, it seemed as if she had half-spoken, half-thought them.  
Perceptions were clearly altered in this ethereal light.  The effect was 
disconcerting, but she felt as if the light had the situation entirely under 
control.  "Hello?" she called.  "Is anyone there?"
	--She waited a timeless moment, and after this instant eternity, the 
light reverberated with a sort of Voice felt within whatever substance June 
had at the time, if any, and resounded all around her with a soundless crash 
of thunder that she heard nonetheless:  Do not be afraid.  You have been 
	--June couldn't help being perplexed at the cryptic non-explanation.  
"Chosen?  Me?  For what?"  An image of sorts filled her awareness, while 
still remaining a part of the light.  A sense of being within lives, and she 
felt changes being wrought within time, and somehow she understood the 
magnificence of what she would undertake should she accept the offer.
	--You desire more from life, correct?  The Voice was so benevolent, 
so awesome that it seemed to emanate from Juniel herself.  Perhaps that was 
simply her mind's attempt to comprehend this magnificent experience.  You 
wish to give something of yourself to change the lives of others for the 
	--"Yes," she answered, forming the word half by a sound, half by a 
	--She knew, she _knew_ that this was her future, her past, her 
destiny.  I will not desert you.  Nor will I allow things to degenerate in 
this timeline.  You are ready to Leap.  And the light embraced her completely 
now as all awareness of her home disappeared, of her body, of time.  Only her 
soul and the Voice remained as she felt herself moving through time and space 
. . . --
	If only that sense of well-being would stay long enough for her to 
make it through this Leap . . .