Halifax, Nova Scotia
April 11, 1963
4:37 PM

  The only way Al saw himself saving Beth was for him to somehow keep
Beth with him.  The best thing he could think of was to have Beth accept
his gift of marriage.  He knew Sam would never do it, unless Ziggy
agreed with him.  Chances were that hunk of scrap metal wouldn’t agree
with him, just to spite him.  He some how had to have Sam believe that
he was hear to save Beth, by accepting his proposal.  Then he would be
married to Beth, and maybe she wouldn’t leave him while he was in
Vietnam.  Maybe they would be happily ever after.  Even though Al was
seriously self-diluted, he knew none of this could be true.  He knew she
would pronounce him dead, and he would return a broken bitter man to see
his only true love married to some dirtbag nozzle, who takes advantage
of a woman who has just suffered a great loss.  He also knew that Sam
was here to save Beth, but not in that way.  Sam had to find a way to
have Beth not be sent to Vietnam.  Sam could always fall back on the
plan of Beth marring him, even if she does end up marring a Lawyer. 
That would be a back-up plan, so Al still had a small chance of Beth. 
He would give up everything that had importance to him to have Beth. 
He’d give up his status of Admiral, he’d give up his “connections” with
the government., just to live his life with Beth.  He loved her, and
always will.  He couldn’t help it.  If he could he would give up on Sam,
just to have the chance to live with Beth once more.
  Sam, on the other hand, was thinking totally different thoughts.  He
was thinking of the past of leaping.  He was concentrating on a privious
leap.  He forgot who he had leaped into, but he remembered his mission. 
He was there to keep Al and Beth together, and, for some reason or
another, he just told Beth that Al was going to return, and then he
leaped out.  He wasn’t sure why he just told her out like that, or who
he was, he just did it that way.  It now occurred to him, that it was an
odd way of finishing his job.  He only remembered bits of it.  He leaped
in as he saw Beth dancing by herself.  “Georgia on my Mind” was playing
softly, as Sam could tell she was thinking of her lost love, Al, who had
been shot down in Vietnam.  She was deeply saddened and could tell that
Al meant a great deal to her.  Sam only wished he knew what was going
through Beth’s mind.
  This is what went through her mind.  As she slowly danced to the end
of the song, she opened her eyes to see a man she has never seen
before.  He was standing there just watching her dance to her self.  Yet
as she looked at him, she realized that she had seen him before.  She
saw a few people she has seen before.  She saw in the hazel eyes, the
police officer who came over, Rawlins, was his name?  Hard to believe,
but she also saw Al.  Not the Al that had matured along with her, but a
young Al.  a Bingo Al.  She also saw, what she thought was odd, was a
man, a man she hardly knew.  She had examined him to enter the war. 
Hubert, she thought was his name..  Hubert Williams.  But the oddest
thing she saw, was the man in front of her.  She saw him, but years
younger.  Younger than the Al that was in his eyes.  She saw so many
lost souls that had found their place, and she knew that it was this man
who had saved them.  She then realized who he was.  He was an angel.  He
had saved countless people.  Most she did not know, but she knew it was
him who had guided these lost souls to their place.
  “Who are you?”  She had asked.  
  “I can’t explain it, but I need to tell you something.  Al will
return, and you must wait for him.”  He was so angelic, not bay any
supernatural means, but by the he was pure.  Pure of heart and soul.  He
was, in a sense, an angel.  He protected many, and still, like an angel.
Got nothing in return.
  She just stared at him, as she saw the most amazing thing she ever
saw.  She saw the man who had just been there a second ago burst into
the most fantastic blue light she had ever seen, and watched as he faded
away, and there was only her alone again.  It was seeing this angel that
led her to obey.  She waited for Al, even when she was tempted to date
Dirk Simon, that nice lawyer, she did not date anyone.  Dirk kept by her
side and help her through the difficult time.  Sometimes she wondered if
the angel wasn’t anything more than a hallucination.  But she waited and
was shocked that in 1973, Al had returned.  Beth never told Al about the
  The angel kept his promise and Al had returned.  It wasn’t until years
later. around 1989, that Beth saw the angel again.  She was reading
magazines while waiting for her dental appointment, when she almost
fainted.  In a “Times” magazine, there was the face of the angel, or a
man as he was, smiling at her.  She knew that he was a time traveler
instantly.  His eyes did not shine of souls.  It had one soul in them,
and it was his own.  She read the article, and it told his name was Dr.
Samuel John Beckett, age: 36 next August, Wife: Dr. Donna
Elesse-Beckett, Family: brother Captain Thomas Beckett, United States
Navy, retired.  Sister Katherine Bonnick.  Mother Thelma Beckett. 
Father John Beckett, deceased.
  She read all she could on this man, but when it came to his
education,  it was too  long for her to even begin.  The man was a
natural genius.  More than that, he made Einstein look as though he was
nothing more than a mere child.
  It was a week later, that Al came home from the pentagon, tired and
huffy.  They needed a new man for the top secret project called Star
Bright.  For no reason, really, Beth recommended Dr. Beckett.  Al
thought about this and figured she might have a good idea. 
With a few calls, Dr.  Sam Beckett was recruited for the project.   At
first, Al resented him.  He figured Sam to be “The smart farm boy whose
gonna show up all us city-boys” As he said himself to Beth.     
  Strangely, though, he found himself liking the kid.  It was this
friendship that led Al into doing Sam a favor.  Getting founding for the
project that would be the end of Sam’s normal life.  

(I made this chapter to end the Post Mirror Image conflict of Sam and
Al’s friendship.)