Halifax, Nova Scotia
April 11, 1963
4:21 PM
  “Oh no!  Not the skirt!”  That was the first phrase that came into Dr.
Beckett’s mind as the blurred vision of leaping wore off, and he felt a
slight, cool breeze go up his legs.
  Sam had leaped into many different things.  A blind man, a man who
lost his legs in Vietnam, and even a space test monkey named Bobo, but
Sam always hated it when he leaped into a woman.  He could never adjust
to putting on make-up, wearing high heel shoes, walking like a woman, or
ignoring all the disgusting remarks men made.  It was the men he hated
the most.  If Sam had his way, He would knock every man who made a bad
remark out cold.  It was leaping that taught him how woman feel in this
world.  It was a lesson that, if he ever returned home, he would never
  He was fully aware of where he was now.  He was at a train station,
one that Sam did not recognize.  He noticed that he was in a naval
medical nurses uniform.  He carried one suitcase and that was it.
  Sam was panicky in the large rushing mass of people using the train. 
Sam was afraid he was suppose to catch this train. he was going to miss
it.  He opened up his pocketbook, and found all that he needed.  He
found a ripped ticket telling him he was in Nova Scotia, Canada.  The
capital Halifax, to be exact.  His name was Nurse Townsend.  He had
papers that said she was In leave of absence.  In other words, she just
got a break from Vietnam.
  Sam continued to look around, but saw nothing.  The he saw a man
running towards him.  He was in a naval uniform, Lieutenant it looked to
be.  Even though he was a great distance away, Sam recognized him
immediately.  “Al?”  Sam murmured.
  “Oh, Beth!”  Al said as he came with in arms length of Sam.  “I’ve
missed you so much!”
  Al went to kiss Sam, but Sam quickly ducked away.  “Um...Shouldn’t we
be going now, Al?”  Sam was hoping to get Al’s mind off of what he so
often thought about.  Sex.  
  “What’s the rush Beth?  Do you have an appointment?”  Al had a deep
look in his eyes, as though he suspected Beth had an alternative motive.
   “No, It’s just that......”  Sam couldn’t think of a decent excuse.
  “Well, Bethie, What is it?  You know I love you and I can’t wait until
the day your Mrs. Beth Calavicci!”  Al exclaimed with a burst of pride.
  That was when it snapped into place for Sam.  He turned and glanced in
the window of the train and saw what he would see six years into the
future.  It was the face of  Three woman.  Beth Townsend, Beth
Calavicci, and Beth Simons.  All three were the same and different in
their ways. 
  Al loved both Beth Townsend and Beth Calavicci, but missed Beth Simons
the most.
  “It, just, ummm......”   Sam had trouble thinking of an excuse that Al
would except.  He needed an excuse or Al would be all over him, like he
was for thousands of woman, (As he claimed any ways.  Sam always had
doubts it was thousands).
  “Beth, just tell me, I’ll understand.”  Al had a look in his face that
made Sam actually believe him for a second.
  “No, it’s a ....Woman thing.”  Sam just thought of something Al had
always respected of the many woman he had dated.  He always let them
deal with things alone, if they wanted to.  Al was never a pusher, That
was always something Sam respected him for.
  “A woman thing?  Oh, okay.  Sure, no problemo.  Wanna go back to the
hotel and unpack?  We have a whole week to ourselves.  No half-witted
Admirals, no orders, and best of all, no Vietnam.  Come on!”
  Al led Sam towards the exit of the Train station.  As he was heading
towards the familiar black car had seen when he had leaped into Al
  As Sam got in, He noticed Al was putting his arm around Sam.  That was
when Sam said his famous life.  “Oh, Boy!"