Stallion Gates, New Mexico.
  March 15, 2001
  4:54 PM

  “Ziggy,” The raspy voice of the Admiral Came out of the Imaging
Chamber.  “Can you
please tell me what the hell that leap was about?”
  “Admiral,” Ziggy said.  “Could you be more precise on where you
question is directed?”
  “I mean the whole leap!  You said that Sam was there to have my mother
write a note so
I wouldn’t have so many regrets, but I still hate her for what she did,”
  “I’ll admit, Admiral, I was wrong in my prediction.  I have realized
why Dr. Beckett had
leaped into the life of Jacob Blacksmith.”
  After a few moments, Al said “Well, why did he leap into Jacob?”.  Al
was getting
frustrated.  Ziggy always annoyed him, but seeing his mother brought
back old memories
he wish could of stayed down.
  “I was, indeed, correct about the note being written.  But Dr. Beckett
was not there to
save Young Al Calavicci, but to help Marie Calavicci.  Due to the fact
that I could not find
any future references for a Marie Calavicci, or a Marie Blacksmith.  I
will admit, Admiral,
I was confused.  It was not until I searched deep into Marie Calavicci’s
personal files, that
I realized that there was a chance that she had reverted back t her
maiden name.  Searching
out her maiden name, I found information I needed.  In two years,  Marie
would divorce Jacob Blacksmith, and spent the next ten years of her life
searching for  her
children.  On The date of  November 14, 1954. Marie Would walk in front
of a car,
ending her own life.  The note reassured her that her children would no
she cared and
loved them, and to this day, she is still married to Jacob Blacksmith.”
  “So, Sam changed it all, huh?  Well, that was a rough leap.  I’m going
to go take a nap
for a couple of hours.  Tell me if anything happens.”  Al was so tired
he was speaking in
between yawns.
  “But Admiral, There is an interesting fact I believe you would be
greatly intrigued to
hear.”  Ziggy said.
  “Yeah, Zig?”  Al wasn’t really interested in hearing.  He thought if
he let Ziggy tell him
about whatever she wanted to say, she would let him sleep in peace. 
“What is it that is so
  “Marie’s maiden name.”  Ziggy said.  “I feel that you would most
likely feel that this
was important.  It does involve Sam.”
  Al wondered what Ziggy means.  How could his mother have any link of
any sorts to
  “It seems”  Ziggy said.  “That Marie Calavicci-Blacksmith’s maiden
name was Aiey.”
  “And your point is?”  Al was really impatient now.
  “It is apparent that you have not brushed up on your Russian lately. 
The word Aiey in
Russian language means the word quantum.
  “Your right, Zig, that is odd.  Well, I’m off to catch a few Z’s. 
Tell me if....”  Al was
interrupted by Ziggy..
  “Admiral, Dr.  Beckett has leaped.”  Ziggy warned Al.
  “Already?  What the hell!  I haven’t see Beth in over Five days!”  Al
was angry, but there
was something wrong in the way he was of Beth,
  “Admiral, Are you talking about Elizabeth Simons?”  Ziggy knew when
the time line has
changed, and she also knew that Al was not going to like the changes
that Dr. Beckett had
made in his life.
  “Beth Simons?  But...  How Ziggy?  How did Sam make me lose Beth?”  Al
  “When Dr. Beckett leaped out of Jake Rawlins in 1969,  Dirk Simon’s
Beth and your
Beth were at the breaking point.  Slight changes in time will leave
either you with Beth or
Dirk with Beth.  With the sudden change in the way your mother leaves,
You did not feel
such a need for acceptence, leading you to not ever get married    “Al. 
There’s a call for
you.”  Verbena said.
  “Who is it?”  Al was surprised that anyone knew he was there.
  “It’s your mother.”  Verbena said.
  “My mother?  But she.....”  Then the memories came.  She found him on
the day he
became a rear admiral.  It was the happiest, and the saddest, day of his
life.  He had to be
the one that had to tell her that Trudy was dead.  Jacob knew that was
going to happen, he
said it in the note, but Al didn’t listen.  It was his fault that Trudy
had died.  When he
asked Jacob about his part of the note, he said he didn’t even remember
writing it.  “Tell
her that I can’t talk right now.  Tell her that I’ll call her in a
couple of hours.  Right now
open the Waiting room and get the Imaging Chamber ready to be set.”
  Entering the Waiting room, Al saw his Friend Sam, merged with another
person.  She
was female, and oddly familiar.  She had light brown hair, and a
beautiful face.
  “Al?  Is that you?”  Though the voice was deep as Sam’s, it had a
woman’s touch to it.
  “You know me?”  Al knew he knew her, but where?
  “It’s me, Beth.  Honey, you look so....well....old!”  What happened.” 
The identity of the
person had been revealed, and Al was hurt.
  “Beth, is that you?”  Al was near tears.
  “Of course, silly!  Who else could I be?”  Beth was smiling her smile,
through Sam’s
  “Beth, I need to ask you two questions, no matter how stupid they
sound.”  Al was
serious, but Beth thought he was kidding
  “Okay, Al.  What’s the questions?”  
  “Where are you and what’s the date?”
  “I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  And the date is April 11, 1963.”
  We’ve only been dating for.....what a week?  I meet you there while I
was in line to join
the war in Vietnam, Al said as he thought‘And I dump her in three
days’.  “Gushie!  Is the
Imaging Chamber ready?”  
  “Yes Admiral.”  The short man with bad breath said.
  Okay, I’m going.  Set it to April 11, 1963 in Halifax, Nova Scotia..”
  Al left the room with a feeling of fear.  Sam has leaped into the path
of Al’s life before,
like when he leaped into Jake Rawlins, or even as himself as an Ensign. 
This time,
though, the leaps were right next to each other.  From Jacob to Beth,
just like that.  Al
hoped it was just a coincident and nothing more, but he knew like he
knew many times,
Time, God, Fate, or Whatever had plans for Al, and there was nothing he
could do/