Peekskill, New York
August 17, 1942
8:00 AM
  Waking up with a strong headache was not the way to begin this day, 
Sam Beckett thought as he got out of his bed.  The room was horrible.  
The bed was too tough, it wouldnít bend.  The place was filled with 
bugs, and it had no ventilation, so the air was stale.
  Sam realized that Jacob did not have much money either if he slept in 
places like this.
  Looking in all of Jacobís suitcases and brief cases, Sam saw that 
Jacob only had one suit, so Sam was forced to wear it again.
  Getting dressed, he felt dirty and filthy (The shower didnít work).  
He got all his stuff together, and left for Marieís home.  When he got 
there, he heard the deep voice of a man, talking softly.  He feared it 
was Vincent Calavicci.  When he ducked behind the side of the
house, Marie came out, and went to directly where Sam was.
  "Jacob Blacksmith, what do you think your doing?"  Marie was wearing 
the same blue dress from yesterday.
  "Um....I thought I heard Vincent, so I decided that it would be best 
if I hide, so I wouldnít get killed."  Sam told her the truth.
  "Jacob,"  Marie said.  "You know Vincent always leaves at five in the 
morning.  Come on, there is something wrong with Trudy."
  She led Sam into the house, where Sam saw Trudy, jumping up and down, 
laughing and pointing to someone only Sam and Trudy could see.  There 
making images with the handlink, was Al.
  "Trudy-Wudy."  Al was making baby noises to Trudy.
  "Jacob", Marie said, "She keeps pointing to thin air and saying ĎAl 
big boyí.  Itís like she sees an older Al."
  "Where is Al?"  Sam asked.
  "Heís in his room."  Marie said.
   Sam left and searched every room, until he found young Al.  He was in 
his room, as Marie said.  He looked up and saw Sam.  He said "I thought 
Mom said Jacob was coming?"
  Sam chuckled and said, "Al, I am Jacob."
  "No, youíre not!  Jacob has black hair.  You have brown hair and a 
white stripe.  You are not Jacob!"  Al was mad to see Sam acting as 
  "Al.  Iím wearing Jacobís cloths, ainít I?  I look like Jacob in the 
mirror, so how can I not be Jacob?"  Sam tried using logic, but logic 
didnít work muck, either.
  "No, your not!  MOMMY!!!" Al screamed for Marie.  
  Marie came running in to see what was wrong with Al.  "Al, honey, 
whatís wrong?"
She sat on the floor, next to Al.   Al pointed at Sam and said "This man 
says that heís Jacob, but heís not.  Heís a bad man.  A bad, bad man."
  "Albert Vincent Calavicci!  That was naughty!  Say your sorry to 
Jacob!", Marie was mad about Alís accusations.
  "Marie." Sam said, "Itís okay, I mean boys will be boys, right?"
  "No, Jacob.  Al must be sorry for what he did.  He did something 
wrong, he apologize for it."  Marie was serious.
  "But Mom!  That isnít Jacob!  Thatís the person who the man in the 
weird suit said he was in Jacobís place.  really mom!"  Al was telling 
the truth, but Marie couldnít accept that as the truth.  Al ran out 
screaming because Marie did not believe him.
  "That enough!  Jacob Iíve had it!  If we donít leave now, I seriously 
will kill myself!  Donít think for a moment I wonít!"  Marie was now  
screaming. Sam wasnít sure if she could deal with this pressure.
  "Samuel.  Marie Calavicci does, in fact commit suicide.  A shame 
really, I  feel, that all lives can be useful."  Sam expected the deep, 
raspy voice of Al, but instead he heard the rich, English accented voice 
of Edward St. John the Fifth.
  "Edward?"  Sam was surprised not to see Al, though now he was losing 
all memory of him.
  "Edward?  Whoís Edward?"  Marie asked.
  "Edward?  Oh, heís my cousin.  Al reminds me of him when he was young.  
I need to use the bathroom ".
  "Fine, but then we need to talk!"  Marie was serious.
  Getting in the bathroom, Sam turned towards Edward and said "How did 
you get here?  Whereís....whereís........  what am I talking about"  Sam 
was quickly forgetting about his friendship with Al.
  "Samuel?  You act as though you have no recollection of me. Could  it 
be the memory lapses have now shunned out your memories of me?  I shall 
have too  ask Alpha on this one."  He acted with no emotion or sympathy.
  "Edward, Could you ask Alpha what happens to Al and Trudy?"  Sam 
forgot why heíd asked, but it seemed like Al was important, even though 
heíd only met Al five minutes ago.
  "Alpha says that Al goes to an orphanage, joins a gang and dies in a 
rival fight.  Trudy was committed to Overton home for the mentally 
retarded.  She dies at age nine of unknown origin." Edward St.John V 
  "Thatís horrible!  How do I change this?"  Sam felt more concerned 
about the Calavicciís then he ever felt about anyone he ever leaped into 
the save.
  "Alpha still predicts the chances that if have Marie Calavicci write 
the note, sheíll live with Jacob, and Al will live to be an Admiral in 
the United States Navy.  Though, nothing you can do, shall have an 
affect on the life of Trudy Calavicci."  The English voice sounded odd 
to Sam, even though he had known Edward since the Star Bright project.
  "A note is all it takes to save Al and Trudy?  Sam was surprised to 
have such an easy solution.
  "Alpha predicts it.  Iíll go see how Dr. Gushman is dealing with 
Alphaís new biretectical herintation devise."  Edward said as he was 
leaving the lighted door.
  "Okay.  Iíll get Marie to write the note and then I guess Iím gone."  
Sam was now talking to himself.  Edward had already left.
  Leaving the bathroom,  Sam saw Marie with one of the meanest faces he 
had ever seen.
  "Jacob Blacksmith!  We need to talk!"  Marie was mad.
  "Not right now.  Pack now, then weíll talk."  Sam hoped she knew what 
he was talking about, because he didnít want to say ĎMrs. Calavicci, I 
am taking you away from Mr. Calavicci.í
  "Jacob, you  Weíre leaving now?"  Marie was surprised to 
see Jacob/Sam was ready to take her away.
  "I will do it, if you do me a favor."  Sam said.
  "What may this favor be?"  Marie had a smirk on her face, as though 
she was expecting him to say something sexual.  But that would have been 
a Jacob favor, not a Sam favor.
  "That you write a note to Al and Trudy telling them why you had to 
  "A note?   Weíre taking them with us, arenít we?"  Marie was surprised 
to hear Jacob say she canít take her kids.  "You were saying, just a few 
days ago, that I had to keep my kids, or no one would take care of 
  Sam turned around to see a man he had never seen before wearing an odd 
green polyester jacket.  "Who are you?  Where Edward?".  Sam was 
confused, but suddenly memories came bursting into his head.
  "Edward?  Sam are you okay?"  AL was scared for his friend.
  "Al, quick!  Ask Alpha, I mean Ziggy about a man named Edward 
St..................JOHN!  the fifth!"  Sam was proud of himself, but 
Marie was beginning to get scared by all this.
  "Okay, Sam."  Al had a look of fear from his friend.  "Edward St. John 
V, Born May 16, 1937.  Father, Edward St. John IV.  Mother, Louisa St. 
John.  He was in second running for the job of lead observer for project 
Quantum Leap.  If you hadnít recommended me,
chances are he would have been here instead of me."
  "I donít remember anything about him.  Have I ever met him?"  Sam was 
confused by the question he had asked.  How did he remember Edward St. 
John V?
  "Ziggy says..."  Al punched in a few keys.  "Yes and no.  Yes and no?  
What kind of answer is that?  Gushie!  What the hell does Ziggy mean?"
  "Jacob, dear, who are you talking too?"  Marie was confused because 
Jacob/Sam was talking to what Marie saw as nothing.
  " Iím talking to.....nobody."  Sam hoped that would work.  It didnít.
  "Nobody?  Jacob, your acting as though you see a man who isnít there, 
just like.....Trudy and Al do.  Jacob, whatís happening?"  Marie was 
beginning to see what was happening. 
Sam realized that he had to keep Marieís mind busy enough so that she 
did not realized that Jacob was not Jacob.
  "Marie, please.  Just listen to me.  I need you to write the note.  
When you finish the note, weíll leave."  Sam was hoping he was promising 
something that Jacob would also promise.
  "Well, What about Al and Trudy?"  Marie said.
  At the same time Marie asked her question, Al said, "Sam, your not 
going to believe this, but according to Ziggy, I just disappeared from 
Project Quantum Leap for about five minutes.  Ziggy says that when my 
Mother had threatened suicide, my life was totally altered.  Because my 
life had changed I never lived past....."  He was reading the handlink.  
"Age fourteen?  Wow, talk about dying young!  When I disappeared, St. 
Johnny boy was lead advisor.  Ziggy says, according to your personal 
memoirs before you leap, you really did not like that guy."
  "Marie, Vincent can take care of Al and Trudy.  But we must live our 
lives the way we want to.  Just write the note and hope that your 
children will understand."  Sam addressed the last part of the phrase to 
Al, but he wasnít listening.  He was trying his best not to have
to face his mother.
  "Well, fine, I guess.  Could you get me a pen and a pencil of paper?"  
Sam heard a sniffle in her voice.  He knew this was a hard thing for her 
to do, but she needed to do it, or be miserable for the rest of her 
  "Sure"  Sam said.  "No problem."
  After five minutes, Marie finished her letter, and proudly showed it 
to Sam.  "There, I finished it.  The letter is addressed to both Al and 
Trudy.  You want to hear it?"  There was the sound of desperation in her 
voice.  Sam suspected that she need Jacobs/Sams approval of what she had 
  "I have it too, Sam."  Al showed Sam a yellowing piece.  Though it was 
beaten and ragged, Sam recognized it as the piece of paper Marie was 
holding right now.
  "Let me hear it."  Sam was referring to both Marie and Al.  Both 
nodded and began to speak.
  "To my dearest Trudy and Al"  Both Al and Marie said.  "I am writing 
this letter to explain why I had to leave you.  It was not because I did 
not love you.  It was because I no longer loved your father.  I fell in 
love with a new man named Jacob Blacksmith.  He is a caring man who 
would do anything for me.  If  not for him, you, my children, would
never had received this letter.  And so I end this letter with my 
undying love for you and I hope that in a short time, I may see you, my 
children again.  
  With my love, 
  Both Marie and Al stopped at the same time.  Marie was crying while Al 
mumbled about he seeing him a short time.  Sam just smiled at her and 
said, "That was great.  Could you do me one favor to show that I was a 
part of this letter?"
  "Sure, Jacob." Marie sniffled.  "Anything.  What is it."
  "Could I,"  Sam said.  "By any chance, Write a PS at the end of the 
letter, to show I also care for Al and Trudy?"
  "Fine, I guess." Marie said.  "Here you go."  She passed him the 
letter and the pencil.
  "Sam,"  Al said.  "This is weird but, a new part is appearing on the 
letter." Al then turned around and saw Sam writing something on the 
letter.  "Sam!  You know thatís against the laws of Quantum Leaping!"  
Al was shocked to see that Sam was deliberately breaking the rules of 
  "Read it."  Sam had finished and was now addressing his command to 
Marie and Al.
  "Okay."  Marie said.
  "Sam, What do you think your doing?  This could alter the future.  
Sam!"  Al was a bit scared of what Sam might of done.
  "Just read it."  Sam meant to say it to Al, but Marie thought he was 
talking to her.
  "I said I would, just give me the piece of paper!"  Marie was laughing 
thing that Sam was joking around with her.
  "Fine."  Said Al,"But I donít like the idea of you messing up my 
   Sam gave the paper to Marie and both began to read at once.  "PS  
This is  "Jacob"  I am just saying donít be so bitter to your mom.  Iíve 
been with her for a whole day and I can honestly say that she loves you 
more than anything I know.  And also keep your sister safe. 
  Your pal,
  "Jacob, whoís Sam?"  Marie was curious.
  "Sam, you didnít!"  Al was smirking, despite knowing this would cause 
  "Jacob?"  Marie asked.
  Sam just smile at her, sweetly, as the blue glow surrounded his body.  
Taking him to a new place and a new life.  Little did he know that it 
would take him directly back into the life of the future Admiral Albert 
Vincent Calavicci.

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