Peekskill, New York
August 16, 1942
  "Anything else I need to know?"  Sam asked of Al.
 "Well, your in Peekskill, New York, and the date is August 16,1942." Al 
said waiting for Samís reaction.
  "1942?  That is past 1953.  How did I get this far back?"  Sam was 
pretty calm compared to how he acts sometimes.
  "Well, Ziggy says it happened during a previous leap."  Al didnít want 
him to  remember the simo-leap for fear that he would remember he had a 
wife named Donna Elesse-Beckett.  If he remembered Donna, he might not 
be able to finish his job, due to his conscience.
  "Let me guess, part of the donít ask, donít tell rule?"  Sam had 
sarcasm in his voice.
  "Afraid so.  Ah, Listen Sam, Iím going back to find all I can find on 
my mother.  Donít you try to make a move on my mom!"
  "Very funny, Al"  Sam said as the door of light closed.  
  "I never saw", Sam Beckett said in his head, "How slowly time moves.  
To mean time really means not much.  Leaping around, there is no 
definite year.  Could be 1956, 1985, 1962 or even 1862.  There was no 
definite time.  But right now, Boy oh boy am I fearing time."
  It had only been Ten minutes or so, since Sam found out he had to meet 
Alís father,  From what Al could tell Sam about him, Jacobís small 
defenseless body wouldnít stand a chance against the mass of the 
construction worker Vincent Calavicci.
  Sam waited with Marie, Making conversation, trying to acquire as much 
information as he could about this her life and this leap.  He found out 
that she had been married to Vincent for five years now, and already, he 
started ignoring her.  He was always out late, having a few beers with 
ĎThe guysí.  He never spent any time with her any more.  The  kids were 
driving her crazy.  Al was always starting fights with Trudy, and Trudy 
was always in some sort of trouble, that Marie was near a nervous brake 
  At around 6:57, Marie looked at the clock, and jumped up swearing in 
Russian.  She started running around the house, obviously scared to 
death about something.
  "Jacob!"  she yelled.  "You got to leave, now!"
  "Why?"  Sam asked.
  "Because,"  She said.  "Vincent will be home any second!  If he finds 
you, he kill.  I mean it!"
  "Maybe, Itís time we told him."  Sam hoped he said it low enough so, 
Marie would not hear the dread in his voice.
  "What?  Tell him what?  Oh. no!  Your not considering telling him 
about us are you?  I thought we were going to run away together?  Aw, 
Jacob!  You always say weíll be leaving soon,   but we never do!  Jacob, 
Iím tired of this life.  I want to live a new one."
  "Since when, can someone just get a new life?  You can only change 
your old one."
  "Change?  You know Vincent hates change.  If  I did try to change my 
life, I want to live it without Vincent.  I want to live it with you!"
  "What about Al and Trudy?  Are you just going to leave them?  Who will 
take care of them?"
  "Well....I..."  Marie knew she had no answer for this.  "What about 
Vincent?  Canít he take care of them?"
  "What about days?  Who will watch them while heís at work?  How do you 
think theyíll feel about the mother that will leave them?"
  "Sam, hide!!!"  Al voice came from the side of Sam.  "My father, heís 
home and now Ziggy predicts a 99.99% chance, that if he finds you, he 
kills you."
  Sam then looked around fast, and found an open window.  Then he ran 
straight for it.
  "Jacob?  What?  No, donít itís a ......." Marie said just as Sam 
jumped out the window.  "Pricker bush!"
  Just than A  short  dark skinned man walked in, wearing blue jeans and 
a gray muscle shirt.  If Sam didnít know any better, heíd swore that was 
Admiral Calavicci, himself.
The man, went into what Sam had found out, was the bedroom, lied down, 
and went to sleep.
  Meanwhile, down in the pricker bushes, Dr. Sam Beckett Sits in the 
bush, his hand over his mouth, and tears in his eyes, as the intense 
pain of the prickers steeps into Sam body. 
HE knows if he screams, heís dead.  He slowly, with great pain, gets up 
and finds Al waiting.
  "Have a nice fall, Sam?"  Al had the old smirk on his face.
  "Enough, Al!"  Sam was furious.  "If Iím not here to meet your father, 
than why, may I ask., am I here?
  "Well, you see, thatís the funny part.  Ziggy admitted for once that 
she was wrong.  I love that!  That spoiled spare part of an air 
conditioner finally admitted that she was wrong.."  Al was enjoying 
every bit about Ziggyís admittance.
  "Thatís all fine and good, Al, but what about my job?  Why am I here?"  
Sam Still needed his questions to be answered.
  "Well,"  Al, said looking towards the hand link, that was patched 
directly into Ziggyís main computer.  "Ziggy now says you still have to 
take my mother away, like Jacob did, but you need to make write a note 
to me and Trudy, explaining why she had to leave and how she loves us, 
and all that junk."  Al still had resentfulness in his voice.
  "What will it do, and what are the chances?"  Sam always went straight 
to the point.
  "Ziggy predicts a 99.245% chance that if she rights the letter, I wont 
be so bitter towards her.  I, personally, doubt it will work.  No note, 
no matter how super sappy it is, can ever explain why she would leave 
her own children."
  "Well, it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Where do I sleep?"  Sam 
had no idea where Jacob lived while he was in Peekskill.
  Al pointed down the street and said, "Walk down for about 75 meters, 
than youíll reach a motel called 'Harpsonís motel'  your room is #482.  
Your key should be in your coat pocket.  Sam, if you donít mind.  I 
gonna go see my mother.  Even though I hate her, I still kinda miss 
  "Okay, I was gonna sleep any way.  But be careful!  Remember, Trudy 
can see you, and we still havenít tested the effects on us seeing our 
younger selves, so young Al may see you also."  Sam gave Al the warning.
  "Donít worry.  Iíll be careful!."  Al said
  And so both men, went their own ways.  They would met together the 
next day, to try and save the spiritual life of Admiral Albert