Peekskill, New York
 August 16, 1942
 "Oh, boy.  Al!  I steal your mom!  Oh boy, oh boy."  Sam was now
extremly nervous.
  "No, Sam, you don't.  You don't steal my mom.  Jacob does.  Jacob
Blacksmith does it." Al was trying to be reassuring, but was doing a
lousy job at it.
  "Yeah, Al, sure, Jacob does it, but right now I am Jacob.  I am the
one who takes your mom.  I am the one who puts you in an orphanage.  I
am the one who ruins your life.  Al, now I have a chance to stop this
from happening.  Al I can....."  Sam was inturrupted.
  "No, Sam, you can't.  If you do this, you'll be trapped in time
alone.  With my mother home the chances are, I'd never become an
admiral, so I can't help you with Project Quantum Leap.  I'm sorry,
Sam"  Sam heard resent in Al's voice.
  "What are the Chances exactly?"  Sam said.
  "Of what?" Al was off daydreaming about how life would have been
different if his mother had been around to be a part of his life.
  "What are the chance that You will dissappear from Project Quantum
Leap?"  Sam Asked again.
  "Ziggy says the chance of me vanishing from the project and your life
if you reunite me and my mom at this certain point in time is.... Come
on you defected toaster"  Al gave the hand link a good slap to get it
started.  "The chances are 98.09%.  Believe me, Sam.  Thoese are not
good odds."
  "I know.  If I'm not here to stop your mom from running away, then why
am I here?" Sam asked
  "Ziggy isn't sure.  She thinks that your here to......WHAT!!!!!?????" 
Al was amazed at Ziggys guess.
  "Al, tell me.  What is it?"  Sam was puzzled at how Al reacted to
Ziggys response.
  "Believe it or not Sam, Ziggy says it's a 88.7% chance that your here
to....."Al was holding back.
  "To do what, Al.  Tell me."  Sam was getting impationt.
  "Ziggy says your here my father." Al said
  "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, boy.  This isn't gonna be preety!" Sam said