Chapter two
Peekskill,New York       
August 16, 1942

As the blue light faded, Sam found himself using his left hand to knock
on a heavy, wooden door.  His right hand was holding a black brief
case.  Engraved on the handel was"J.Blackman".
'Yes!' Sam thought'Finnaly I know my name on the first shot!'
Sam finaly put his left hand down just as a tall, Darkhaired, wearing
what use to be a blue dress, with yellow flowers.  Now it was a torn
worn-out mess.  She smiles a sweet smile toward Sam.
"Hi....Um.....maam.....uh....."Sam was starting to sweat.  Then while
looking at his feet, HE noticed something printed on the side of the
brief case "Wonders Encyclopedias:Learnig the Fun Way". "Would you be
interested in the many uses ofWonders Encyclopedias?"
"Jacob?  What in heavens name is wrong with you?"  The womans face had
genuine concern on her face
"Um....Nothing...Maam.  Just asking if you'd be interested in Wonders
encyclopedias." Sam was failing, and he knew it.  Jacob obviously knew
this woman, And he knew Jacob wouldn't be knocking on her door to sell
encyclopedias, either.  Jacob was there to see her.
"Jacob, you get in here right now!  You must have a fever!"The look of
concern dropped to a look of fear "Do you know who I am?"
  "Her name is Marie" Al said coming up from behind Sam
  "How could I forget you?  Your Marie."  Sam felt extremly lucky that
Al came right then.
  "Oh, Jacob!" Marie looked releved "Don't scare me like that!  Come on
in, I just made some lemonade and the kids are asleep."
" Uh..Thanks....Marie" Sam flashed her one of his ackward smiles, hoping
to calm her down.
  As she led him inside, Sam saw this was clearly a poor family.  Inside
the living room, there was spares amounts of furniture.  Sleeping on the
floor in the kitchen was what looked to be a seven or eight year old
boy.  Sleeping on the only chair in the living room was a three or four
year old girl.
  " Hear you go." Said Marie offering a glass filled to the brim with
  " Can it...uh..Wait?  I really need to use the bathroom."Sam said
  He could help letting out a snicker when he heard Al,from a distance,
say"Oh no, not the bathroom again!!!"
  "Sure"  Marie said, putting the glass down.  Sam was still standing
there, smiling.  "Well?  What are you waiting for?"
  "Ha...."Sam let out a nervous laugh "This is going to sound wierd, But
I forgot where the bathroom is."
  "Geez, Jacob, Whats wrong with you today?  It's like your a whole
different person!" Marie was nervouse now.
  "You wouldn't believe how different." Sam murmured
  "What?"  Marie said
  "Nothing.  Sorry, but I really have to go.  Where is the bathroom?"
Sam was close to pleading
  "Fine!  Down the hall, take a right." Marie was angry at Sam now.
  Sam nearly ran to the bathroom.  Waiting there was Al.
  "Glad you could make it" Al said with a smirk
  "Enough, Al.  Tell me what I need to know."  Sam wasn't in the mood
for jokes.
  "Your name is Jacob Blacksmith, Your A door-to door sales man for
"Wonders encyclopedias".  Go on, take a look at yourself in the mirror."
Al said
  Glancing in the mirror, Sam saw himself to be a white cacasion male,
with Dark black hair, and Brown eyes.  He looked to be in his late
twentys.  "Whos this Marie person?, Whats the date?  Why am I here?"
  "Marie?  Oh boy, well you see, Marie is ...Well sorta my ....Damn it!
Sam She's my mother!!" Al was now screaming
  "Didn't your mom runaway with a" Sam now glance in the mirror
"Door-to-door sales man!!!!"Looking at the face of Jacob Sam only said
"Oh Boy!"