Chapter 1

March 14, 2001  2:07 a.m.   Stallion Gates, New Mexico
     "Admiral Calavicci, Are you awake?" The suductive voice of the
super-hybrid computer,Ziggy, seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere
at the same time.
     "I am now, you worthless piece of scrapmeatle!"  Admiral Albert V.
Calavicci was never pleased to be woken from his sleep.  Every now and
then he wished he could just give up on Sam.  Live a normal life.  Spend
some acual time with Beth.  But instead he had to spend every waken hour
wondering if Sam was okay, or even alive.	
     "Dr.Beckett has just leaped."Ziggy replied.
     "Okay Zig,Give me the good stuff."Al was still drowsy
     "You know, Admiral, I can not obtain any infomation untill you step
into the waiting room and get the infomation yourself."Ziggy always had
the little smirk in her voice whenever she got the chance to prove the
admiral wrong.
     "Yeah, yeah,yeah.  I'm on my way.  Have you waked up Beeks?"Al
asked not really caring, but simply just curious.
     "Dr.Beeks has been alerted to our current leap, as have Dr.Gushman,
Dr.Martinez-O'Farrell, Dr. Elesse-Beckett and Dr. Calavicci." Ziggy can
never just answer a question.  She always had to make the point that she
was smarter than all the rest.	
     "Sure, Ziggy." Al said as he wandered down the halls to the
"Waiting room"  
     As he stepped in, he saw what he always saw.  A merge between Sam
and another person.  The other person was around 5'11", dark black
hairand as most of them had, a bewildered look on his face.
     "I am Jacob Blacksmith of the planet Earth.  I am honored that I
have been chossen to Earths ambassodor to the stars.  What do they call
you on your planet?" 'Sam' said
     'Well' thought Al 'At least we got his name without too much
hassle' "On my planet I am called Al.  Can you tell me Jacob, What the
year is?"
     "The year?  Oh, thats right!  In Earth time!  The year where I'm
from is 1942.  Wow!  I'm on a spaceship!  Wait untill Marie hears about
this!" Jacob had a smile the size of Chicago on his face.
     "1942!!!!" Al was shocked to hear that year "Ziggy! Thats 11 years
before his timeline!  What gives?"
     "Admial" When Ziggy's voice came through, Jacob nearly jumped 4
feetin the air. "If you will recall, when you and Dr.Beckett exchanged
leaping, He became a part of you and vice versa.  In short, Admiral, Dr.
Beckett can now go as far back as June 15, 1934, Your birthdate
     "Thank you for the lecture Ziggy!  Do something useful, Find out
all you can for this Jacob Blacksmith." Al's Admiral spirit was
returning, and it had a mean streak for Ziggy.
    "You have no appreciation for me Admiral"  Ziggy was the only person
in all of Project Quantum Leap with an ego that big.
     "Your right, I don't!!"Al was now screaming at what Jacob saw as
thin air.
     "Uh...Al?  Not to be rude or disrespectful but.....I kind of want
to return home now." Jacob sounded almost ashamed at what he was saying.
     "Tell me more about yourself, Jacob.  Whoese Maria?"Al was trying
to get some answers to questions he knew Sam would ask.
     "Maria?  Well...She's...Were having an affair together.  Her
husband dosn't appreciate her and her children are getting harder and
harder to control."Jocob, as Sam, was blushing.  His face getting redder
and redder.
     Suddenly everything clicked into place for Al."What!!  What city
are you in?!  Whats your occupation?  Whats Maria's last name?!"
     "What?  My occupation?  I'm A door-to-door sales man for "Wonders"
encyclpedias.  Last I knew I was in Peekskill,New York.  Maria's last
name is..... it's...... gee I'm having trouble remembering it.  It.....
it's.........CALAVICCI!!!  Thats it her name is Maria Calavicci!!!"JAcob
seemed proud that he remembered.
     "Gushie!!  Get the Imaging Chamber ready!  And I mean now,Damn
it!!!!"Al was now screaming
     Al knew Sam would have to make a deadly choice.  Either keep Al's
family together or Keep Project Quantum Leap running.  And Al wasn't
sure what he should convince Sam to do.