A Unique Point of View
By: Christina Campbell

Chapter 6

Today they were watching 'M.I.A.'  Rachel hadn't told Al what to 
expect, but when the date and place came up on the screen during the 
Leap-in, he paled.  "Beth."

He turned to Rachel with stricken eyes as the opening music played.  
She nodded silently, sadness and understanding full in her eyes.  "Do 
you want to watch the whole Leap, or skip to the end?"

Al closed his eyes, and actually considered it.  "No.  I want to know 
how much you know."

She nodded.  "Al.  We might not really understand, but we care."

"And that's supposed to make me feel better?"  He snapped.

Rachel bit her lip, realizing that she'd just goofed, and turned her 
attention back to the show.

The episode passed in silence as Al watched his soul being bared, not 
just to Sam, but to the world.  Then came the final scene.  Al watched 
as Beth listened to 'Unchained Melody,' feeling as much alone now as he 
did then.

Beth got up and changed the music and they were dancing together.  
Rachel whispered.  "The shadow-dance."  Al didn't even look at her 
until the end of the episode when Sam Leaped out.  He was startled to 
see the tears in her eyes.  "You're crying," he said.

She wiped her eyes.  "It gets me every time. This was just about _the_ 
most depressing scene in the whole series.  You and Beth, you belong 
together.."  She tried to go on, but couldn't find the words.

Looking at her, at that moment, he understood her.  [The show, it isn't 
about Quantum Leap.  It's about me and Sam.  And the fans understand.  
That Leap was one of the hardest that I've ever done, but I only had to 
go through it once.  They--they watch it again and again, trying to 
figure some way that I could have gotten her back.  And they don't get 
callous about it.  They still _feel_ the Leaps.  Actually, all the 
episodes I've seen so far have been done extremely well, as if the 
producer and the actors understood as well.  I might--might--be able to 
accept this.]


Seven days--and four episodes--later, Rachel and Al were watching 'A 
Leap for Lisa,' and Rachel carefully observed Al's reaction to the 
knowledge that he had actually been dead for about 12 hours--or 40 
years, depending on your point of view.  His face went white as Edward 
St. John the V read off the word '100.'  He turned to face Rachel with 
wide eyes as the commercial break hit.  As the situation continued, the 
humor in the situation lightened him up a bit, to the point where he 
laughed with Sam about Bingo and Tina.  When Sam found the cigar and 
turned around, Al exhaled with a bit of wonder.  "So that's why he 
reacted so strongly when I asked him that."

Rachel nodded.  "And now you know why I asked Ziggy if I could listen 
in on your conversation during that Leap.  On this Leap, I got only 
Sam's point of view, and I wanted yours."


It was a couple weeks later, and Sam was playing a sheriff named 
Clayton Fuller.  Rachel was glad that Sammy-Jo hadn't been there when 
Ziggy had told announced it to Rachel.  Rachel wasn't sure if Al knew 
that Clayton Fuller was Sammy-Jo Roberts' grandfather, but she wasn't 
about to ask, and she wasn't about to tell.  She was going to stay as 
far away from Al as she could during the next three Leaps, and she was 
going to quietly keep Sammy-Jo away from him too.  That wasn't too 
hard, as they were both deep into programming the new retrieval 

It had been almost six months, and they had spent about three of those 
on mapping, then double-checking the mapping software took another 
month--debugging always takes longer than you think it will.  Now they 
were getting into the hard stuff.  Sammy-Jo didn't need the 
distractions of a Leap that affected her life.


Al walked into Rachel's lab.  "You've been avoiding me."

Rachel didn't look up from the computer terminal.


She blinked a couple times, and turned her head towards him.  "What?"  
Her eyes weren't really looking at him, but at least this was an 

"You've been avoiding me."

She abruptly focused on him.  "Yeah.  If I stay away, you can't ask me 
my opinions on the Leaps."  Her eyes abruptly got a hint of humor in 
them, as if she knew something that no one else in the world knew--
except, of course, the other QL fans.

"You have a secret hidden in those eyes.  Can you tell me about it? 
This _is_ the third Leap to save Abigail Fuller's life."

"Third?"  Her eyes abruptly narrowed, but still contained that glint of 
amusement.  "Tell me what's happened so far."

"Not much.  Sam's a lawyer who is supposed to defend Abigail against 
murder charges.  He's talking to Abigail now, relearning the stuff from 
the previous Leaps."

She smiled.  "Then I can tell you the secret you see in my eyes.  
Abigail has a daughter named Sammy-Jo."

Al's jaw dropped.  "As in our Sammy-Jo?"

Her grin grew wider, and she nodded.  "She's about 10 or 11 when Sam is 
right now.  She gets her brains from her father."

Al was puzzled for a second, and then realization hit.  "Sam spent a 
night with Abigail last Leap.  You have _got_ to be kidding."

She shrugged.  "Ask Ziggy.  The number she'll give you is 91.9."

Al looked back at Rachel.  "I have got to tell this to Sam.  He has a 

She flashed another grin at him. "That'll be his reaction too."  She 
turned back to her computer screen and was immediately reabsorbed in 
the programming.


Rachel was at Al's door at the end of the third 'Trilogy' Leap.  He 
raised an eyebrow at her, and they went inside.  She did so, uncertain 
of how much he remembered about their earlier talk--after all, it had 
been on another time-line for him.

"So, what do you remember?"

"I remember two different conversations with you--from two different 
time-lines.  In one, I'd never heard of Sammy-Jo, and in the other I 
recognized the name instantly.  I definitely like this reality better."

"Oh, I've no doubt of that.  She does have this theory, after all. Are 
we going to tell her about the last Leaps?"

"We won't bring the subject up.  If she asks, be vague.  A sheriff and 
a dead body, a lynching, and a lawyer.  That ought to satisfy her.  
She's never been really curious about the Leaps."


One day, months later, Ziggy announced to them that Sam had Leaped in.  
Rachel acknowledged this with little consciousness, as she had almost 
figured out how to make a certain module of the retrieval program to 
work.  She wasn't drawn out until hours later when Donna showed up to 
make her eat dinner. Rachel had skipped lunch.  She noticed that Donna 
looked extremely unhappy, and wasn't eating much.

Thinking it had something to do with current Leap, she asked "So, where 
is Sam?"

Donna looked startled.  "Didn't Ziggy tell you?  We can't find him.  
There's no one in the Waiting Room."

"What!?"  Rachel left a startled Donna alone in the cafeteria.

When she showed up in the Control Room, a very sick-looking Al was 
stepping out of the Imaging Chamber.  Gooshie was looking hesitant.  "I 
was about to suggest a break anyway, Admiral."

Rachel broke in.  "Al, it's his birth day."

"I know that, Rachel!"

Rachel sighed, and clarified what she had just said.  "Al.  It's the 
day of his birth."

Al's eyes widened.  "August 8th, 1953.  We started with 1954.  How 
stupid can you get?" He obviously felt like banging himself on the 
head. "Where? Where, Rachel?"

Rachel smiled crookedly.  "At Al's Place."  Al wasn't in the mood for 
that, and gave her a look.  "It's a bar in some little mining town."  
She closed her eyes, concentrating.  "I can't remember the name on such 
short notice, but I think it's in Pennsylvania."

Al was looking at her with hope.  "Ziggy!  Is that sufficient?"

"I have Dr. Beckett located in Cokeburgh, Pennsylvania on August 8, 

Gooshie's mouth fell open, as he stared at Rachel in surprise.

Al raised an eyebrow.  "Why?"

"Donna needs to eat.  Sam needs to talk to you.  You need to see some 
things to believe him.  Go."

Al nodded, and entered the IC.

Rachel smiled enigmatically at Gooshie, then left the room before he 
could ask her anything.  She rejoined Donna at dinner, telling her that 
they had located Sam.  Donna immediately perked up, and started eating 
a little more.  Rachel smiled.


"Rachel, he was spouting off some kind of crazy nonsense.  Says that 
there's someone named Gooshie with bad breath and someone named Ziggy 
whom we met on another Leap--but not under that name.  He also tells me 
that the bartender is that GTFW we've been looking for for years."

"The bartender denies it, you know."  Rachel had an amused grin on her 

"Dr. Beckett has Leaped." Ziggy's calm voice announced.

"What!?"  Al was incredulous.  "How could he Leap, he hasn't changed 

Ziggy just huffed and Rachel shook her head.

"Al, while I'm thinking of it, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I got so absorbed in the retrieval module that I forgot to monitor the 
Leaps.  I could have told you when he was hours ago, but I wasn't 
paying attention.  I wouldn't have gotten there when I did if Donna 
hadn't told me that there was no one in the Waiting Room.  You went 
through that whole dizzying image-swirl thing for hours, and I could 
have given you the lock."

He thought about that, then dismissed it.  "If I had been thinking 
clearly, I might have asked.  We both missed that one."

"Thank you." Then a thought struck her.  "Maybe GTFW wanted to have Sam 
be alone and discover some things by himself on that Leap.  I guess I 
really did make a good decision, leaving here for Killin' Time.  GTFW 
wouldn't have let me change anything."

"Rachel, this has got to be one of the weirdest Leaps he's ever done.  
_He was in his own body._  He cast his own reflection for the first 
time in five years--except for the simo-Leap.  He told me that he had 
seen another Leaper, who happens to have had my uncle's name.  I don't 
understand it."

"Neither did I, the first time through that episode.  I'm not sure I 
understand it now."

"Can I watch it, see it from his side?"

Rachel shook her head.  "Not yet.  The episode isn't over."

"What?  He Leaped!"

She nodded. "Yes, I know.  Some episodes covered more than one Leap."  
She closed her eyes to hide the joyful tears hiding in them.


Two days later, Ziggy announced to Rachel that Sam had Leaped back in. 
"Ziggy, don't let Al into the IC yet."  Rachel dropped the paper she 
was holding and flew up to the Control Room, leaving a startled Sammy-
Jo behind.

In the Control Room, Al was pacing back and forth, yelling at Tina and 
Gooshie as Rachel came in.  "This is getting out of hand.  _Two Leaps_ 
with no one in the Waiting Room."

Rachel didn't bother to respond.  "Al, the shadow-dance.  That's when, 
and where, he is."

Tina broke in.  "Shadow dance?  What are you talking about?"

Al ignored Tina, his eyes widening with sudden hope.  "Got it, Ziggy?"

Ziggy, of course, knew what they were talking about from the multiple 
discussions they had had about that episode.  "Yes, Admiral.  The night 
of April 2, 1969, San Diego."

Al headed to the IC, but Rachel's voice stopped him.  "Al, on this one 
Leap I ask you to hold your silence.  He knows why he's there this 
time.  And I'm coming too."

Al took a second to look her in the eyes, then went into the IC with 

Tina and Gooshie traded glances, "Shadow dance?  What was that time and 
place, Gooshie?"

Gooshie thought.  "Three years ago, Dr. Beckett Leaped into April 1, 
1969.  The Admiral didn't talk much to me about that Leap, but he 
looked awful during the whole thing.  That Leap lasted until the night 
of April 2.  But I don't know what she meant by shadow-dance."


Rachel and Al watched in silence as Sam talked to Beth.  He looked up, 
saw them, smiled, and Leaped.

Rachel was smiling as the image of Beth's house faded from the IC.

A voice spoke next to her.  "I wonder why Samuel went of his way to 
inform her about her husband, and how he knew to do that.  I certainly 
didn't tell him."

 Rachel slowly turned to face the man next to her.  "No," she breathed.  
"Nononono."  She shook her head and started backing up.

Edward St. John the V watched in astonishment as Rachel backed into the 
wall and sank to the floor, a look of horror in her eyes.

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Christina C.