Chapter 5

Al and Beth were once again making love.  This episode had started over a 
late dinner.  They had ordered in, and had gotten half-way through the food, 
before they jumped into 'dessert.'

Al had been gnawing on a barbecue rib, when Beth suggested with a gleam in 
her eye, that he gnaw on her instead.  To emphasize her point she smeared 
barbecue sauce on her arm. 

He had lept up after her and chased her around the room.  She had put up one 
heck of a chase too.  He must have run around the room twice before he caught 
her.  Somehow in the chase they had knocked the phone off the hook, and it 
lay on the floor forgotten.

Once he had caught her, he licked the sauce off her arm, and she squealed in 
delight.  He then started nibbling on her neck and she moaned his name.  He 
unfastened her robe and trailed kisses over her plump breasts.  Dinner was 
now forgotten, more insistant matters now rising to attention.

Gently, he picked her up off the floor and carried her to the bed.  He laid 
her down with such tenderness, and looked deeply into her brown eyes.  He 
kissed her, his tongue probing out her own, and she responded.  "I love you, 
Beth." he told her between kisses.

He unfastened his own robe and dropped it on the floor. It fell in a heap, 
covering the phone.  He noticed she had discarded her own robe as well.  His 
eyes roved over her body, looking for places to lick and kiss.

They had begun the lovemaking then, and were soon immersed in each other, 
that neither remembered the phone on the floor.  It had stopped making noise 
and was silent now.

The pleasure they were giving each other was immense.  They were like two 
newlyweds discovering each other for the first time.  Each touch was like 
electric fire.

They were soon breathless and sweaty.  Al moaned her name again.  "Beth.. oh 
Beth."  He plunged himself deeper into her, loving each stroke he took.  
Sometimes it seemed too good to be true.  She was his, in his arms, he was 
making love to her.  He never wanted this moment to end. 

Sweat dripped down his back, off his body as his passion for her built 
towards a climax.  She ran her hands over his back and pulled him closer and 
even deeper inside.  She whispered his name as she kissed the beads of sweat 
running over his chest.  "Al, oh Al I love you."

He could feel himself nearing his climax.  He wanted to hold out for a few 
moments more.  However, Beth had other ideas.  Her body moved under his, and 
when he slowed some, she quickened the pace.  He was not going to last long, 
he knew now.  

Their passion soon exploded, and Al felt the world move.  He saw fireworks, 
and stars, and all the goopy nonsense he always teased Sam about.  They both 
fell together, spent.

Their hearts beat as one, in rhythm, as they lay there.  He held her, cuddled 
her, and basking in the afterglow of their climax.

Neither one had known how just how important it was that the phone be on the 
hook.  It lay there on the floor, forgotten, as the lovers fell asleep.