Chapter 28

Verbena watched as Al stormed down the ramp and tossed the link at Gooshie. 
She didn't have to guess how it had gone. Al was obviously pissed off, and 
she knew it was because Sam had wanted to fix the situation. She had tried to 
warn Al, but you can't outstubborn a mule.

She considered going after him, but she decided to let him cool down first. 
The pressure he had been under was great, and she didn't want to add to it 
any more. She would let him vent his pent up frustrations, then talk to him 
when he was more level headed. Chasing after him could only push him away 
more. He needed to come to his own acceptance of the situation. They all 
wanted Sam home, but it ultimately came down to Sam's choice.

She watched him leave, without even a backward glance. He stormed into the 
elevator leaving only a trail of smoke from his cigar behind. She turned to 
Gooshie. "I have a feeling that whatever comes next, isn't going to be easy."

Gooshie nodded glumly. "I believe you are right, Dr. Beeks. I do believe you 
are right."


Sam watched as the Imaging Chamber door swallowed up his friend. He didn't 
understand. How could Al do this? How could he choose to just turn his back 
and walk away? Not just from the situation, but from me? Sam was hurt by Al's 
actions. He didn't know what kind of bind they were in, but to make Al act 
like that, it had to be pretty bad.

Sam rolled over on his side. He had to think. He needed more to go on besides 
the meager data that had been given to him. Lying around in bed certainly 
wasn't going to help the situation any. However, he didn't feel up to jumping 
up to save the world either.

As he lay there bemoaning the fates that stuck him there, the door creaked 
open a crack. A young woman poked her head in. "Jess? You awake?"

Sam deduced that this must be Kelsey, the woman he was there to save. He 
waved her inside. "I'm up. Come on in."

As she entered, Sam noticed a cast on one arm. "Jess? How are you doing? 
Anything I can get you?"

"I should be asking you the same thing. I'm okay, but they want to run some 
tests to make sure." He sat up a bit to better watch her. 

"I'm fine, Jess. I met this real nice nurse in the ER. She has inspired me. I 
want to take up nursing now. I'm so helpful with people, you know. Do you 
think I can, Jess?" She had walked over to Sam's bed and had perched on the 
edge. "Laura's okay too, she broke a leg, but she can come home tomorrow."

Sam looked at Kelsey. Maybe she could help him where Al wouldn't. "Where is 
my baby? Where is.." He had to think back to what Al had said when he had 
first awoken. "Kelly." He finished.

Kelsey turned away. "They released her yesterday to state custody. With no 
relatives to reach they had no choice."

Sam already knew this. What he didn't know was how to get the baby back. He 
really needed Al. Sam decided to try a different tactic. "Kelsey, why 
couldn't they reach anyone? I mean my mom..." He trailed off hoping she would 

She didn't disappoint him. "Your mom hasn't wanted anything to do with you 
since you got pregnant Jess! What makes you think she'll change her mind now?"

Sam took Kelsey's good hand. "She's got to or else I could lose Kelly for 

Kelsey got up and picked up the phone. "You gonna dial, or shall I?"

"You dial, I'll talk." Sam adjusted the pillows so he could lean back on 
them. Kelsey dialed and handed the phone to Sam. It rang twice and a woman 
answered with a brisk "Hello?"

"Hello Mom? It's me, Jessica."

"Jessie? What are you doing calling me? I told you never to call me." Her 
tone got angry.

"Mom, I need your help. I've been involved in a car accident." Sam hoped this 
tack would work.

"Did you get hurt?" Her tone had softened some.

"I've been in a coma. I just woke up today. I'm going to be fine, Mom." Sam 
had her listening. "I need your help with Kelly."

"Jessie, I told you that I can't help you with her. I'm too old to be playing 
mother now." Her tone hadn't risen again and Sam took that as a good sign.

"I'm not asking you to play mother. Just Grandmother. It will only be until 
they release me. They want to run tests tomorrow. Once I am released I'll 
take her back." Sam crossed his fingers and looked over to Kelsey.

"I'll think about it."

"Thank you." Sam guessed it was better than an outright no. "I'm in room 413 
of Bayfront Hospital."

"Okay. Get some rest. Talk to you later."

"Bye Mom." Sam handed the phone back to Kelsey to hang up. "Well, she said 
she would think about it."

"That's better than the last time where she just hung up on you." Kelsey 
stood up. "I guess I better go now. I have to get things ready for Laura."

Sam nodded. "Okay. Come back later if you can."

Kelsey went to open the door. "Call me if you need anything Jess." 

"I will."

Kelsey left then and now Sam was alone. With little else left to do, Sam 
rolled over and tried to sleep. He was still hurt by Al and confused as to 
what to do next. He wanted to come home, but not before he made things right 
for Jessica and Kelly. The medicine he was given was starting to kick in. Sam 
yawned once then closed his eyes. His mind filled with images of Donna and 
Johnny and he drifted off to sleep.