Chapter 14

Al trudged to his quarters where Beth was waiting.  Stepping inside, he 
dropped his jacket on the chair by the door.  Beth heard him enter and 
greeted him with a kiss.  "Hi Hon.  How did it go?"

"On?" she questioned. She looked him over. He looked like hell.

"On whom you mean." He unbuttoned and removed his shirt.

"Well, how did it go with Sam?"  She picked up his dirty clothes and carried 
them down to the hamper in the hallway before returning.

"Sam's fine.  He did real well with the baby."  Al knew Ziggy had informed 
Beth on the current Leap.  "He's a natural."

Beth wrapped her arms around Al.  "Did you get a chance to eat?"

"No.  After I left Sam, I went to see Bena."  He enjoyed her embrace.  He 
felt the tension leaving his shoulders.

She released her embrace, Al moaned a little at the loss of the warmth.  Beth 
stood in front of Al, and for the first time, he noticed what she was 
wearing.  Or rather what she WASN'T wearing.  She was in a flimsy neglige, 
black and very lacy.

She grinned at the expression on his face.  "No, no. I'm dessert. You have to 
have some dinner first."

"Am I that transparent?"

"Yes.  Now I'll heat you up some lasagna.  You go take a shower and we can 
talk when you are done."  She moved into the small kitchen and began to fix 
the leftovers.

Al took one last lingering glance at Beth before he headed off to the shower. 
 He decided that this night was going to at least end up right, even if the 
day wasn't that good.

While washing, he thought about Sam, Donna, the baby, Beth.  His mind was so 
full of this whole situation.  24 hours ago they hadn't had a clue where to 
find Sam, now it was hell trying to figure out what he had to do.  He made a 
mental note to check in with Ziggy before heading off to bed.

By the time he returned to the living room, Beth had his dinner out on the 
table, and had a cigar ready also.  Al sat down to eat, and it was only then 
that he realized just how hungry he was.  It had been almost 8 hours since 
his last meal.  He dug in hungrily.

"Now, care to tell me what is on your mind?" Beth had sat next to him, 
rubbing his shoulders while he ate.

"MMMMMM.  Feels good." He took another bite of lasagna.  "Tastes good too."  
He wasn't quite sure where to start with his day.  He decided to just start 
somewhere.  "Bena says we should wait before we jump the gun on this leap."

"Did Sam say something that got you upset?" She knew the look in Al's eyes 
wasn't from anything that Verbena had said.

"He asked if he had any children." Al took a drink of the wine Beth had 
poured him.

"How did you respond?" She ran her hands up and down his back, making him 
break out in goosebumps.  He smelled fresh and clean from his shower.  He was 
wearing only his pajama bottoms.

Al responded plainly.  "Told him No.  What else could I say?"  He finished 
his lasagna.  "Besides, I went to see Donna tonight."

Beth brought his plate to the kitchen.  It didn't surprise her that he often 
went to check on Donna.  He had been so good to her during her pregnancies.  
It was only normal for him to want to help Donna.  "How is she?  She's due 
this week, right?"

Al lit his after-dinner cigar and turned to watch Beth as she cleaned up 
after his meal.  He had told her not to wait on him so much, but she had 
insisted that she wanted to.  The view he got was stimulating.  He shook his 
head to clear it.  "Uh,
yeah, in three days." 

Beth returned and sat next to Al.  "She must be scared.  I was before Ruthie 
was born."

Ruthie was Al's eldest daughter.  Off at college right now.  He remembered 
Beth's difficult delivery of her.  Beth was petite to begin with and Ruthie 
had been a rather large baby.  He pushed those thoughts away and focused back 
on Beth.  "She is scared.  She broke down tonight."  He took a long puff on 
the cigar.

"Poor dear.  I'll stop by tomorrow and see if I can help her any."  Her hands 
had resumed their caress of his body.  Up and over his shoulders, down across 
his chest and back up again.  Al was surprised to find out that exhausted as 
he was, he was beginning to become aroused.

He finished off his cigar and stubbed the butt out in the ashtray.  He turned 
to face Beth.  She was sitting with both legs tucked up under her, and was 
concentrating soley on him.

Al closed his eyes and let her magic hands work their way over his body.  He 
was beginning to melt like butter.  He was plesantly surprised when her lips 
came into play. She kissed him full on the lips, then trailed a row of kisses 
his neck.  He was begining to become more than just a little aroused now.  He 
tried to stand, only to have her push him back on the couch.  

She trailed a row of kisses down his chest and licked his nipples lightly.  
They hardened istantly at her touch.  Al knew that his nipples weren't the 
only things that were hard.  He had an erection that would put the petrified 
forest to shame.  He moaned.  "Mmmmm.  Oh, Beth."

She didn't disappoint him.  Slowly she licked her way down to where the 
string to his pajama bottoms lay.  She pulled it and the bow came undone.  He 
lifted up slightly and she slid them off and onto the floor. 

Her hands now reached for his manhood, freed from it's restraint, and 
pointing up at the ceiling.  First she trailed baby kisses over the cap of 
it, making him moan with pleasure.  Then with the skill of long practice, she 
licked over the entire shaft.

Al shifted under her ministrations.  The wetness combined with the softness 
of her mouth was almost more than Al could bear.  A whimper escaped Al's 

Beth continued to tease and taunt Al.  She would lick and suck him, bringing 
him right to the edge, then she would back off just a bit.  Just enough to 
keep him from climaxing too soon.

Finally with a last caress, she stood and dropped her lingerie.  She stood 
for a moment, naked in front of Al.  His breathing was coming in gasps from 
what she had been doing.  He reached out and pulled her down on top of him.

He nestled his face against her neck, nuzzling her as he slipped inside.  He 
heard her moan and felt her body stiffen for a moment as she adjusted to his 
penetration.  He pulled her close for an instant, just holding her.

They began a slow rocking motion.  She more than him, being in the position 
they were in.  His hands reached up to touch her breasts, and cup them gently.

Her breath came in short pants, whether it was from his touch or her motions, 
Al was not sure.  What he was sure of, was that he loved Beth more every day. 
 And the sensations she was creating were indescribable.  He could feel his 
need building, and knew by her quickening pace that she was close too.

All his senses were heightened now as he neared his own climax.  All he could 
think of was her.  His wife.  His Beth.  He buried his face deep in her 
breasts as her body tensed with her orgasm.  The feeling pushed him over the 
edge and he came in hot spurts calling out her name as he did so.

They both collapsed then.  She lay her head on his heaving chest, just 
listening to his heartbeat.  He withdrew slowly not wanting to disturb her or 
break the spell they had woven in love. She lifted her head and kissed him.  
"I love you, Al."

"I love you too, Beth."

With his needs met, Al's body was exhausted.  Sensing this, Beth climbed off 
of him.  She picked up her lingerie and went to shower and change.

Al slipped his pajama bottoms back on.  He remembered that he wanted to 
queston Ziggy about the leap.  He addressed the ceiling.  "Ziggy?"

"Yes, Admiral?" the petulant voice of Sam's brainchild responded.

"Got anything for me yet on this leap?"

"Yes Admiral."

Al ran a hand over his face.  "Well?"

"Dr. Beckett has leaped into Jessica Marchecci to save the lives of Kelsey 
Whittel and her daughter Laura.  Kelsey happens to be the best friend and 
next-door neighbor of Jesica.  On July 14, 1988 Kelsey and Laura are found 

Al absorbed this information.  "How old were they?"

"Ms Whittel was 21.  Her daughter was 3."

Al crossed his arms. "Do we know who the murderer is?"

"No, Admiral. The murderer was never caught."

"Okay.  Thanks Ziggy."

"Good Night, Admiral" the computer signed off.

Donna came out of the bedroom, fresh from her shower.  "You coming to bed?"  
She was dressed in a light cotton nightgown.
Al nodded.  "Did you hear what Ziggy said?"

"Yes, I did.  What a shame.  You going to tell Sam tomorrow?"

Al yawned.  "No sense telling him tonight.  He needs his rest with that baby."

Beth turned out the lights.  Taking Al's hand, she steered him towards the 
bedroom.  "Ain't that the truth."

Al allowed himself to be led.  Reaching the bed, he crawled under the covers. 
 Beth crawled in next to him and turned out the lights.  Al cuddled close to 
her and held her tight.  They were soon fast asleep.