MY DREAM written by: "Cyndi Beckett"

Most people have a significant person, experience, or book that
changed their life.  Obviously, I am not like most people.  I am
my own person. I have values.  I have my own dreams. I am me.  I
do not have the world's greatest memory, but I do know one thing
tht changed my life around.  It was the television show, Quantum
Leap.  I saw my first episode when I was eleven.  It changed my
whole view of the world.  Instead of seeing a dark tunnel
without lights, the lights came on.  I knew God had gotten my
mother pregnant with me.  Often I wondered why.  I questioned
myself time and time again.  I can put myself into someone
else's shoes just for one moment due to this show.  I now know
why certain attitudes are morally correct.  I understand the
subtle differences between everyone.  I can feel at ease when I
observe the screen at thirty six frames per second.  To quote
Scott Bakula, the star of Quantum Leap, "I learned from being in
those experiences.  I changed some of my opinions about
situations or people or attitudes.  I developed relationships
with people and situations with I wouldn't normally been able to
embrace."  I know I am not the only one who wants to be an
Egyptologist.  I know that my beliefs are not all that unique. I
am not alone.  I know that there are people in the world who are
like me.  I have seen all of these episodes more than five
times.  Each time I see it, I realize the actors on the screen
are having fun doing their job.  I can see the fire and passion
in them.  This show connects everything together for me.  It
helps me recognize tht I was put here for a reason.  Perhaps I
am here, like Doctor Sam Beckett, trying to make the world a
better place.  I will affect someone sometime.  I want to make
the world a better place by doing so.  Do not get the wrong
impression, I do love books.  I have read many in my nearly
nineteen years.  I want to write one someday.  This is how I
will affect the world, along with being a psychologist and a
mother.  Perhaps I may become a teacher or archeologist, as
well.  Once I get a degree at your school, I will be on my way
to living my dream.