He wasn't alone this time.

	Mariana had hoped to see Albert again.  She was afraid he would not be
there this year.  Her worries were unfounded.

	Walking hand-in-hand with her handsome son, was a lovely, dark haired
woman who looked amazingly like the new President's wife.

	*I wonder who she is?*

	The young woman reached up to adjust her purse strap.  The sunlight
glinted off something on her hand.  Mariana caught her breath. *She's his
wife!  I wonder how long they've been married?* She smiled.  Mariana
studied her daughter-in-law speculatively, wondering if she was expecting.
She hoped that the next time she saw them, she would have a grandchild.

	The lovely young woman was watching her son with such love and compassion,
Mariana's heart ached.  Like the previous year, Albert seemed intent on his
sister's grave, barely aware of the woman at his side.  She put a
comforting arm around his shoulders.  The couple stood there for several
minutes more, longer than Albert had done the year before.  Neither spoke.

	Albert and his wife slowly turned away.  Mariana watched their retreating
backs, until she lost sight of them, and then she too, turned away.

February 1998
Christina L. Bartruff