Tamlyn is seated on the sofa.  EMS personnel have
checked her out and are packing up their gear.  

Al is near the sofa, watching as they take care of

The police have processed the crime scene and are just
leaving.  Sam walks them to the door.

                          POLICE OFFICER
             Are you satisfied that she doesn't
             need medical attention?  

             She's shaken up, but the
             ambulance attendants say she'll be

Sam moves so the ambulance personnel can leave.

                          POLICE OFFICER
             Well, had to ask, need it for my on-
             site report.  If you could both just
             stop by the precinct tomorrow and
             make a formal statement.

Sam acknowledges the officer with a nod, and the last
of the police and crime scene people leave.

Al comes over to Sam.

             They looked her over real good,
             Sam.  She's going to be just fine.

             Thanks, Al.  If you hadn't been

             Yeah, well, he did it to himself!

             But if you hadn't been here...

             Like you said, Sam, you can be
             forced into violence without
             wanting violence.  
                    (a moment of silence between
             So.  I guess you'll want to take a
             little vacation before you go back
             to "work".

             I guess you're right!  

             Hey!  About that search on Adams...

             What sear...OH!  You mean the
             search that turned up all the

             Yeah.  The, what was it? 
             "Historical correlation"...  Who
             initiated that?

             Who?  Well...  Uh, I don't know.

They look at each other.

                          SAM and AL, together

             Do you think?

             It opens up an entirely new realm
             of possibilities.

             And problems! 

Al and Sam both look at the hand link.  It beeps,
startling both of them.

Al remains looking at the hand link and looking worried
as Sam laughs: not a jovial laugh, but one of relief.

Sam's laughter makes Tamlyn get up and walk over to

             I don't even want to think about it!

There is a pause as Sam and Al watch Tamlyn

She stands next to Sam, looks in the general direction
Sam was looking and smiles, then looks at Sam and puts
one arm around Sam's waist.  Sam drapes his arm over
her shoulder.  Their noses touch in a moment
combining relief and romance.

             Well....  Hey, hopefully I'll touch
             base with you before you leap
             again.  Should I check in with you

             Yeah...  But you know...  I
             wonder....  I'll be in and out of
             here from now on...  Whenever I do
             leap, Ziggy might try monitoring
             Tamlyn for indications of my

             Good idea; if we can't locate you,
             we could look here.

             Yeah, but I was wondering...  See if
             Ziggy can be programmed to allow
             you to use the Imaging Chamber to
             center on Tamlyn's apartment even
             when I'm not here.  

Al starts punching codes into the hand link.

             That would allow you to drop in
             here, if you can't locate me.  Then
             Tamlyn could pass on information
             to you.  When I read about
             someone, she'll know the details, so
             that would give you a general idea
             of what I went to do.  At least that
             would narrow the search

             We've already got Teresa and
             Sammy Jo working on it.  They're
             programming in the coordinates of
             Tamlyn's apartment right now.  

             Hopefully it'll work, but even if I
             can get here after you're gone, I
             can't communicate with Tamlyn

             That's OK.  You don't need to talk
             to her directly.
                    (puts his arm around
                    Tamlyn's waist)
             She'll feel your presence.  When
             she knows you're here she can tell
             you basically what wrong I'm
             trying to put right.  Ziggy can
             take it from there.

             I don't necessarily have to tell him. 
             After you leap, I could put a copy
             of the article on the refrigerator,
             with a magnet!  I could just leave it
             there until you return.

             That'll work.  Then it wouldn't
             matter if she's here or not.  If
             Ziggy can get me here, I can read
             about whatever it is you went to

             Tamlyn, Al thinks that's a great

             Just tell him popping into
             anywhere besides the living room
             or the kitchen is off limits!

They start to laugh.  Suddenly Sam looks as if he is
experiencing a wave of emotion.  He places his index
finger and middle finger on his temple, his thumb on
his jaw, and drops his head slightly at an angle.

                    (statement of fact, as if knows
                    what's happening)

             Sam?  What's wrong?

             I'm going to leap.  I feel this
             sudden urge I'm needed

             I can feel you're about to leave.  Is
             this what it's like?

             I don't know.  I mean yes!  Over
             the last few years I've made
             unexpected leaps to make quick
             adjustments in peoples' lives, and
             a higher power guides those leaps
             because... well, basically, I know
             WHY I'm going, but I don't always
             know to exactly when or where.  

             But this is strong...  I usually only
             feel this type of sensation as a
             reaction to a story in a newspaper
             or a magazine or something.  

             See, after reading or hearing
             about something that's gone wrong
             or about someone I think I can
             help, if I get this sensation, then I
             know that's where I'm headed next. 
             But this...  I know I'm about to
             leap, and I'm pretty certain I can
             still control WHEN I leap...  I mean,
             I don't think I'm goin' to suddenly
             disappear until I'm ready to...  but
             I don't understand because, for
             the first time... in a very long
             time...  I have no idea WHY I'm
             leaping or for what reason!

             But I thought you were the one
             leaping yourself around.

             I was!  I mean sort of.  At least I
             had a say in picking where I'm
             headed and what I'm gonna do.  

             Sam, I don't like this.

             I have to admit it's a little scary.  I
             haven't felt this sensation "clear
             out of the blue" since I leapt into
             the coal mine.

             Maybe you've got some leaps left in
             your subconscious that ya haven't
             taken care of yet.

                    (she has been looking
                    longingly at Sam and speaks
                    when she thinks they are
             I feel like I'm sending you off to

             No.  Just off to work.

             But, like you said, it IS a war.  I'll
             be your...  What did you say Al
             called it?  Your operating

             No.  You'll be my Home-base.

The photo of the two of them together that was taken
at dinner is on a table in the room.  Sam picks it up,
looks at it.

                    (sensing he needs to get out
                    of there and let them be alone
                    to say good-bye to each
             Well, Ziggy has the coordinates of
             Tamlyn's apartment locked in, so I
             guess I'll let you two say
             goodbye...  Take care, Sam.  And
             don't worry.  We'll find you
             somehow.  But let's not wait
             another 5 years to hear from you

             Goodbye, my friend.  I promise I'll
             see you soon. 

Sam watches as Al opens the imagining chamber door,
gives a wave of his cigar goodbye, closes the door.  

Tamlyn smiles in the general direction Sam is looking.

                    (as he looks at the
             I've only felt this type of sensation
             when I'm about to leap for a
             specific purpose to help someone...
             and knowing where I'm going...
             being in control... I think that
             guarantees me the option of coming

Sam puts the photograph down.  Looks at Tamlyn.

      Oh, Sam.  

They embrace, kiss.

             I love you.

             I know....  Tamlyn, you are my love. 
             My life.  You are my home.  I swear
             somehow, someway, I WILL be back.

             We were meant to be together, Sam. 
             I know it now, and I feel it with
             every fiber of my being....  We
             were meant to be...  and no amount
             of time, or time travel can ever
             change that.

Sam steps back to look at her.

             I love you, Tamlyn.

As he begins to leap we see Tamlyn mouth the words "I
love you, Sam" and, at the same time, throw her arms
around him.  Sam returns the embrace.

As the lights clear from the Leap, both Sam and Tamlyn
are gone.

The camera pans to the photo of the two of them,

Scott Bakula sings Sam's Song (Quantum Love), an
original love song, to start the credits.

Sam's Song (Quantum Love)

Cling to me
And we will leap through time.
Bringing me
The life I want as mine.

I know I have so much to do
To make the world a better place.
But-I cannot do it without you.
You bring me peace; you are my grace.

Cling to me
And we will leap through time.
Letting me
Any obstacle to climb.

I struggle with this weary task
Of putting right what once went wrong.
That-you love me true is all I ask.
I need your love to keep me strong.

I need your love.
I need your precious love.
This love I feel, this love is real.
Without your love I am alone,
My life is wrong, please bring me home.

Cling to me
And we will leap through time.
Giving me 
Fall, summer, and springtime.

To make things right in my own life,
As well as make things right in yours,
I beg of you to be my wife;
That's all of you my heart implores.

Cling to me
And we will leap through time.
Bringing me
The life I want as mine.

Cling to me,
My dear love,
Bring to me
Your dear love.
Cling to me.


1ST SEQUEL:  Opens with ending of first movie with
Sam and Tamlyn leaping together.  Sam and Tamlyn
battle the forces of evil that are so angry with Sam's
meddling ("The Bogeyman" episode and the three
episodes dealing with the evil counter-part to the
Quantum Leap Project, which is run by Lothos).

      Considerations:  Using the parameters established
during the episodes "Deliver Us From Evil" and the two
"Evil Leaper" episodes, Tamlyn's psychic abilities
combined with Sam's knowledge that he can pick the
target to where he can leap allow the two of them to
locate Lothos.
      Additionally, by being able to take Tamlyn with
him, Sam could instinctively leap to any point in time
where a wrong needs to be righted; Tamlyn's psychic
powers would then let Sam know what is going to
happen and her feelings on what needs to be done to
change or prevent it.  Tamlyn's psychic powers could
be of great benefit to Sam in the battle between good
and evil.  Possible source of conflict: when Al joins
them, Ziggy's projections do not always agree with
Tamlyn's feelings on what to do.

      Possibility:  Sam and Tamlyn materialize and begin
the leap.  
      Al materializes in Tamlyn's apartment.  There is no
indication as to where Sam has leaped; no article
attached to the fridge with a magnet.
      Before Ziggy can find Sam, during the story-line
Sam is knocked unconscious.  Tamlyn goes for help.  
      Al joins Sam while he is unconscious and Tamlyn
is not there.  Ziggy picks up indications of more than
one leaper and they fear a repeat of the "Evil Leaper"
episodes from the series.  When Sam awakens, Tamlyn
returns; Al now knows Sam and Tamlyn leaped
together.  Everyone assumes Tamlyn is the reason
Ziggy picked up more than one leaper.  They do not
realize there is indeed another, "evil" leaper, which
causes malfunctions with Ziggy until they figure it out.
      They first deal with the situation created by the
evil leaper.
      They then attempt to locate and stop the project
controlled by Lothos.

      Ending for first sequel:
      Sam and Tamlyn get married; have unusual "travel
arrangements" for their honeymoon.
      They leap, but only Sam materializes.
      He calls out for Tamlyn, but she is not there.

2ND SEQUEL:  The second sequel begins with the final
scene from the 1st Sequel; Sam and Tamlyn leap, but
only Sam materializes.  

      Considerations:  Sam realizes this means Tamlyn
died.  If Tamlyn leaps with Sam in his lifetime to a point
which is in her "future", they would both materialize. 
If they leap together but Tamlyn does not complete the
Leap and show up at the other end, Sam would know he
has leaped to a point in his lifetime when she is no
longer alive.
      He has leapt into someone, whom Al reminds him he
is there to help.  He must decide; help the person first,
or go back for Tamlyn first?  He finds out the date;
age-wise she should still be alive.  He finds out the
cause of her death from Al.  If her death is not
preventable (i.e. disease):  Should Sam choose not to
leap past that date in the future?  Could Sam leap
beyond the current year of the project in New Mexico? 
If the technology is available in the future to prevent
her death, does he bring it back to the past to save
      Possibility:  The person Sam leaped into is just
entering a building.  Ziggy indicates that when the
person comes out of the building he will be hit by a
car.  Tamlyn's death is accidental and, thus,
preventable.  Al argues Sam should help the man first
and then leap back to save Tamlyn.  Sam decides to
leap to help Tamlyn without delay.  He does so, then
leaps back and he and Tamlyn both materialize, but he
materializes as the man as he is now leaving the
building.  He avoids the car accident; Sam and Tamlyn
leap forward in time; and he again materializes as
himself, alone.  Tamlyn has died from Aids.  He
discovers she contracted the virus through a
transfusion: a good chance to give documentary on how
a person can and cannot contract the virus.  Also a
chance to show what people with Aids go through.  He
finds out when he leaped into the person going into the
building, he was going in to donate blood for money
and did not answer the risk questions truthfully. 
When Sam leaped back, the man was coming out of the
building and had already given blood.  Sam discovers
others contracted the virus from the same tainted
blood.  Everyone realizes saving the man from the auto
accident was just an added bonus.  Sam was there to
prevent him from giving tainted blood.  Now he must
leap into someone else to either properly screen the
donor, or prevent him from contracting the virus. 
Thus, he discovers he cannot leap into the same person
more than once to attempt to right the predetermined
wrong; i.e. when he leaped into Jimmy the 2nd time,
Jimmy was a "different person" from his original
history because Sam had changed his life and he was
righting a different wrong.
      At the close of the movie, Sam and Tamlyn leap
together.  When they materialize, they hear a woman's
voice bitterly say, "Well, it's about time I caught up
with you."  Sam turns, and we don't see what he sees,
and he says in a questioning, almost fearful manner,

3RD SEQUEL:  The third sequel begins with the portion
of the ending from the second sequel where Sam and
Tamlyn materialize together; they hear a woman's voice
bitterly say, "Well, it's about time I caught up with
you"; and Sam says in a questioning, almost fearful
manner, "Donna?"

      Considerations:  When Sam changed the leader's
life in the first movie, he also changed Donna's life for
the better.  Donna marries her first fiance.  Having
never married Sam, she is now physically, emotionally,
and psychologically the person she would progress to
being from who she was in the year of the first
marriage.  However, in the original time-line when
Donna attempted to leap to Sam in 2001 and was killed,
a portion of her subconscious, call it her "intent", was
able to leap before her bodily death.  This psyche of
the Donna that married Sam has been bouncing around
in time, from person to person, searching for Sam. 
Thus, that subconscious energy, or entity is trapped
in the time continuum.
      The dialogue in the series episode "The Leap
Back" indicated Donna would rather have Sam with her
than bouncing around through time; to the point where
she almost let Al die rather than let Sam leap back to
save him.  The dialogue in the first movie between
Donna and Al gave evidence of her bitterness
regarding Sam's intimate relationships over the years. 
By the time her psyche finally catches up to Sam, she
is hostile and resentful.  His relationship with Tamlyn
escalates her fury.

      Possibility:  The Psyche tries to harm Tamlyn and
entice Sam at the same time, through whomever she is
occupying at the moment.  But she is free to jump from
one person to the next at a moments notice, producing
a serious psychological thriller.  Sam and Tamlyn find
themselves battling an unknown, invisible foe, never
certain into whom it has leaped.
      The information from Ziggy would initially seem
erroneous or useless; Tamlyn is going to die, the
Psyche leaps, Tamlyn isn't going to die, the Psyche
leaps, Tamlyn is going to die, the Psyche leaps, Tamlyn
isn't!  The Donna of the corrected time-line would have
to find out about her relationship with Sam before he
changed her life, and Sam will have to find out that in
her original history Donna tried to leap to him and
died, before they could even start to understand
what's been going on; much less fix it.  When they
finally figure out what is going on, the Psyche
communicates with Sam - "Why did you make me suffer
so long, Sam?  I want you with me."  Sam must protect
Tamlyn and, at the same time, set the situation right.

      Parameters which must be decided:

      1.     Does Ziggy discover traces of the
subconscious of multiple individuals not related to
Sam's leaps; or does the Psyche leap into the person
and share the subconscious level of that person?  The
decision would determine whether the Psyche is in
complete control of each person she leaps into,
intermittent control of the person, or if she is limited
to only trying to influence that person into doing her

      2.     Should the person the Psyche has leapt into
be shown as that person and intermittently act as
themselves and then take on a different demeanor
when Donna takes complete control, or should the
person be shown as Donna?  If the person is shown as
Donna, the viewing audience will always know into
whom Donna's Psyche has leapt.  If the person merely
takes on a different demeanor, the audience will not be
certain which character has the Psyche in them at the
time, and it can create even more suspense; throwing
in a distraction by having someone act slightly
different for some other reason, and not be joined with
Donna's Psyche.

      What will it take to set the situation right?  The
characters should go through the options with the
viewing audience as they try to solve the problem.
      Should the Psyche be rejoined with Donna?  If
that is the case, will the bitterness and hurt be
transferred as well?  Wouldn't this destroy Donna's
      Should they try to destroy the Psyche?  Can her
subconscious be atomized into a billion fragments to
just float around through time?  That would seem a
cruel solution.  
      It would probably be ultimately decided that,
first, the Psyche would have to be shown and
convinced a number of things.  Sam did not
intentionally choose not to come home to her and, by
accident or design, that was for the best.  Much like
Al's participation in the Project, Donna needed to be
living a life linked originally to Sam to make the
Project work.  Once the Project was working, she could
be given the life she was meant to lead but missed out
on when she chose to leave him at the alter.  Sam didn't
cause her lonely life; she did by her own past choices. 
Donna's life has been set right, she never married Sam,
and is happier than she was before.  This would mean
Al would find out how Sam helped him.
      The Psyche would then have to be convinced to
leap back into herself before Donna dies in the first
movie but after her subconscious leapt out, thus
allowing the Psyche to die with the old Donna and
rejoin the new, happy one.=1A