Do you feel that?  It's like a
             strange energy entered the room.

             It must be... 
                    (turns around; sees Al)
             Al, you found me.  

Tamlyn smiles.

             Yeah, it wasn't so difficult this
                    (looks over Sam's shoulder)
             Hey, wait a minute.  Isn't that,

             Yes.  Tamlyn, I'd like you to meet

             Hi, Al.  
                    (to Sam)
             I could feel him in the room...

             She could do that before.  It gives
             me the heebee-jeebies.  So you told
             her about me?

             Just like before; I could feel his

             Well, I'll give you two a minute.  I'll
             go get the tea.  

She goes to the kitchen.

             She can feel you because of her
             psychic ability, Al.  And yes, I told
             her.  I think maybe you found me a
             little easier this time because I was
             telling Tamlyn about myself and
             the Quantum Leap project...

             No - 
                    (drags out the word)
             we found you because, between
             Teresa and Sammy Jo, we had some
             of the finest minds in the world
             today working on it.

                    (calls out to Tamlyn)
             Tamlyn, it's Teresa.

Tamlyn returns with the teapot.

             What about Teresa, Sam.

             Al, is she with the Project?  
                    (nods to Tamlyn after Al
                    says "Yeah")

             Yeah.  Right after you leaped into
             her, I gave her a call.

             But that was BEFORE I saw her at
             the wedding.

             See, Sam...  Teresa's life is exactly
             as it should be. 

Sam grins and nods yes.

             No, right after you leaped into
             her...  What wedding?  What're
             ya'all talking about?

             It's OK, Al.  It's a time-thing! 
             Tamlyn told me Teresa would be
             OK; and she was right....  

             So tell me more about Teresa and
             Sammy Jo.

             Sounds more like a psychic time
             thing!  I have a feeling I'm gonna
             be lost around you two...
                    (he looks uneasily back and
                    forth between Sam and
                    Tamlyn until he says the word
             Teresa is a whiz at this Quantum
             Physics stuff; she changed her
             major after her visit to the waiting
             room.  Anyhow...  when I talked to
             her on the phone... it turns out she
             was hoping I would call!  She was
             so interested in the project, I sent
             a car over for her; right then and
             there!  Hired her on the spot... 
             And she and Sammy hit it off
             immediately.  They've been
             working on everything, including
             the Search Program.  They totally
             re-did it!  And That's why we
             found you.

             Teresa and Sammy working
             together!  Well, I'm sure they have
             improved the Search Program, but
             I think that's only part of it.  I
             think you were also aided by
             Tamlyn's thoughts, strengthening
             the pull to Ziggy.

             Sam, do you believe in all that
             psychic mumbo-jumbo stuff?

             Yes, I do.  And I think in the
             future, Ziggy could be aided by
             the psychic pull from Tamlyn when
             you need to find me.

                          AL and TAMLYN, together:  
             In the future?

                    (takes Tamlyn by the hands)
             If you don't mind having me

             Oh, Sam.  
                    (embraces him)
             You'd make my dreams come true.

             Are you sure about this?  What
             about your work?

             Al, I've never been so certain
             about anything before in my entire
             life.  Tamlyn, would you mind if I
             leap in and out of your life to do
             my work.

             Sam, I'd love it.  I love you.

             Then you are my home.  I've come

             Ya know, this isn't a war where
             you have to set up operating

             You're wrong, Al.  It is a war.  A
             war on all the unjust things that
             have plagued mankind.  You can
             call it my operating headquarters,
             or whatever you want.  I need this. 
             I spend all my time making things
             right for others.  I need to make
             things right for me.

             And for me.

             Wait, I didn't mean, I mean, well, I
             mean you're right, Sam.I still keep
             thinking in terms of you coming
             home to the future.  I guess I'm
             only just now realizing this is your
             future.  And anyway, it's about
             time something happened to let you
             put your own life right, as well. 
             I'm happy for you, Buddy.  If
             anyone deserves it, it's you.

The phone rings.  Tamlyn goes to answer it.

Sam and Al continue talking about Teresa, Sammy, and
the future.


When the caller first speaks, he is shown calling from
a pay phone with a handkerchief over the mouthpiece. 
He is the man that was watching Tamlyn in the piano
bar the night she first saw Sam again.

                          RICARDO ADAMS
             I know what you're doing.  You
             have to die!

Cut immediately back to a shocked and then fearful
Tamlyn for rest of conversation.

                    (voice over phone)
             First that Reporter; now this "new
             guy".  You're shameless.  You don't
             have any loyalty.  To anyone.

             Wait.  Who is this?

>From the tone of her voice, Sam and Al begin watching

                    (voice over phone)
             No, YOU wait.  I've loved you for
             such a long time.  I could have
             given you...  well...  well, I stepped
             aside for that reporter because I
             believe in true love.  He was older
             and wise.  And I could tell how
             much he loved you...  Love,

             But you.  You don't even know
             what that means!  The minute his
             back is turned, you pick up some
             guy in a bar.  I saw you...  I SAW
             you pick him up.  

             Then he stayed with you all night. 
             And you were with him all day and
             again, now, tonight.  

             But it's OK, cause I'll fix you.  I'll
             fix BOTH of you....  You're dead. 
             You're BOTH dead.

Adams hangs up.  Tamlyn remains standing with the
phone in her hand.

Sam takes it, puts it to his eat to listen, and then puts
down the receiver.  Tamlyn is shaken; her face is pale.

             What's wrong?  What was it?

Al is punching buttons on the hand-link.

             A man.  On the phone.  He scared
             me, Sam.

             Scared you.  How?  What did he

             Sam.  Ziggy says there's a 92.5%
             chance Tamlyn dies sometime in the
             next 24 hours.

             He said he's going to kill us.

             Al, when I leaped out of here
             before, you said she was safe. 
             What happened?

             Don't know.  You coming into her
             life again must have changed

             But that's not all, Sam.  There's an
             86% chance you die, too!

                    (to Tamlyn)
             I've put your life in jeopardy.

             Not just her life!

                    (looks crossly at Al; then says
                    to Tamlyn)
             Could you tell who it was?

             I... I don't know.  At first I
             thought.... well, I'm pretty certain
             the voice was disguised, but...  I
             don't know!  At first I thought I
             should know... Oh, God.  I just
             don't know.  I was so happy, I
             really wasn't paying attention
             until he scared me.  

             Sam, I'm so sorry.  When I realized
             I should be concentrating, it was
             too late.  I was already scared.

                    (comforts her)
             It's OK, just relax.  It'll come to

Sam sits Tamlyn down on the sofa, sits next to her, and
comforts her.  Al looks totally helpless as he punches
codes into the hand link.  Tamlyn finally calms down.

             I don't understand.  He said he has
             loved me for such a long time... 
             and he would have stepped aside
             for true love, but he thinks I
             picked you up in the bar and now
             I'm being unfaithful to Dylan
             Powell.  He said he SAW me.  Last
             night.  Today.  Again tonight....

             He must have already been
             following you; and now he's
             following us.

                    (exasperated because he's
                    confused and feels powerless)
             Who the hell is Dylan Powell?

             Al, Dylan Powell is the name of the
             reporter I leapt into when I was
             here before.

                          AL and TAMLYN, together:  
             But that's you.

             We know that.  But he doesn't.

A shot of Ricardo Adams, looking up at Tamlyn's

Sam, Al, and Tamlyn try to figure out who the killer is. 
The first impulse is to start with cases she has helped
the police solve, but Sam makes them abandon that

             I don't think we're on the right
             track.  It has to be someone that's
             in love with you.  All these guys
             probably hate you.

             Tamlyn, when you were on the
             phone you thought you knew
             something at first.  What did you

             What I meant was at first I was
             getting an impression of who it
             was, but he scared me almost
             immediately and I lost it.

             So that COULD mean the caller was
             someone you know.....  


             Didn't you say you dated a guy
             that was more interested in you
             than you were in him.

             Ricardo Adams.  I met him at the

Al starts punching codes into the hand-link.  Ziggy
beeps back.  
He continues punching codes with Ziggy beeping back,
until he speaks again.

             He was doing a story on my
             abilities.  But, we didn't really
             date.  We only went out that one

             And didn't you say you felt there
             was something strange about him?

             Not exactly strange.  I mean, well,
             he was nice and all, but there was
             just something... I don't know.  I
             think it was more the absence of
             knowledge, but he seemed....

             I just wasn't that interested in
             him.  You know.  Like I said, I just
             didn't like him as much as he liked

             Bingo!  Sam, I've got some info on
             Ricardo Adams coming in.  

Sam signals to Tamlyn to wait just a minute while he
listens to Al.  

Tamlyn continues to look anxious, hanging on Sam's
every word, until she speaks again.

             Adams has a past history of public
                    (he hits the side of the
                    hand link)
                    (hits the side of the hand
                    link, again)
                    (hits the side of the hand
                    link, again)
             Oh!  Nuisance.  Public nuisance and
             disturbing the peace... all related
             to former girlfriends or jealous
             rages....  Uh-oh...  

             What.  What is it?

             Oh, Sam.  This guy is bad.  A year
             from now he gets arrested for
             killing a young woman he claims
             "was supposed to be his
             girlfriend".  Ziggy says testimony
             from the transcripts shows they
             just had a casual acquaintance, so
             its sounds a little like this
             situation.  He gets out on bail and,
             while he's waiting to go to trial, he
             kills the guy she was seeing.  He's
             convicted of both murders; and get
             this - this year... I mean MY this
             year, in the future... he's eligible
             for parole!

             What about now?  What about this
             situation?  Is he ever linked to

             Ziggy says there's a 98.2% chance
             he's involved but he won't even be
             suspected, much less charged. 
             They'll only get him on the one a
             year from now.

                    (trying not to be impatient)
             What is it, Sam?

             We need to find Adams, and stop
             him.  I'm pretty certain he's the
             one that called you.

             Sam, I'm so scared for you... but I
             can't...  I can't see... I can't see
             anything in the future.... I, I, I
             can't...  see to help you...

             You need to rest.  
                    (holds her; calms her down)
             Come on.

Sam takes her to the bedroom, puts her to bed, and
turns off the bedroom light.

             Wait.  Leave it on, would you

             You sure?  Don't you want to get
             some sleep?

             No...  Just a little rest and I'll be

             OK.  I'll check on you in a little

Sam kisses her on the cheek, turns the lamp back on,
and closes the door when he leaves; he then returns to
Al in the living room.

             Is she OK?  

Sam nods his head yes, looking back at the bedroom. 

             Hey....  can't she use her psychic
             stuff to help us find this guy?

             So now you believe in "psychic

             Hell, Sam, I'd believe in the tooth
             fairy if it'll get us out of this jam
             and help us put this creep away
             for good.  

             Can she?

             No, she has to be centered, and
             calm.  A strong emotion like fear or
             love clouds her vision.

             Poor kid, this must be like a double
             whammy for her.

                    (looks back toward the
             Believe me, Al, it is.

             Sam, Ziggy's been working on
             locating Adams...  but I'm getting
             some weird input here.  And it's
             taking the odds that Adams is our
             man up to 100%!  I'm not certain
             what triggered it, but there's a
             second search running... some
             kind of historical correlation....

             Whadaya mean historical
             correlation?  What kind of second
             search?  A search for what?

             I don't know.  There's a search
             running; that's all I know.  See... 
             right here.
                    (shows Sam the hand link)
             I didn't ask for it...  I don't know
             what it is...  Uhh... Oh, wait a
             minute.  Something's coming

             What.  What "uh-oh"?  What is it? 
             What's wrong now?

             Well, it seems Ziggy has been
             compiling data on Adams from
             things like his driver's licenses,
             employment records from papers
             he's worked for, utility and phone
             bills and listings in phone books,
             tax returns, Social Security... 

Sam tries to hurry him along.  

             Well, ya know... stuff like that - to
             establish a profile on this guy's
             past where-abouts and history.  

             Then that info is being cross-
             referenced to the disappearances
             and unsolved murders of women
             who lived in the same localities at
             the same time...

             MURDERS?  Murders of WOMEN?  As
             in plural?

             Yeah, plural... identifying those
             women that had better than a 90%
             chance of having known this creep
             either through work or a story
             about them in a newspaper.  Uh oh. 
             And that's being cross reference
             with the disappearance and/or
             murders of men those women have

             Sam, we got a definite pattern
             here; even when the guy moves to
             a different state.  Bad stuff, Sam.  
             Ziggy says there's an 82.9% chance
             this Adams guy is responsible for
             more than a dozen deaths, but he's
             never been linked to any of them.

             That's probably why he's eligible
             for parole.  They didn't know... 
             We're right in the middle of it and
             we wouldn't of known to suspect
             him if it weren't for Ziggy giving
             us his background!  

             If anything had happened to
             Tamlyn and we hadn't figured it
             out, there would have been
             nothing at all to let anyone know
             he was involved.  The police
             probably would have suspected
             Dylan Powell... or ME, if I live!

             Oh, you'll live.  You'll both live. 
             I'll see to that.

             Say, speaking of the police, you
             should give them a call.

             Why?  What for?

             Just on general principal, I guess.

             And say what?  That the
             holographic psychic network from
             the future has a crime to report
             that hasn't been committed yet?

             No... I don't know...  Report the
             threatening phone call.

             What good will that do?

             Probably none.  But who knows... if
             anything happens, it might help
             the two people in the future.  At
             the very least, it might change his
             parole possibilities.

             Yeah, OK.  You're right.  I'm sorry. 
             I'm... I'm just not thinking clearly;
             I'm worried about Tamlyn.  To be
             honest, I wasn't thinking about
             anything else.  I brought this on. 
             If I hadn't come back...

             She would have pined away the
             rest of her life for you, never
             found anybody, and been
             unhappy, but would of never
             pissed this creep off.   That's
             probably why Ziggy said she'd be
             Ok when you leapt out before.

             Don't worry, Sam.  It'll be alright. 
             I'll watch your back.  I won't let
             anything happen to her; or to you.

                    (walks over, picks up the
                    phone, dials 911/operator?)
             Al, would you go be with her?
                    (speaks into the phone)
             Yes, Emergency?  This is [says

Al pops out.

             I want to report a...

There is the sound of breaking glass cutting Sam off. 

Tamlyn screams.  

Sam drops the phone and rushes toward the bedroom.

Adams has entered the apartment from the fire escape,
through the bedroom window he has just broken.  He
is standing about 8 feet from the bed and has a knife
in his hand.  

Tamlyn is curled up against the headboard, clutching
a pillow, and is staring in horror at Adams.

Al materializes next to the bed between Tamlyn and
Adams, facing Tamlyn.  Because he was in transit, he
did not hear the breaking glass or Tamlyn's scream.

Adams is startled when Al pops in.  He is now no longer
looking at Tamlyn, he is looking at Al.

Because of the state Tamlyn is in, Al turns from her,
sees the attacker, and assumes it is Adams.

             Hey!  You're Adams, aren't you! 
             Hold it right there, you creep.

             Where'd YOU come from?  You know
             my name!  How do you know my

Everyone is surprised.  Tamlyn senses she should
remain silent and puts her hand over her mouth.  

Sam stops at the bedroom door when he realizes Adams
can see Al.  With Adams distracted, Sam crouches down
and tries to sneak into the room without being seen.

             Can you see me?  Huh?  Can you? 
             Of course you can see me, you
             sick-o.  Most crazy people can see
             me, and you're about as crazy as
             they come, aren't you.

             Don't say that.

Tamlyn sees Sam.  He motions to her.  She hesitates for
just a moment and then carefully slides off the side of
the bed as slowly as she dares to, opposite from Al and
Adams.  Once off the bed, she crawls toward Sam.

Al has realized that Adams becomes increasingly
agitated when being crazy is mentioned.

             Don't say what?  That you're
             crazy?  Why, Bucko?  Don't you
             like hearing that you're sick? 
             That you're su-PREME-ly mentally


Tamlyn freezes for a moment, and she and Sam both
look at Adams when he says "don't".  When they realize
Adams is not talking to them and his attention is still
on Al, Sam motions to her and she continues crawling
toward Sam.

             Don't say that.

             Why not?  What are you going to do
             about it? ... Huh? ... Just exactly
             what do you think you can do
             about it, Re-Tar-Do....  Huh?

Tamlyn has made it to Sam, and they both leave the

             I said... don't...
                    (takes a step)
                    (takes a step)

As he says "that", Adams takes a side-ways swing at Al
with the knife.

Al dodges backwards on reflex, and the blow Adams
delivers just slightly passes through Al's holographic
body.  The force of the blow throws Adams off balance,
and he spins around and falls to the floor.

Adams gets up - a little confused but infuriated, not
realizing exactly what has happened because of AL's
dodging motion.  

Adams comes at Al again, with the hand holding the
knife raised over his head.  Without thinking, Al
instinctively raises his arms above his head, covering
his face in a blocking motion, to ward-off the blow.  

As Adams brings the knife down, its arching motion
passes through Al's holographic body from his head
out his midriff.  The forward motion of Adams' arm
plunges the knife into Adams' own body.

Adams face shows total shock.  As Adams falls, he
passes through Al's holographic body and lands on the

                    (turns to face Adams and
                    leans over him, to look him in
                    the eye as he lies dying on
                    the bed)
             Well, ain't that a kick in the butt!

             Who... who are... you?  
             ...WHAT... are... you?

             Justice, you son of a bitch.  
                    (blows cigar smoke in his

Adams dies.=1A