Sam materializes as himself moments from when he leapt
out; the gang member he leapt into before is now the
leader; the drive-by doesn't take place.  The gang has
never met him in this time-line, so nobody knows him.

Sam materializes right in the middle of the gang, as
they are meeting.  They are shocked and unsure as to
exactly what has happened.  As Sam walks to where the
new leader is standing, he greets the members he
knows by name; amazing and astonishing them even

Sam makes a statement to the gang on violence; who
does it really hurt?  Because of Sam's dramatic entry
and the supernatural quality of the situation, they
listen.  As he speaks, some of their looks of surprise
and uncertainty turn to understanding and hope, some
remain skeptical.  Al joins Sam as he begins.

Sam's address is based on the poem which follows his

             OK.  So you're a gang.  What does
             that mean?  
                    (muffled response)
             What is a gang?  Over 200 years
             ago, some men got together and
             formed a gang to declare
             independence for America.  

             For almost 100 years, parents have
             ganged together with educators to
             help their kids by forming PTAs. 

             Today, people that live near each
             other gang together to form a
             protective society called a
             Neighborhood Watch. 

             The only thing wrong about a gang
             is the wrong they do; the only
             thing good about a gang is the
             good they achieve.  For you...  

[Suggested basis for Sam's address to the gang:]

Being in a gang has turned into a bad thing.
But it's not the gang itself that is bad;
It's what each of the members does with it.
      (You can ban together for protection,
      For close comradeship,
      For survival and preservation;
      Men of all ages have been doing it
      Each and every new generation.)
A gang's the natural order of living:
In a large group, there is more power to be had
Than just one single voice will permit.
You choose if that power is for good, or for bad!

You must realize there is a dif'rence between
Using power in a positive way,
And using that power destructively.
      (Look at yourselves!  Stop and take a close look.
      You ban together,
      In lives that are like an open book,
      For strength to hold maybe one small acre,
      Till you are strong and until you're hooked!)
You use your strength like a great, big machine
In ways that weaken you, making you throw away
Your existence - intentionally!
You are only concerned with "making someone pay"!

When someone wrongs you, accidentally or not,
The gang seeks to violently avenge,
Not to get a fair measure of justice.
      (And who does it hurt?  It should be quite clear.
      All the violence
      Make's no one pay; even when severe.
      You just get vi'lence in more abundance
      And those around you must live in fear.)
Anyone caught in the crossfire is shot.
And worse, those upon whom you enact your revenge
Seek an equal portion, and no less.
It should be enough to scare you and make you cringe!

Their retaliation makes more deadly crossfire
For both you and the people around you.
And what has it cost you?  What have you gained?
      (The innocent people around you live
      In unending fear
      Of harm or death, as if a captive.
      Or you are maimed, or killed - no longer here!
      Never to breathe, or be creative...)
You'll never love, or laugh, or have desire,
Or have a chance to be something, a chance to do;
You are dead - that's all to be attained -
In the ground or walking 'round; pending point of

You NEED the vi'lence to protect more than brothers;
You must protect your chosen livelihood
When you choose to sell drugs to earn your funds.
      (But look at that choice, and see what you find.
      To buy and sell drugs
      You've money now - but you harm mankind
      Worse than when you use knives, bullets, and
      Then vi'lence grows, by chance or design.)
You use vi'lence to protect your dealers. 

And your clientele must use vi'lence - and they would-
To steal from friends, wives, kids, and husbands,
Or from anyone living in the neighborhood!

They are forced to use vi'lence to steal enough cash,
Because they can't hold down a decent job,
Because they use drugs; they are addicted!
      (You've chosen a violent life, and you
      Have shortened the lives
      Of the people you sell the drugs to.
      They harm those around them, and they tell lies,
      And destroy anything of value.)
And who is around them?  Who fills their stash?
It's you!  You and your own people that they must rob.
It's choices you've made, unrestricted,
In a ghastly blind acceptance of the macab'!

What's really sad is that you have no acceptance
That, although the choice is made in anger,
You, alone, possess the power to choose.
      (You are the one that chooses to live in
      Violence and hate
      And get nowhere; you cannot begin
      To understand that YOU alienate
      Chances for a good life.  You can't win!)
Right now you're living a hard existence
With no real promise for any kind of future.
You choose to throw away and to loose
All you might have had.  And that's just not the

You can choose to demand better; better by far.
It takes courage to refuse to shoot back.
It takes more courage to decide to stop.
      (You can choose how to stop those wronging you.
      Just call the police!
      The police force is there for you, too;
      Not just there to "get" you.  Vi'lence must cease.
      Don't let the violence continue.)
See... the cops are as confused as you are!
Demand your rights as a citizen.  Keep on track.
If you want justice, protect the cop
While he's there and trying to serve you.  Watch his

Cause... the violence makes it so cops cannot serve.
Dispensing justice, dispensing the law,
Becomes almost impossible to do.
      (Cops are human; and trying to serve you
      Just might get them killed.
      Look at all the mayhem you issue.
      There's so much vi'lence, no matter how skilled
      They can't do their job honest and true.)
You must protect the justice you deserve
By protecting The Man while he's there.  Don't
Help him deliver justice to you.
Keep him from harm while he's capturing the outlaw!

When someone breaks the law, when they wrong you or
Hold that person, or identify him,
And call The Man; MAKE him give you justice.
      (If you live a just life, or try your best,
      You have a right to
      Demand justice; not to be oppressed.
      It's your protected right.  It is your due.
      But if you choose vi'lence and unrest...)
Choosing vi'lence means choosing hate and wars,
And a right that vi'lence be dealt to you.  It's grim,
But that simple!  And it sounds callous,
But all you have done is choose a future that's dim!

You have the ability to choose justice now!
You have a given right to make that choice,
And a right to a better way of life.
      (Just use your strength in numbers as a tool
      To stop the mayhem.
      Use your strength; better your lives - it's cool.
      Use your strength in numbers not to condemn,
      But to help each other finish school.)
Use your strength to get jobs; to get know-how.
Use your strength in numbers and your collective
To get off the drugs, to end your strife,
To change your life from grief to one you can rejoice!

Once you have shown you honestly want it to stop,
So much will then open up to you all.
But you have to show it; show you want it.
      (And once you have taken the time and shown
      All you want is peace,
      People won't be against you.  You've grown.
      They'll fight for you; their support will increase.
      They'll be on your side.  You're not alone.)
Then they will help - the people and the cop.
But they won't help now - with their backs against a
wall -
It might get them killed.  You must admit,
The bad things have created bitterness and gall!

And look how many of you there are in a gang!
So many can make such a big dif'rence -
If it's just to clean up the neighborhood!
      (Start with one wall in the hood, or hallways
      In just one building.
      Start with helping one kid find the ways
      To stay in school without abandoning
      His friends.  Refuse hate with strong displays.)
Don't join in one fight....  Then you'll get the hang
Of it!  Just start!  Refuse, without belligerence,
To join in one vendetta.  You could
Choose to stop the vi'lence.  Meet hate with tolerance!

You've all that strength; you could use it as a weapon
To give you the power to start.  You must
Use your strength - stay with it, no matter what.
      (Take the first step.  Have the courage to START.
      And then it will grow;
      Maybe slowly, but don't you lose heart,
      Because things will change, no matter how slow.
      It won't be easy.  You must stay smart.)
It will take some time before anyone
Can change the way you are thought of; that's in
Of your past, and that's unfortunate.
But it will take some time before they learn to trust!

You are a gang, and to each other you are true.
You can demand peace.  You can demand it
Of yourselves.  Never CHOOSE to give it up.
      (If you've the power to demand vi'lence
      Of one another;
      You can also demand abstinence,
      Justice, and non-vi'lence from each other...
      How good it can be... your improvements...)
It's all totally dependent on you:
How much you want it; what you're willing to admit;
How much you REFUSE to give it up.
Demand better, together; never, ever quit!

When Sam is finished, Al gives Sam a thumbs-up signal. 

Sam shakes the leader's hand in the manner the gang
uses, and then walks away.  As Sam passes through the
assembled gang members, various members greet him
with handshakes and affirmation of what he has said;
other members do not and are filled with skepticism.  

The camera goes back and forth from close-ups of the
leader's face (showing the confusion of skepticism
combined with a desire for hope) to Sam, as the leader
watches Sam walk away.  

When Sam gets to the outskirts of the assembled gang,
he turns to look at the leader.  The leader raises his
hand to Sam - his face is now full of hope.  Sam raises
his hand in return; turns; walks away.  

Al uses the hand-link to join Sam.

             As always, that was very nicely
             done Sam.  You said some things
             that made a lot of sense.  Do you
             think it will help?

             You can be forced into violence
             without wanting violence.  They're
             just trying to survive, Al.  All they
             need is someone to show them a
             way they can survive without
             losing their honor and dignity.

             Sam?  Are you OK?

             All these happy endings...  And
             after seeing her so happy...  

             Seeing who, Sam?

             No one.  Never mind....  I'm
             alright... just a little lonely.  I
             guess... now... all of a sudden... it
             does feel like it's been 5 years.  

             Sam, are you sure you're OK?... 
             you want us to try to retrieve you?

                    (pauses for a moment; tears
                    are forming in his eyes)
                    (he takes a deep breath as he
                    looks up at the sky)
             But I'd like to be alone.

             Are you sure?

Sam doesn't answer.  After a few moments of silence Al
opens the Imaging Chamber door, starts to enter, then
turns and takes a last look at Sam.

             I love you, Buddy.  

Al closes the Imaging Chamber door.  You can see Sam's
image from the other side of the door, as in the series.
As it slowly melts, we see him say:

             I love you too, my friend.=1