What about now - what's Ziggy
             have to say about this leap?

As Sam gets accustom to Al being around, he takes less
care in watching to make certain no one sees them
talking together.

Sam is now a member in the upper levels of the gang
and knows the leader.  The Leader doesn't exactly fit
the profile of the gang: went to college, class
president, graduated, attempted to steal from his first
boss and failed, received a suspended sentence with
community service.  Afterward he went home, joined
the gang, and quickly worked his way up to leader
through conniving; not in the usual way.

Sam gets to know the leader and discovers he is on a
power-trip.  He is selfish and thoughtless; while the
other gang members have a fellowship binding them
together in an attempt to survive, the leader is only
interested in controlling others and being "the
leader".  His degree of influence and place of power
over the others is preventing Sam from stopping the
drive-by shooting.  

The leader has an extreme amount of self-confidence
stemming from his success at controlling others, which
gives him the ability to talk people into things; Sam
cannot convince him to use his talents to do good.

             Sam, if you're gonna stop this guy,
             you're gonna have to either
             challenge him, or leap into him.  He
             has so damn much control over

             I cannot believe how much control
             he has.

             It wouldn't do any good to leap
             into him; the minute I leap out of
             here, his silver-tongue will put
             him right back where he was.  And
             I can't challenge him.  Even if I
             won, challenging him doesn't teach
             the other members to try to avoid
             violence; that it's not the answer
             to everything.

             Well, whatever you're going to do,
             you'd better do it quick.  There's
             only a couple of hours until the
             drive-by, and Ziggy says you've
             already changed history.  You
             have [the leader] so riled up,
             talking about stopin' the driveby,
             he sends what looks like the whole
             gang.   Now, [names - the child and
             the grandmother] both get killed
             and [the mother] get's shot and is

             This just isn't making any sense,
             Al....  Hey...  I wonder.  Maybe I'm
             not here just to stop the drive-by
             shooting...  Maybe I'm really here
             for a more permanent solution.

             Yeah, like maybe to put [the
             leader] "permanently" out of

             Yeah...  Now that sounds good to
             me!   Does Ziggy have ANYTHING
             more on his background? 
             Anything we can use?  ...and I
             mean anything at all.

             Not yet.  We've even tried scanning
             newspaper articles; past and
             present; including his college
             paper.  Nothin'.  Only positive

             There has to be something.

             Nope.  Nothin'.  He's a smooth
             operator and the gang protects
             him pretty tight.  He's rarely
             around for any exposure, and then
             only for "good" publicity.

             He's bound to eventually get
             arrested.  Check the past and the
             future as far as possible.

             We already did.  After the
             suspended sentence, nothin'.

Sam is becoming exasperated and highly agitated.  He
begins pacing back and forth around the room and has
no regard for anyone possibly approaching or
watching them talk.

             I can't believe it!  Ziggy's got to
             give me something.  I don't care
             how far back you go.  I don't care
             what systems you break into...  I
             don't care where you get your
             facts.  I'll take anything...  

We see a gang member approaching and it is obvious he
is about to catch Sam "talking to himself".

             Try medical records...  Did he or a
             family member ever see a shrink? 
             I'll take anything!  I don't care
             how far back you go.  I'll take
             stealing from the cookie jar...
             shoplifting as a kid... 
                    (pause again)

One of the "upper" gang members walks in without Sam
or Al seeing him.  Dialogue can be adjusted if doesn't
fit ethnic backgrounds chosen.

                          SAM, CONTINUED
             ....cheating on an exam in school...

                          GANG MEMBER  
             Did [the leader] tell ya 'bout that?

             Hey, Sam, maybe this is the break
             you've needed.

             Tell me about what, [member]?

                          GANG MEMBER
             Tell ya 'bout cheatin' in school.  He
             don't tell jus anybody.  That son of
             a bitch's always had The Man
             wrapped 'round his finger.

             Yeah, he sure has.

                          GANG MEMBER
             Everybody knows 'bout him gettin'
             off with probation when The Man
             busted him for stealing.  Just a few
             of us know 'bout him cheating on
             his finals in college.  [The leader]
             never studied.  He cheated on
             damn near every test he ever took.

             You're kidding.

                          GANG MEMBER
             Hey, man.  Wouldn't kid about a
             thing like that.  No one ever
             caught him till his senior finals.  If
             he hadn't been class president, he
             probably couldn't of talked his
             way out of it.  He wouldn't of
             graduated; they'd of kicked him
             out of school!  But I thought you


Sam smiles; leaps.

Al comes out of the Imaging Chamber.

             Admiral, there is someone in the
             Waiting Room.  I will let you know
             when we get a lock on Dr. Beckett.

Al goes to the Waiting Room.  
As he enters:

             Thank God, it's you!  I didn't know
             where I was... and I was so scared
             for a moment...  but, thank God, it's

Al is taken by surprise.

             I can't believe it...  Al!  

She runs to Al, throws her arms around him; then
quickly pulls back, as if surprised by the contact.

             Hey!  I can feel you!  

Al is totally flabbergasted.  Teresa renews her hug
with more intensity.

             I can touch you; I feel you!  
                    (leans back to look at him
                    without leaving the embrace)
             Sometimes I would doubt myself
             and wonder if you really WERE
             only a figment of my imagination. 
             But here you are.  And you're
             real... It's really you.

Overwhelmed with astonishment, Al gently takes hold
of her arms and holds on to them as he gently uncoils
her embrace and pushes her to his arms' length to get
a good look at her.

             You might know me, but I'm afraid
             I don't recognize you.

             Well, that's understandable.  The
             last time you saw me was...  Hey! 
             Wait a minute!  You know, I was
             really confused and disoriented
             because I didn't know what
             happened to me... but... well, it's so
             weird, but cause seeing you has
             seemed to snap everything back in
             place... When I first saw you, I was
             4 years old.  That was in 1981...  11
             years ago!  

             But look at you... you haven't
             changed a bit!  I'd recognize you
             anywhere!  As for me...  Humm... 
             Let's see... Oh!  Got your little toy
             handy?  Do you want to test me on
             the names of some dinosaurs?

Flashback from end of "Another Mother" episode, with
Al showing holograms to Teresa and then promising to
see her again some day.

                    (with surprise and

They hug each other.

             Oh, my God!  Teresa!  I can't
             believe it!  You're all grown up...
             and beautiful!  How are you?

             I'm great!  Of course, everyone
             thought I was nuts, with me
             talking about Sam being there
             instead of my mother...  and when
             I'd talk about you baby-sitting
             me... and how things could pass
             right through your body, and you
             teaching me with the holograms...
             Well, you can bet they were ready
             to commit me!  But once I started
             skipping grades and doing so well
             in school, they all seemed to forget
             about it.  

             Everyone but me!  I've always
             remembered you, ever since you
             came to visit and Sam was my
             mother for a time....  

             So, what's going on?  Where's Sam?

             Well, er...  Well, ya know how Sam
             was your mother for a time?


             Well... now he's you for a while.


Sam is there to make a choice in Teresa's life; someone
says to him, "Teresa, you are the darling of the class
and you must run for Class President or [the leader],
a senior, will win."  His winning is what initiates his
position of power in the future.  Being a minority and
being good at making others look good and getting a
psychological hold on them, combined with the
potential scandal to the school is what prevented him
from being kicked out of school for cheating on his
finals in the first place.

Sam has realized that if he makes Teresa run for Class
President and she wins, then, when [the leader] is
caught for cheating, he will get kicked out of school,
not graduate, not work for and steal from the
corporation, and not be in the position of power he has
over the gang. 

Sam enters Teresa in the race to run for Class
President, altering the life of the leader, indicating she
obviously wins.  Unknowingly, Sam has also altered the
lives of others for the better.  

Time this scene, compared to length of last and next
scene combined, to make certain this scene lasts as
long as Al's and Teresa's Reunion -  or if Sam needs to
"know" to wait; to not leap just yet.


             You promised me you would
             somehow come back...  And I hoped,
             and halfway expected I would
             somehow get to see you again... but
             I didn't expect anything like this! 
             Where are we?

             Well... can you keep a secret?  

Teresa grins and nods yes. 

                          AL, CONTINUED
             Well, it's all hush-hush, but you
             have just become part of a time-
             travel experiment.

             You told me you guys were angels.

             Well, you were only 4 years old. 
             Did you want me to tell you Sam
             was a time-traveler and I was a
             neurological hologram created by a
             subatomic agitation of carbon
             quartz, tuned to the masons of his
             optic and otic-neurons?

             OK...  You're forgiven...  I wouldn't
             have understood any of that, back
             then.  But I understand it now.

             You do?  You understand what I
             just told you?

             Sure!  And now I understand why
             I couldn't feel you then, but I can
             now....  I understand a lot about a
             whole lot of things and, ya know,
             it's all because of you.  Those
             holograms of the dinosaurs
             inspired me with a passion for
             learning; I read EVERYTHING.  I've
             been skipping ahead all my life.  I
             graduated from high school when I
             was 12.  I'm 15 now, a Junior in
             College, and I'm majoring in
             paleontology... probably because
             of your dinosaurs.  I'm taking
             college slower so I can enjoy it,
             and so my social development can
             catch up with my brain!

             Teresa, I don't know what to say. 
             I feel so proud.

             You've always been important to
             me, Al.  And, now you've kept your
             promise to see me again.  I'll never
             forget you; and I'll keep your

Teresa kisses him on the cheek.  While they hug, she
suddenly returns to the past; no one replaces her.  Al
returns to Control.

             Gushie, have Ziggy start the
             search for Sam in 1995; right
             around the time and location where
             we first found him.

Al suddenly stops, as if has a thought, and turns to

                    (said almost to himself)
             I think it would be a good idea to
             give this year's version of Teresa
             a call!  
                    (looks over his shoulder and
                    yells to Gushie)
             Gushie - be back in a minute.  I've
             got an important phone call to


Sam materializes at Donna's first wedding after fall of
1991, before she married Sam.  He suddenly remembers
his marriage to Donna.  He is sad, but finds peace that
now Donna won't suffer without him, since he never
went home.  By her marrying the first guy she left at
the alter, Donna's life has been put right; Sam doesn't
know it prevents her death when she tried to leap to

                    (out loud)
                    (voice-over, to himself)
             Oh, my God!  Donna...  How could I
             not remember?  
                    (hangs back, where
                    Donna won't see him)
             Oh, God.  All the times I was
             unfaithful.  How could I forget our
             love?  To think of all those years of
             waiting for me.  What she must
             have gone through!
                    (quietly, to himself out-loud)
             Forgive me, Donna...  
                    (voice-over, to himself)
             The hurt and pain she must have
             suffered...  through all those
             years...  seeing me with other
             women...  But...  If she marries
             him...  she'll never marry me.
                    (visibly displays a sudden
                    realization of the loss.  Then
                    spoken out loud)
             Oh, Donna... 
                    (voice-over, to himself)
             But this must be the way it was
             meant to be; to save her from the
             heartache.  I've known her in
             another life...  I will always have
             that...  Thank you, Lord, for
             making it right.  Now, she has a
             future of love and happiness... not
             one of lonely waiting.

Teresa is one of the wedding guests; she recognizes
Sam from his leap into her mother, he recognizes her
from his leap into her.



They hug each other.  They continue talking as they
walk away from the wedding.

             This is so weird.  I just saw Al a
             couple of months ago.

             I know; when I leapt into you to
             enter you in the race for class

             Yeah, thanks!

             So.  Leaping.  That's what you call
                    (Sam nods his head yes)
             But I thought you leaped INTO
             people...  You look almost the same
             as I remember you from when I was
             a child.

             I found out I could leap as myself... 
             I don't always have to leap into
             another person...  Sometimes I can
             be myself to change things and
             make lives better.

             Cool....  You look good;
                    (touches his hair)
             except maybe for signs of a bit of
             stress over the years.

                    (gives a chuckle)
             The first time I leaped as myself
             and was able to look in a mirror,
             seeing the gray hair was really a
             shocker!  I guess when you look in
             the mirror, if you can see yourself,
             I guess you can also see the
             passage of time.  Maybe without
             mirrors, you don't know when you
             grow old; you just stay young!

             I didn't know angels showed age.  

Sam chuckles again. 

                          TERESA, CONTINUED
             I understand why you guys told me
             what you told me when I was 4, so
             you're forgiven.  Al told me a little bit
             about your Time Travel experiment.  I
             was so fascinated with it that next
             semester I'm taking courses so I can
             change my major to Quantum Physics. 
             After I graduate, maybe you and Al can
             give me a job!

             You got it!  By the way, you must
             be a guest at the wedding.  Do you
             know Donna, or the groom?

             Donna.  She came to the University
             to lecture and, as Class President,
             I was part of the greeting

             So being Class President gave you
             the opportunity to meet her.

             Yeah!  She stayed on to give a
             seminar and I became her general
             guide throughout her stay.  We got
             to know each other quite well.  

             One night we were talking about
             getting married and what that
             meant.  She told me that she was
             thinking about not going through
             with the wedding, so I just asked
             her if she loved him!  When she
             immediately said yes, I told her to
             go for it - take the gamble... so I
             guess that's why I got invited.  

             What are you doing here?  Does
             someone need help?

             Nah...  everything's fine here.  I
             think this leap is just a little extra
             bonus... to let me see how I
             changed Donna's life.

             Really...  Was she in trouble?  Or
             did you know her?

             No, not exactly trouble, and yes, I
             knew her.  Before I changed her
             life, she was married to me.

             But, I don't understand...  She just
             married him...

             In her original history, she left
             this guy at the alter before she
             met me.

             Oh, Sam!  I'm so sorry...  I changed
             her mind...  I made her marry him
             instead of you...

             Oh, no...  Wait!  It's OK.  You didn't
             do anything you weren't meant to
             do.  I'm the one; I changed your
             life. In your original history, you
             never met her...  So it's really me
             that changed her life.  I changed it
             when I entered you in the race for
             Class President to fix some other
             peoples' lives in the future.... 
             Besides, I've been leaping through
             time for so many years, she never
             got to see me or be with me.  

             Are you sure?  I feel so bad.

             Teresa, I didn't even remember I
             was married to anyone until I
             leaped into the Wedding.  I think
             this is for the best...  It's the best
             way to put her life right...  to let
             her HAVE a life.  Like you said, she
             loves him.  You meeting her, and
             talking to her, ultimately helped

They are far from the wedding party by now and alone. 
They hug each other, Sam kisses her on the cheek, and
they say goodbye.  Sam leaps.


Donna is there, working on the project.  Al comes in
with Teresa. 

             Everyone?  I'd like you to meet the
             newest member of the team.  Some
             of you might remember Sam's leap
             with the little dinosaur girl...

             Is this little Teresa?

                          DR. BEEKS
             I'd venture to say a grown up

Small talk and chit-chat as Teresa is introduced
around.  She and Donna hug.  Gushie pulls Al aside.

                    (in a hushed, secretive
             Admiral, Ziggy has not yet found
             Dr. Beckett.

             And how is our egomaniac today?

             Please, Admiral, keep your voice
             down.  We're having enough
             difficulty as it is. 

             The minute Dr. Beckett leaped as
             himself again, numerous
             inconsistencies developed in
             Ziggy's Neural Network.

             Do you mean her parallel
             processing is at right angles?

             Admiral, I'm not certain you grasp
             how serious this could be.  I can't
             figure out exactly what has
             happened.  It's as if all the
             microprocessors have....  well, I
             mean, I'm afraid some of her
             integrated circuits have gone...
             well, Heywire! 

             Are you trying to say her chips
             are stale?  Or maybe that they're
             crushed, like all those little tiny
             pieces that end up in the bottom of
             the bag - God, I hate that!

             Admiral, PLEASE.  I hardly think
             this is the time for bad jokes.


             I apologize, Admiral, I don't mean
             to belittle your attempt at humor,
             but we do have a potentially
             serious, and I might add
             dangerous situation here. 
             Approaching crisis level.  I know it
             sounds impossible, but it's almost
             as if a number of the circuit
             boards have formed an interactive
             relationship with the chips that Dr.
             Beckett programmed for
             personality development. I don't
             know what's happening... Dr.
             Beeks thinks it's a simulation of
             acute depression.

             Poor Baby!  Talk about Fuzzy

             Admiral.  Please?  We could hardly
             afford to lose Ziggy at this point in

             Not to worry, Gushie.  And you had
             better slow down or you'll blow a
             circuit, yourself.

             Don't change anything.  Just leave
             her alone and let her keep
             searching 1995, around the point
             of our last contact with Sam.  She
             should find him any minute.  And
             then she can take all the credit! 
             That should be a good ego boost!

             Thank you!  

             Don't mention it.  

             I won't!

             Smart move!=1A