Sam has leapt into a gang member before the drive-by
shooting occurs.  He goes to be alone, anticipating Al's

                    (Voice-over, as if
             It's been a while since I saw Al.  I'd
             better be alone when he gets here,
             since no one else can see him, so I
             don't make a fool of myself.


Sam looks up; Al is standing there.  Emotional reunion,
as between best of friends; their bodies pass through
each other in an attempted hug.  Each gives
appropriate exclamations.

             You don't know how glad I am to
             see you.  We've been so worried. 
             Ziggy's been working overtime.  We
             were afraid we'd lost ya forever.

             God, it's great to see my favorite
             hologram!  How's Beth?

             Fantastic, as always.  She's
             visiting our oldest in Denver...
             Thanks for asking!

             You have kids?

             Sure, Sam.  The same 4 girls we've
             always had.  Are you OK?

             I'm fine, Al.  I'm just great, and so
             are you!  I guess I knew you in
             another lifetime; I'll have to get to
             know ya all over again.

             What're ya talking about?  Are you
             sure you're OK?  Ya know, Dr.
             Beeks has been trying to analyze
             what might have happened to you,

             Al, I'm fantastic!  It's nothing to
             worry about.  Tell me about the

             Well, with you leaping around as
             yourself, you've led us on a merry
             chase.  Every time we'd get a
             partial lock, you'd leap again.  It's
             a damn good thing Sammy Jo...

Sam reacts to the mention of Sammy Jo's name, starts
to say her name until caught up in balance of

                          AL, CONTINUED
             ... was able to make a little magic. 
             She called it synthetically
             duplicating my neurological
             output.  I can't imagine what it
             would have been like if I'd had to
             stand in that damn whirlwind for
             the entire 5 years we've been
             looking for you.  I am so glad you
             finally leaped into someone so we
             could find you.

             It's been 5 years?  You're kidding!

             No!  I'm not!  That's why we were
             so worried about you.

             I can't believe it!  I guess I'm not
             aware of the passage of time in the
             future.  There's really only now,
             and that changes so much, back
             and forth from one year to the
             next....  time just doesn't have
             much meaning to me anymore.  And
             Sammy Jo!  I remember now you
             once said something about her
             working with the project.  God, she
             must be all grown up!  How is she,

             Sammy is wonderful, Sam.  She's
             been updating the retrieval
             program.  Are you ready to come
             home, Buddy?  We're up to a 37.9%
             probability.  Do you wanna give it
             a try?  Do you wanna come home?

Sam glances around, to make certain no one is watching
him.  Continues to glance around periodically as he and
Al speak, sometimes making him or Al miss some of what
is said.

             Home? ....  Go Home....  You know,
             Al... I guess I don't ever think
             about going home any more.  That
             is, goin' home to the future.  I
             mean, I have so much to do; so
             much to put right.  
             When I think of Home now, I only
             think of my childhood, back on the
             farm.  When I grew up, I left home
             and I went to work.  Home is safe;
             here... in my heart.  The memories
             are warm.  Al, I can remember them
             all now; everything from the past. 
             I guess sometimes I do get a little
             lonely but I have my work and this
             is where I belong.  

             No, Al, I no longer ever think of
             going home in terms of my life in
             the future.  My work is too
             important....  I don't think of going
             home because I don't need to "go"
             home; I am home....  Do you

             Yeah, I guess I do.  I'm happy for
             ya, Sam.  More than you could ever
                    (checks the hand link)
             Let's see, now... we're in [location]
             and it's... Oh! It's 1995.  How 'bout
             that.  I don't recall you ever
             leaping into the 1990s...

                    (looking around for any one
                    that might catch him talking)
             Yeah.  I helped a young man get
             "on track" in school and leaped
             forward to see him graduate from
             medical school.            
                    (directly to AL)
             Afterward I picked up on an article
             about the history of drive-by
             shootings and I leapt back to fix
             this situation.  But I couldn't; I
             didn't have the influence I needed. 
             All I managed to do was end up
             trading a life for a life.

             You what?  Leaped forward?

             Yeah.  And then I almost got

                    (total surprise)
             Arrested!  You?

                    (small laugh)

             What'd you do?

             Nothing...  Well, actually,
             everything I could, but it still
             wasn't enough.  The police thought
             I was involved in the drive-by
             shooting I was trying to prevent,
             until I was questioned.  But the
             gang still thought I was involved
             and started chasing me! 

             You cannot believe what I went
             through!  When I finally figured
             out I should have leapt into some
             one and was ready to leap, I
             couldn't get alone or at least
             hidden so that, when I leaped, no
             one would see me disappear!  I've
             never had trouble getting alone
             before.  But it was like it was
             intentional... as..  as if my leap was
             being held-back. Being delayed on

             Then... it's the strangest thing...
             but all of a sudden I was alone and
             I could leap!  It was as if I had
             been waiting for something to
             happen, so I could leap at some
             predestined point in time.

             Maybe you were, Sam.....  
                    (more deliberately)
             Hey, you seem different.  Like your
             brain isn't full of holes like it use
             to be all the time when you first
             started a new leap.  It's like the
             holes in your memory are more
             about me.  Do you remember
             anything about the project, and
             the future?

             Well, yeah, I remember all the
             theoretical stuff about the project
             and Quantum Leap and about my
             life as a kid.  But I don't remember
             much about my life in the future. 
             The swiss-cheese effect is
             somehow different.  Now I can
             clearly remember everything that
             has happened from Leap to Leap;
             but the future has been fading.  As
             soon as I figured out I should have
             leapt into someone I remembered
             you, of course, and Ziggy.  I didn't
             remembered Dr. Beeks and Sammy
             Jo until after you mentioned their
             names.  And everything else is
             pretty cloudy.

             I wish you could have contacted
             us, Sam.

             I'm sorry, Al.  I've been so busy,
             my work is all I've really thought

             It's been 5 years, Sam.

             But I didn't know that.  And like I
             said, I've forgotten most of the
             future unless I get a direct
             reminder.  It's sort of faded from
             my memory.

             The last time I saw you, you were
             so...  upset...  Haven't you needed
             us?  Didn't you think anyone would
             be worried?  Didn't you even think
                    (stops himself)
             well, anyone?  Ah...  Gushie was
             afraid there was something wrong
             and you couldn't leap into

             Oh yeah.  Gushie!  How could I not
             remember Gushie!
                    (throws his head back; calls
                    out up toward the sky)
             I'm sorry, Gushie!  Didn't mean to
             scare you!
                    (looks at Al)
             There wasn't anything wrong.  It's
             just been so constant.  And some
             how more difficult to a degree... ya
             know, being myself to people... 
             And it's sort of hit-and-run, in-
             and-out; at least up until this
             Leap.  But I'm OK.  And I honestly
             didn't know it had been so long.

             Well, it might've crossed your mind
             that we'd be concerned.

             I'm sorry, Al.  I've been so busy, I
             just didn't think that...

             I'll say.  Talk about an
             understatement.  You didn't think
             at all!

             Alright!  I should have contacted
                    (then with sarcasm)
             Ya know, I would have, but I
             couldn't remember the project's
             phone number or address.  I
             looked it up in the phone book
             every chance I had, but I never
             did find it listed.  It's not in the
             white pages, and it's not in the
             yellow pages under secret
             government projects.  I'd 'of
             dropped by when I was in the
             neighborhood, if I could 'of
             remembered what state it's in.  Is
             it in this country?

             OK!  Sorry.  I get your point. 

             Well, I didn't really look it up in
             the phone book.  But I have been
             absolutely consumed with helping
             people, Al.  There's so much to be

Sam continues glancing around, to make certain no one
is watching them, at first not hearing exactly what Al
is saying.

             Hey, I guess it's kind of like a
             reward to you.  You know; with
             "Whatever-it-is" letting you be
             yourself now, instead of just
             jumping you into people....  Hey. 
             Wait a minute.  How'd you
             remember Beth? And how'd you
             leap into the future to see a kid

             Sam.  Hey, Sam...


             You remembered Beth, but I didn't
             mention her...  And the kid.  You
             leapt forward to see him graduate? 
             You mean God, or Fate, or 
                    (waves his cigar)
             whatever-it-is that's flipping you
             through time, now leaps you to the
             future to see how things turn out?

             Oh, no.  Wait just a minute.  I need
             to make certain you understand
             exactly what's involved here.

             Whadaya mean; involved...  Why? 
             What's goin' on?  What's wrong? 
             Are you sure you're OK?

                    (said with a little chuckle)
             Yes, I'm OK and nothin's wrong. 
             What I mean is...  it's me.  I've
             know for so long, I can't believe I
             didn't realize you wouldn't know
             yet that it's ME!

             What are you talking about?  Of
             course I know it's you.  You're
             standing right there.  And believe
             me, Sam, it's great to see you.

                    (gives another little chuckle)
             No, Al, I mean it's BEEN me.... all
             along.  I'm the one that's been
             leaping me around through time.  

Al is shocked.  Sam grins; slowly nods his head yes.

             I read about someone or something
             and leap back to help.  And now
             that I know it's me in control, I
             sometimes leap forward to enjoy
             how something turned out.  Then I
             read about someone, and leap back

             You think YOU'RE the one leaping
             yourself around through time?

             Yes!  But not exactly...  What I
             mean is not COMPLETELY on my
             own.  See, when I read an article in
             a magazine or newspaper about
             someone whose life has gone
             wrong, sometimes I just know I can
             help set things right so I just leap
             there...  sort of like picking the
             target...  Ya know, knowing where
             I'm headed because I chose the
             situation...  Someone or something
             else gets me to the right time and

             You pick the target....  You're

             No, I'm not.  I pick the wrong that
             was done; whoever's in charge
             gets me there to fix it.

             You really are serious, aren't ya? 
             You really think YOU'VE been
             doing all of this...  You read stories
             about injustices or bad things that
             have happened to someone and
             then you travel through time to fix
             them...  You've been doing all that
             yourself.  And you can leap back
             and forth through time, at will, to
             check the outcome.

             Not all by myself, but yeah,
             basically it's been me.  
                    (then to himself)
             Just like he told me.

             He?  He, who?

                    (semi-absentmindedly, as if
                    deep in thought)
             Al....  Al told me.

             I did not.  I swear.

             No wait.  Sorry.  Not you.  The Al
             from the bar.

             Sam, are you SURE you're OK?

             Al, I'm fine.  Remember my Leap the
             last time I saw you.

             The coal mine.  Yeah.  Who could
             forget.  You scared us to death.

             Yeah, sorry 'bout that.  For a while
             there, I was pretty scared, myself. 
             But, remember the bar?

             Oh, yeah!  I remember the bar...
             and the bartender.  Who could

             Well, that was the bartender's
             name...  you remember... I told you
             he was trying to tell me I was the
             one leaping myself around, but I
             didn't believe him.  Well, his name
             was Al.

             Not the bartender, again!  Sa-am!

             No, wait.  Really, Al.  The bartender
             told me...

             Yeah, yeah, I know - the bartender
             told you that you were the one
             leaping yourself through time. 
             Was that before or after all the
                    (with concern)
             You were so... so crazy.  An' you
             were talkin' all that crazy stuff
             about the bartender, and thinkin'
             maybe he was "god" or somethin'. 
             Sam, I'm not so sure you're alright. 
             You haven't gone off the deep-end,
             have you?

             No, no.  I'm fine, Al.  
                    (then spoken to himself)
             When he told me I was the one
             doing it... leaping myself around... 
             he also told me that, technically, I
             could go home whenever I wanted
             to.   I guess, in my own way, I did.

             When HE told you.  He who?  You
             mean "god"?

             No; I mean the BARTENDER; It's
             just that, at the time, I was
             confused and I didn't understand.

             Well, Dr. Beeks explained to me
             what was probably going on in that
             noggin' of yours, like you were
             shell-shocked, or something.  And
             when you didn't leap into anyone
             for so very long, I decided I wasn't
             even going to consider you might
             be in trouble.  I just flat decided
             there was no way that was the
             case.... I refused to consider you
             being in trouble as a possibility
             because you were completely on
             your own and there wasn't a damn
             thing I could do about it.  I
             couldn't be there to help you.  

             But after five years I was hoping
             you'd have pulled yourself
             together.  Maybe we should try to
             retrieve you and let Dr. Beeks
             have a look at ya.

             Thanks, Al.  Thanks for your
             concern and your love.  Ya know,
             one of the reasons I still can't
             believe it's been five years is
             because I can't imagine going five
             years without your help!  You mean
             a lot to me, Al.

             Well, you mean a whole hell of a lot
             to me, Buddy.

             Well, you can stop worrying.  I
             don't need Beeks to examine my
             head, and I haven't gone off the
             deep-end.  That day... five years
             ago at the bar... I was experiencing
             a lot of confusing things and
             discovering a lot of revelations
             that were difficult for me to
             accept.  I really wasn't prepared to
             deal with everything.  At least not
             all at once, and that's how I was
             getting it!  After you left, the
             bartender talked to me some more
             and I finally understood what he'd
             been trying to tell me.  

             And now you're telling me it's been
             5 years...  Al, during all those
             years, I've read or heard about
             each and every person and
             situation before I've made a leap,
             and that's where I've leaped to... 
             every time.  Don't you see?  I must
             be picking the targets for my
             leaps.  Cause for each and every
             leap I've made, I've known where
             I'm going before I leap there!

             Whoa, now.  Wait just a minute. 
             You really are the one leaping
             yourself around?  Or, at least,
             picking the targets?  I mean, you
             KNOW you've been picking the
             targets since you leaped into the
             coal mine and the bar?

             Yes!  And I think whoever, or
             whatever-it-is, lets me pick the
             targets because Quantum Leap was
             my project...  my life's goal - to
             travel through time to set right
             what once went wrong.

             It's so unbelievable.  All this time
             we thought it was a higher power
             arbitrarily leapin' you around... 
             but all along it's been you.  Leapin'
             around, pin-pointing


             But, I wonder.  Could it have been
             you from the very beginning?  

             Well, he said it had been me.

             Whoa!  Hey, Sam!  Do you realize it
             probably has been you doing it all
             along.... pickin' targets...  It hasn't
             been arbitrary at all.

             Think about it.  How'd you know
             who to leap into before you started
             getting your info from the Daily
             News?  I mean, if it really has been
             you, all along, from the very

             I dunno... I can't believe I haven't
             even stopped to think about that!
             Once I realized what was
             happening, I didn't take the time
             to think about any of this; I've
             been so busy just reading about
             people to help, and then helping

             But think about it....  You're the
             one that originally programmed
             Ziggy with most of the major
             information for the years during
             your lifetime.  I mean, sure, the
             technicians programmed the nitty-
             gritty data, but you entered all the
             major stuff into the memory banks. 
             You know....  Your photographic
             memory!  You had all the info ya
             needed to knew who to leap into...
             I mean...  ya know .....in your
             subconscious... maybe you recalled
             each of the situations you had
             entered into the computer and you
             knew whose life had gone wrong,
             and that...

             ... that told me who to leap into to
             help!  I bet you're right, Al.  That
             must be it!  It has been me all
             along. From the very beginning!

             Well, ain't that a kick in the butt! 
             Who'd of thought!

             Amazing.  =1A