Three Cheers for Leapers

April Showers

     "Do you want the good news or the bad news
first?"  Al prompted.

     "No sense in making things worse right away," Sam
sighed, rubbing his palms together.  "Gimme the good
news first."

     "Okay...  Good news is, youve leaped into the
year 1993.  Thats the closest weve gotten to getting
you to leap home since the last time."

     Sam nodded slightly, glad to hear of such an
accomplishment.  "And the bad news is...?"

     A wide smirk grew on Als face as he tried to
stifle an upcoming bridge of laughter.  "The bad news
is...  You're a cheerleader!"

Three Cheers for Leapers

Chapter 1 NEW November 28, 2001

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