Chapter 5

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 21, 1955 9:05 AM

Sam and Sharon sat in silence as Sam drove heading to Sharon's 
apartment.  Bob, had left, to Sam's relief, to meet his old army buddy 
so they could hit the crap tables on the sunset strip but, to Sam's 
dismay, with the promise that he would meet Sharon at the Horizon Casino 
later tonight for dinner.  At least for the moment they were safe.  But 
there was something else that was bugging Sam all through breakfast, and 
he decided to find out the answer.

"Sharon, I've been meaning to ask you.  Why did you tell Bob that my 
name was Norman Stanley?"

"Did I?  Oh, yeah, I guess I did, didn't I.  I'm sorry Norman.  I just 
thought you wouldn't want Bob to know that your real last name was 
Butkis so I used your middle name instead.  I hope you don't mind?"

Norman Stanley Butkis?  What a name.

"Why would you think that I wouldn't want Bob to know that my last name 
was Butkis?"

"I don't know."  Sharon thought for a moment pondering whether or not 
she should tell Norman the truth.

"Norman...the real reason I told him your last name was Stanley is 
because I didn't want him to know your last name was Butkis."


"Well, you don't know Bob.  Once he gets a notion in his head about 
someone, he doesn't let it go.  I know that he would make an issue about 
your name, and I don't want him to do that to you.  I care too much 
about you Norman."  Sharon said as she reached over an ran her fingers 
through "Norman's" hair."

"Why does it matter what my name is?"

"It doesn't matter to me, but it would to Bob.  Please Norman.  Do this 
one thing for me.  Let Bob continue to think your last name is Stanley.  
It will just be for tonight.  Bob said he's leaving tomorrow morning for 
Tucson; and then he'll be out of both our lives.  Okay?"

"Okay."  Sam said reluctantly.

"Thank you Norman."  Sharon said while smiling and then gave him a kiss 
on the cheek.

They rode the rest of the way in silence.


Washington DC, June 26, 2000 9:38 AM

Beth sat in the airport waiting for her flight to be called, hoping that 
Dirk hadn't followed her to the airport.  She just needs a few minutes 
longer, and she will be safely on the plane and on her way to New 
Mexico.  Still paranoid, though, she started looking around for any 
signs of her estranged ex-husband. That's when she noticed a man in a 
tattered suit standing in line at the ticket counter.  She clutched her 
purse and was about to make a run for it when the man turned around.  
She breathed a sigh of relief when the man didn't look a thing like 

Beth laughed at herself for being so jumpy.  Dirk couldn't possibly know 
which airport in Washington she was going to, would he?  Beth decided to 
take another look around just to be certain.  She looked again over 
toward the ticket counter, this time looking past the lines of people 
just in time to see Dirk coming towards the waiting area looking around.  
Beth let out a gasp; and then could hardly breath as fear seized her 
body.  What do I do?  Beth thought a second and then got up walking 
calmly towards the baggage claim in an attempt to make it out the exit 
doors before Dirk saw her.  She knew if she went to the ladies room, 
he'd look in there for her.  When they were married, he didn't think 
twice about coming into get her if he thought she was taking too long.  
This is when Dirk spotted her.


Beth looked back at him and began to run, running out the exit doors 
where to her great relief was a cab waiting for a fare.  She jumped in 
the back and told the driver to get out of the airport as fast as 
possible.  Just as the cab went wheeling away, Dirk ran up behind it and 
pounded on the truck.

"Beth!  I'll find you!  I'll make sure you never leave this city without 
me!  ...Damn!"  Dirk turned around in a rage and ran his hand through 
his hair again as the cab went speeding out the airport exit.  Everyone 
stared at Dirk like he had lost his mind.

"What?!  What are you staring at, huh?!"  With that everyone went on 
with their business not wanting to look at him out of fear of what this 
enraged man might do.

Beth sat in the back of the cab in shock.  What do I do now?  All my 
things are on their way to New Mexico, and I don't know what Dirk is 
capable of.  Can he really prevent me from leaving Washington?

"Where to lady?"  The cab driver asked her breaking her out of her 


"Where do you want me to take you?  Hey, are you alright?  Are you in 
some kind of trouble?  Because if you are, I can take you to the 

"No, no.  That's the first place he'll look.  Just take me somewhere 
with a phone."

"Okay, lady."