Chapter 11

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 21, 1955  3:30 PM

[Voice Over]

I had called Sharon and told her that I wasn't able to go with Randy and 
herself tonight because something really important came up which I couldn't 
get out of.  Yeah, like trying to save everybody's neck.  But even though 
she insisted on a more specific explanation for my cancellation, I couldn't 
bring myself lie to her.  Not to mention the fact that I couldn't think of a 
good explanation to give her without sounding like I was trying to dump her. 
  So I decided it was best to leave it up to her imagination and asked her 
to trust me on this one.

Now all I had left to do was wait, which was the worst part of all.  I wish 
Al was here; but seeing as I'm...or for that matter...anyone else here...are 
not in any immediate danger at the moment, I knew Al had more important 
things on his mind, meeting his first wife, Beth, for the first time in over 
30 years and rescuing her from her jealous second husband, Dirk.

Maybe this will make amends for the time I didn't help Al and Beth get back 
together when I had the chance.  I know Al doesn't blame me, but I still 
blame myself. I could have saved him from so much pain.

Sam thought about Al and Beth for a moment, but then his focus returned to 
the possible events that could happen tonight.  Fear began to grab hold of 
him again.

"Oh God.  Please let us all survive through tonight."


Stallion's Gate, New Mexico, June 16, 2000  6:45 PM

Al was in his red sports car convertible heading for a small private air 
strip not far from the project.  The air strip is frequently used by 
Weitzman and the committee during their infamous surprise inspections, and 
they usually wouldn't announce they were coming until just minutes before 
landing. Then, of course, Al would have to drop everything to rush out to 
meet them.  For that very reason, Al usually dreaded traveling this dusty, 
desert road to the air strip; but not this time.  This time was different.  
This time he wouldn't be meeting people he dreaded, but a person he loved 
dearly.  His true love, Beth.

Al arrived at the air strip just in time to see the small private jet land.  
He sat in the car for a few moments and didn't get out until the jet came to 
a rest at the end of the runway.  He stood by the car for a moment, 
nervously straightening the jacket of his uniform, and then started to move 
towards the plane.

As the door that also possessed the steps that would carry his true love out 
of the plane dropped from the side of the plane to the ground, Al stopped, 
almost paralyzed, with his white naval uniform flapping in the cool evening 
desert breeze.

Beth exited the plane down the short stairway and looks up in time to see Al 
starting towards her.  Her heart jumps and starts fluttering the closer he 
comes.  She's paralyzed.  I never thought I'd see those loving eyes look at 
me again.  Beth says to herself and she begins to cry.

Al comes up to her and stops just a few feet from her.  They stare lovingly 
at each other for what seems like an eternity until Al breaks the silence.

"I've missed you so much Beth."

Beth cried a little harder and then reached out to him, throwing her arms 
around his neck to embrace him.  Al returns the embrace, but then Beth pulls 
back for a moment.  They look into each others' eyes and then kiss, 
continuing their embrace.

"I've missed you too."

Beth said as she barried her head into his shoulder and they continued to 
hold each other.  Neither one wanted to let go, but they knew they couldn't 
stay there forever.  Beth finally pulls away from Al, wiping her eyes, and 
stands back to look him up and down.

"Let me look at you a moment."

She says as she gets a devious look on her face and lets out a little 

"So this is what a horse's ass looks like."

Al lets out a little chuckle and smiles.

"Yes, I guess it is."

He puts his left arm around her shoulders as she puts her right arm around 
his waist, and they continue to laugh and hug each other on the way over to 
the car.  But then Al stops and turns to thank the pilot and to tell the 
pilot to thank his friend, Senator John Brinkman, for the use of his 
privatejet.  Beth continued toward Al's red sports car, looking it over.  
Figures.   Beth thinks and smiles to herself.  Al comes up behind her.

"What do you think of my wheels?"

"You were always one for sports cars Al.  A little too much car for me, but 
it suits you."

Beth smiled at Al as he opened the passenger side door so she could get in, 
shutting the door after her.  Al starts around to the driver's side and gets 
in.  He looks lovingly over to Beth, but she is lost in thought.  She's 
thinking about whether she should tell Al now about Christina, his daughter, 
or wait until later.

"You alright Beth honey?"  Al asked.  "You look so distant.  If you're 
worried about Dirk..."

Beth snaps out of it and looks at him.

"No.  I-I'm fine."  She tries to reassure him and smiles at him.

Al looks at her, still not convinced.

"Are you sure?"

Beth smiles again.

"I'm sure, really."

"Okay.  Good.  I wouldn't want my favorite girl worried."

Al replies but is still concerned.  He places his hand on top of hers to 
comfort her and smiles, then starts the car and heads off towards the 

Beth looks out the window in silence, still thinking about Christina.  Al 
decides to leave her be, knowing that when the time is right she will 
confide in him.  But little does he know what is really pressing on her 
mind.  Although, he doesn't have long to wait because only after a few 
moments Beth made her decision to tell him what's on her mind.  Now is as 
good as any to tell him.  Beth says to herself.

"Al, I have something to tell you."