Quantum Leap

"The Reunion"

Chapter 1

By A fellow Leaper :)

Washington, DC June 15, 2000 10:30 AM

The woman got out of the taxi and headed for the park where the Vietnam
Memorial wall stood. She had been intending to make this trip for a long
time. To come to DC and get a rubbing of her first husband's name and leave
some flowers. She often wondered what would have happened if he had survived
Vietnam. What would her life be like today?

She started to examine the wall looking for the MIA section, and then
found it. To her relief, the names were in alphabetical order so finding his
name would be easy. Although, to her dismay his name wasn't anywhere to be
found. How could this happen? He died a hero. Saving a whole squadron before
he was shot down. How could they forget to put his name on the wall?

She decided to head to the nearest naval office to see what she could do to
get his name put on the wall. She went through the front door and crossed
the lobby to the information desk.

The receptionist, a Navy Lieutenant, asked:

"Hello. Can I help you?"

"Well, I need to find out what I would have to do to get my first husbands
name put on the Memorial Wall. I came all the way from California and found
out, to my dismay, that his name was never added."

"His name isn't on the wall?" The receptionist looked shocked. "That's
awful. It's possible that he just got missed. Let's see what we can do to
fix that. What was his name?"

"Lieutenant Albert M. Calavicci."

And your name is?"

"Beth, Beth Calavicci-Simon"

"Okay, Mrs. Simon. How do you spell his last name."


The receptionist types in his name.

"Okay, let's see what we have here in the computer." The computer beeps.
"Ah, well, Ms. Simon, you're not going to believe this; but your first
husbands name wasn't put on the Memorial Wall because... his file is still

"What! That's impossible! Are you, you sure you didn't spell his name

"Well, let me read what I have back to you. I have it spelled
C-A-L-A-V-I-C-C-I. Is that correct?

"Yes, that's right." Beth just stood there in awe. She was wondering if this
was a dream, and any minute she would wake up.

"Ms. Simon? Ms. Simon?!"

"Yes, oh, I'm sorry. This, this is a real shock for me."

"I understand Mrs. Simon." She paused. "It says here that he is now Rear
Admiral Albert M. Calavicci, and that he was repatriated in 1973."

Beth just stared at the receptionist. How could Al be alive and not tell
her? There must be some mistake. Al just wouldn't tell her because she had
remarried, would he? Did he find out I had remarried, and just decided not
to tell me?

"How can this be? I was never informed he was alive."

"Well, let's see. It says here that apparently the Navy and Lieutenant
Calavicci did look for you for about 6 months. All they found out was that
you had had him pronounced dead in 1970 and had remarried a lawyer named
Dirk Simon, but no one seemed to know where you had moved to."

"I never realized that I never told any of Al's and my old friends where me
and Dirk moved to. After I married Dirk, we moved to New York until 1985,
then we moved back to San Diego 4 years ago. Does it tell you where he is

"Well, let's see."

The receptionist punched some more keys on the keyboard.

"Wow! He doesn't look his age."

"You found him?"

"Yes, but unfortunately it says that his location is classified. I'm sorry,
but I can't tell you where he is."

"You can't give me a clue?"

"No. It doesn't even say, here, where he is. It just says that his location
is classified. Oh, wait a minute. It says here that if you need to contact
him that you should contact Senator Weitzman, and it gives a number."

"Can you give me the Senator's number?"

"Well... I can't give it to you, but I can call him for you."

"Right now?"


The receptionist dialed the number and talked to Senator Weitzman for what
seemed like forever. Al was alive and an Admiral. That's something she never
expected. Al always use to say that "anyone above the rank of Lieutenant was
a horse's ass." Beth couldn't help, but snicker to herself.

The receptionist broke into Beth's thoughts when she hung up the phone.

"Well, I wasn't able to get him to tell me where he was; but I was able to
get a phone number. Although, he did say that he was somewhere out west.
I'll have to see some ID, though, before I give the number to you. It's


Beth showed the receptionist her driver's licence. The receptionist then
handed a piece of paper with Al's phone number on it and a print out of his
picture. Beth looked down at his picture and studied it. He really hadn't
changed that much. A little greyer maybe, but basically the same. Beth sat
in the back of a cab and just stared at his picture during the entire ride
back to the hotel. She couldn't believe it. Al was alive and all she had to
do is call this number, and she could speak to him again. Maybe even see
him. She can't remember how many times she had laid awake wishing she could
see him again and talk to him. To tell him how much she really loved him.
She hadn't realized how much she loved him until he was gone.

Beth went to her hotel room and sat down on the bed in a daze. She picked up
the phone and then hesitated a moment. She then dialed the number and
listened as the phone began to ring on the other end.


Stallions Gate, New Mexico June 15, 2000 10:00 AM

Al was sitting in his office finishing up his monthly report for Washington.
Although, he wasn't totally concentrating on the report because it was his
birthday; and Tina had promised him something special for his gift. Al was
hoping that it might be her, but he never knew with Tina what he was going
to get.

Then he started to think about the situation Sam was in this time. Sam has
leaped into a lounge singer in Las Vegas 1955. It was Al's kind of leap.
Show girls, show girls, and more show girls. Sam just glared at him when he
followed them into their dressing room. Al loved doing that to Sam just to
tantalize him. He never did stay long enough to really see anything because
it really isn't a very nice thing to do. Besides, if Tina found out, she'd
kill him.

Ziggy says there is a 87.26% chance that he's there to save this waitress,
Sharon Tyler, from making the worst mistake of her life, marrying the lounge
singer Sam had leaped into, Norman Butkis. Al thought he was there to change
his name. With a name like that, Al was surprised he even got as far as he
did as a lounge singer. He supposed that Norman thought that his talent and
good looks would get him by.

All of the sudden the phone began to ring and broke his concentration. He
picked up the receiver.

"Hello, Admiral Calavicci, how may I help you?"

The voice on the other end said:

"This is George Blakely, Esq., and I represent you ex-wife, Mrs. Maxine
Calavicci. This phone call is to inform you that Mrs. Calavicci intends on
suing you for $5,000 more a year in alimony on the grounds that she's not
able to afford to live because of the raise in the cost of living. That is
unless you are willing to settle without going into court."

"What!!!!! I already pay her $10,000 a year!!!!! There is no way I'm going
to pay her any more alimony!!!!! You can tell her to forget it!!!!! You make
sure you tell her that too!!!!!

Al slammed the phone down.

"The nerve of her! She's already bleeding me dry! Leave it to her to sick
her shister lawyer on me on my birthday just to ruin it!"

The phone rang again, and Al snatched up the receiver.

"Listen you shister!!!!! I told you to tell Maxine that she can forget


Al stopped. He knew that voice.

"Yes, this is Al. Who's this?"

The woman on the other end of the line started to cry.

"Don't cry. I'm sorry. I was expecting you to be my ex-wife's lawyer. She
wants to sue me for more alimony."

The woman on the other end of the line just continued to cry. Then she

"Al. Is that really you?"

"Yes, it's really me; but you still haven't told me who you are."

"Al, it's Beth."

"Beth. BETH! How'd you find me?"

"I thought you were dead." Beth said still sobbing and not really hearing
his question.

"Oh, Beth, honey. I did try to find you, to tell you..."

"I know. They told me all about how you and the Navy both looked for me for
6 months."

Beth then continued to tell him her story.


End of Chapter 1