The normal blue light surrounds somebody as Sam leaps into his next

	Sam looks around.  He sees that he is in a small one story house,
that looks pretty
decent.  He looks down and notices he is vacuuming.
	"Oh great, I'm a woman again."  Sam says to himself.
	To his left Sam sees a teenager walk by.  He is dressed like a 90's
	"I'm a mother again!" He says to himself again.
	"I'm going out, later." The teen says to Sam.
	Sam thinks of something to say in that moment.
	"Uhh, ok." Sam hesitates. "Be sure to tell your father." Sam says
with hope he is saying
something right.
	"Umm. Dad are you ok?" The teen says.
	"Good, I'm a man." Sam says to himself.  "Yes son, I meant to say
your mother, you
know how mom can be."  Sam says while chuckling.
	"Dad, are you sure your ok? Mom's been dead for 8 years now.  You
need to see a
doctor dad."  The teen said as he walked out of the house.
	Sam walks to the nearest mirror.  Looks in it.  He sees a reflection
of a fat bald man, in
a tight with tank top with stains on it.
	"I'm white trash." He says to himself.  "Ohhh boy." Sam says giggling.