(Authors note:This is a Quantum Leap/Sabrina the Teenage Witch crossover, I've
never written any Fan Fic before, so I hope you like this story. All feedback
is Welcome.)

Sam looked around. He was what seemed like a teenage girl's bedroom, a black
cat was sleeping on the bed. When he looked in the mirror a girl about sixteen
or seventeen looked back at him, he was wearing a nightgown with clouds on it.
He sighed "Great, I'm a girl again."  When he looked at the digital clock on
her dresser it read 7:00 ,"Today is probably a school day, I have to get
ready.."  He opened the closet and started to ruffle 
	All of the sudden the black cat woke up and stared strait at Sam, 
Sam turned around and looked at the cat.  Then the cat spoke "Who are you?" 
	Sam was startled, the cat was talking to him!  "Oh boy..."
	"Where is Sabrina?! Why are you wearing her nightgown?Who are you?!" 
The cat was yelling at him. 
      "You....You talk." Sam was confused, cats can't talk, but this one 
was definitely talking to him.
	"Duh.... Are you going to answer me?" 


	Al walked into the waiting room,Sabrina, a girl about sixteen or 
seventeen Sitting on the white table looked back at him, she just stared 
at his hot pink suit and his bright green tie. "Hello," He said, he was used
people who just stared, but he did need to get some information from this
girl,"Do you know your name?" he asked Sabrina, this was usually the first
question that he asked new leapies.
	"Of course I know my name it's a...oh thank God you're here!" 
Sabrina had been interrupted in mid sentence by the arrival of her quizmaster
who was invisible to Al. "Where am I?" she was asking, looking strait at her
	Al was of was of course baffled, the leapie usually asked that question, but
not to a person he couldn't see. "Ummm...excuse me..your name?" Al 
	"Sabrina, I'm invisable,and your're in the future, but uh I think you should
look in the mirror," Quizmaster pointed to a mirror  over in 
the corner of the blue room.
	"The future!? How could that be?" she was still looking at her 
quizmaster not even glancing at the mirror, "And how I look *IS* the 
only thing you can think about?"
	 Al was becoming aware that this girl had a hologram or..or..somthing.Was
this how Sam looked when he was talking to Al? Al wondered.
	"Sabrina, you should really look in the mirror." Her Quizmaster looked
figidy, he was almost giggling. 
	"What, huh, What's in the mirror? Why are you laughing?" Sabrina was totally
ignoring Al. As she walked over to the mirror, Al held his breath,this was the
part he hated, when the leapies started screaming or they would faint or
	"Oh my..." She touched her face "My body it is well...I'm not supposed to be
a man." She looked at Al and then back to her quizmaster, "Oh why don't you
just make yourself visible,I'm sure He's already figured out that you're here"
she said motioning towards Al. 
	"Fine Fine, Sabrina, I'll do it for you." He smiled, and in a swirl of pink
mist he appeared to Al.
	Al watched in amazement as the pink mist faded away an an African American
man who looked not a day over the age of 28 appeared, dressed in clothes that
to Al and probably only to Al were very stylish.
	"This is, my Quizmaster." Sabrina said.
	 The young man held out his hand, Al  hesitated a moment before he finally
shook the man's hand, half expecting for his hand to go right though the
quizmaster's hand, but no, the Quizmaster had a firm handshake. "I'm uh...Al."
Al could feel the goosebumbs rise on his skin, this was the weirdest think
that ever happened to him.
	"Well..What now?" Sabrina asked her Quizmaster.	
	"Sabrina...you know I don't get you out of messes." The Quizmaster shone a
playful smile.
	Al suddenly remembered that his best friend was in the body of girl who had
a..well..a Quizmaster. "I need your name." He waited for the response.
	"My name is Sabrina Spellman." She paused and looked at her Quizmaster. 
       "I have to go." Al turned to leave then turned around and looked at
them, "I'll be back" he said in a thick German Accent and then he left the
	Al grabbed his Handlink and started pushing buttons "Sabrina Spellman, You
got that Ziggy?" 
	"Yes, I have located my father" 
	"Okay Ziggy, I'm coming." Al made his way in to the Imaging Chamber and said
the familiar line "Ziggy, center me on Sam."

	Sam heard the imaging chamber door open, but didn't respond, he was just
staring at the cat.
	"Sam, you wouldn't believe this, the girl in the waiting room, she was
talking to herself and then this guy appears in pink smoke, her Quizmaster, It
was a kick in the...Sam...Sam?" Al had finally noticed that Sam wasn't paying
attention, he snapped his fingers in front of his friend's face, "Sam wake up.
What are you staring at...Sam?"
	"Now what? Who's this guy?" the cat asked peering at Al.
	"Hey Sam, did you hear that? The cat its..well..talking." Al stated the
	"Al...Don't you think that's kinda weird? I mean maybe this is my
swisscheesed memory but I was pretty sure that cats aren't able to talk."
	"I *am* a cat" The cat said and he started crying, sobbing actully. 
	Sam's forgot the weirdness and his sensitive side took over, he walked over
and sat on the bed and started to pet the cat "I'm sure being a cat isn't
*that* bad." He glamced at Al for a moment then started to pet the cat again,
"What is your name?" Sam asked, Al of course was watching with Amusment.
	The cat's sobbing started to calm down and he sniffed out "Salem...I was
sentenced to three cenuries as a cat.." he looked up at Sam, "I tried to take
over the world"
	Al sighed, "What a day for Verbena to be on vacation"
	Sam looked at Al,"What were you saying about Sabrina?" 
 	"Well, as I was saying before I was *rudely* interrupted by this talkitive
feline, the girl in the waiting room was talking to a,well I think like a
	Sam stared at Al "Like you?" he asked 
	"Well yeah, cept he made himself visable, then he shook my hand, and" Al was
stoped in mid-sentence.
	"The hologram?" Sam was confused, this made no sense.
	"Ex-cuse me... could somebody tell me whats going on?" Salem asked in an
annoyed tone.
	"That is one moody kitty," Al said to Sam
	Salem heard him, "You try being a cat for 300 years" he whined
	Sam shook his head "This is *too* weird."
	There was a knock on the door and then a voice, "Sabrina, hurry up, you're
gonna be late!"
	Al tapped a few buttons on his handlink "Um...That is your, I mean Sabrina's
Aun...Aun? What the hell is an Aun?," Al hit the handlink and it squeeled
loudly "Oh..It's her Aunt Hilda." He told Sam.\
	"Umm..Okay..Aunt Hilda." Sam called
	"Who is that?" The door opened and a blond 30 somthing woman walked in, she
	Al looked her up and down "Hellooo" Sam gave Al a quick mean glare and then
he looked back to Hilda.
	"Who are you?" She asked him.
	"Um....Sabrina?" Sam half asked.
      "Okay...Come on." She grabbed Sams hand and then reached for Al's but it
went right threw it. Al gasped, she could see him! She glared at Al, "Fine be
that way." She pulled Sam down the stairs and she called up to Al, "You come
to!" Al centered himself on Sam, then Hilda called up the stairs. "Salem, Get
down here!" The black cat ran down the stairs. She dragged Sam into the
kitchen, Al and Salem followed.
	In the kitchen a woman a little older than Aunt Hilda was sitting at the
kitchen table typing furiousisly.
	"Zelda," Hilda started
	"Not now! I've almost figured out a cure for the common cold!"
	"Zelda..." Hilda started again
	"Wait Hilda! I'm busy!!" Hilda pointed her finger at the computer screen, Sam
heard a strong zapping sound then the screen went blank.
	"Hilda! That was going to be a scientific breakthrough in medical history!"
Zelda didn'timportan even look up from the blank screen.
	"This is more t." 
	"What could be more important?" Zelda looked up at Hilda.
	"This." Hilda motioned to Sam and Al.
	Zelda gasped, then she stood up and shook Sam's hand. 
"Dr.Sam Beckett...." She noticed what he was wearing, "in my nieces
	"The playwrite?" Hilda asked.
	"No. The Quantum Physicist!" She stared at Hilda like she was crazy, "He won
a Nobel Prize!" She turned to Sam, "You devoloped the String Therory!" she
hesitated "But why are you in Sabrina's nightgown? And what are you doing
here?" She thought for a moment, "Didn't you dissapear 3 years ago?"