Author's Note: In this story, "-----" are spoken words, '-----'are thoughts,
and *--------* are memories.

        'I've got to make this good,' she thought as she started her song.
Though she sang a number of songs in the show, the company always called
_it_ her song.  It really sounded like she was in the situation, living the
character's life.  She, personally, thought that "What Do You Want of Me"
was more appropriate for her life, but no one would have understood that. It
was beside the point,anyway.
        As she got to the line, "Then, of course, there's my father," she
saw the door at the back of the auditorium open.  She didn't think any more
about it until the finale.  The grand resolution of the last show of the
season,and there he was, standing at the back of the auditorium.
'Dammit,' she thought, then caught herself, and stayed in character through
the end of the play.  She walked back to the dressing rooms, but she didn't
hear all the cogratulations being thrown at her.  her mind was elsewhere.
        'Why is he here?'
        She knew the answer.