All of Dulci's stuff was scheduled to arrive at Stallion's Gate two
days later.  She had only took a couple of outfits and Puck's CPU with her
on the plane.  She and Al got to the Project around 2:30.  She was met by
the serior staff, who were like family to her.  They agreed to eat at
Tramilla's, the traditional celebratory restaurant for Projct staff, as well
as the only Itallian restaurant that met Al's approval.  Al and Beth showed
her to what was to be her apartment.  It had been her parents' and had been
kept for Sam _when_ he returned.  It worked well for the infrequent
occasions when Dulci visited.  Al put her's bag down and started to leave.  
        "Wait, Al," she called.
        "What?" the Admiral turned.
        "Is that what really happened?"
        "What you said about him saving Tom?"
        "Yeah, yeah, it was."  The Admiral left, still pondering his trip to
the Waiting Room, seven years into the future.  It was the second time he
could remember talking to himself.  It was almost as strange as the first time.
        Dulci started unpacking.  As she was finishing, the telephone rang.  
        "Hello?" Dulci said as she picking up the receiver.
        "Dulc?" the voice on the other end of the line answered.
        "Yes," she answered warily.  "Who is this?"
        "It hasn't been that long, has it?"
        "Who else?"
        "Where are you?"
        "Chicago.  I'm on my way back from Washington.  I met with our dear
friends on Capitol Hill."
        "When are you gonna get here?'
        "Around 7:30.  I figured the best way to find out what the plan was
would be to call you here."
        "Well, I'm here.  See you at Tramilla's."
        "Right.  Ciao, minorenne."
        "Arrivederci, Alan," she hung up the phone.
                'Alan.  Wow, I really am home.'
        "Dulci," the voice was much like Puck's, except that Dulci had left
the sex drive out of her creation.
        "Hello, Ziggy.  I'm going to take a nap.  Can you wake me up in
twenty minutes?"
        "I can do a great many things."
        "Thank you, Ziggy.  Would you wake me up in twenty minutes please."  
        "Yes, Miss Beckett."
        "That's Dr. Beckett to you."
        "Of course."
        Gushie had programmed Ziggy to correct Dulci's grammar whan she was
four.  Dulci decided that she would have to reprogram that when she looked
at Ziggy's circuits.

        Alan boarded the plane that would get him as close to home as the
air lines went right after he got off the phone with Dulci.  They had been
best friends for years, a natural result of their being the only two
children who lived at PQL.  He was the one she called when she was in
trouble.  As the he crossed the Great Planes, he recalled the day they met.
September 5, 2005.  He had just arrived to live with his grandparents.  He
had walked into the rec room to find a 5-year-old girl with pigtails hanging
upside-down from the monkey bars that had been installed for her a few
months earlier, 6 months after being 'adopted' by the Calavicci's.
        "You must be Alan," she had said. "My name's Samantha Dulcinea
Beckett, but you can call me Dulci."  She had then proceeded to drop to the
ground, landing on her hands, and flip up to land directly in front of him.
                'Kid, you certainly are something.'