Sam sighed and pushed the kitchen door open. 
        "You sounded like you were talking to someone."
        "No, I was just thinking."
        "I thought I heard a second voice."
        "Sounds like a hallucination."
        "Or like you're my father."
        "Very funny."
        "So, did you come up with any reasons why I should come home?"
        "Well, Sam's like Don Qixote, right?"
        "And you're Sancho."
        "You know the last scene in Man of La Macha?"
        "Why even bother asking?"
        "Right.  He needs a Dulcinea to continue the Quest."
        "Oh, good god, Al.  Don't even try that on me."
        "Ok, fine.  Let's see."  Sam rose and started pacing.
        "Any other brilliant tactics?"
        "Did I ever tell you about the time..he leaped into himself?"
        "And when he asked me why he couldn't save his family?"
        "He said that it wasn't fair.  He saved all these people he had
never met, but he couldn't save the people he loved."
        "And you said.."
        "It's damn fair.  He got to see them again.  I'd give anything to
see my family again, even if I couldn't save them."
        "Bad analogy.  I'm supposed to be going out to save him."
        "But that's the thing.  In the next leap, he did."
        "At the cost of Maggie's life."
        "Right, but he made that choice.  He decided to save Tom.  You have
to make that same choice.  But in all honesty, you can't do it all for him,
you have to feel that Dream in yourself."
        "The Quest."
        "You give a convincing speech, Admiral.  Maybe you should have been
the leaper."
        "Somehow, I don't think so."
        "Puck, begin close down."
        That was the last thing Sam heard before Al returned to his own time.