They walked for a while, then the Admiral started to talk.  "Listen,
kid, I wish I didn't have to..."
        "You want me back at the project, right?" she interrupted.
        "I...I" he stopped.  He knew that there was nothing he could say
that she hadn't already heard.
        "And what is it this time?" she stopped and turned to look at him,
"What cange is there that warrants a trip to Pennsylvania to ask a question
I've answered more times than I care to think about?"
        "There's not really a change in the situation, but there might be a
change in the proposition."
        "That being?"
        "We want you to come back to Stallion's Gate and...well..go out to
try to bring him back."
        "You'll never get approval."
        "Well, that's the thing.  Officially, we'll have no knowledge of
your actions until it's too late."
        "Just like my father."
        "But really, we'll have it all planned."
        "Yeah, we.  Me and Beth, Gushie, Tina, Sammy Jo, Alan, Verbina.
Kid, if there's anything you want, just name it.  We need you back."  He had
stated his case.  Now it was up to her.
        "Let me think about it," she said after a moment.  He looked at her.
It was a great deal more than he had expected to get.  He tried not to let
it show on his face."Come back tomorrow morning.  At nine," she said, then
turned and went into the building.
        Al stood outside the building for ten minutes, just looking at it.
He hadn't even realized where they had benn going.
        'Well, Al, you may have just done it.  This just might pay off what
I owe him.'
        *Whatever it takes, I'll get you out of this.*
        'I just wish it could have been before now.  Before Donna...Al,
you're getting ahead of yourself.  She hasn'y even said 'yes' yet.'
        He shook his head, then walked to his car.