She started to undress.  She turned to the girl at the station next
to her, and said," Summer..."  She didn't have to finish.  After three weeks
of production, they had the routine down.  
        "I guess you're glad to be getting rid of this costume.  Especially
the corset,"  the blonde said as she loosened the tie on the back of the
        "Actually, I think it helps me sing better, and it's the only way I
can fit _into_ the costume.  When the designer said 'caricatures,' I didn't
realize how serious she was," the wearer said, tossing her long brown hair
over her shoulder.
        "Well, whatever it is, you play the loose woman better than anyone."
She knew Summer was joking, but she had hit a sore spot.
        "Anna, you've got a visitor."  It was Chris, the Stage Manager.
        "Tell the Admiral that I'm getting changed, and he can wait," she
answered, pulling her _Man of La Macha_ T-shirt on.  That done, she unhooked
the corset and took it off.
        "Admiral?  Does our Anna have a man in her life?" Alisha, another
cast member asked.
        "Hardly," she answered. 'More of a father-figure.'
        As the rest of the cast gossiped about the latest couples, Anna
silently took off her make-up, and changed into her street clothes.  She had
no desire to talk to him, but she knew it was inevitable.
        She walked into the Green Room, and spotted him immediately.  She
walked over to him and said, "What do you want?"  She was about the same
height as the Italian man.
        "I can't really say anything here," he answered.
        She looked at him and said, "Fine.  I'll be back in ten minutes."
She turned and went to go look for the director.
        *Are you sure you can handle doing this part?
        She found him as he was finishing a conversation with another
student's parents.  As they left, they congratulated her.  She smiled, then
walked over to Jeff.  "I guess it was a good choice," he said, smiling.  His
smile faded as he saw the expression on her face.  "What's wrong?"
        "I hate to do this, but I have something I have to take care of..."
        "Anna, don't worry.  We'll be fine," he interrupted.  "Are _you_
going to be alright?'
        "Yeah.  I'm not sure when I'll be back, though."
        "Just take care of yourself."  She turned and walked to the dressing
        *You know, Anna, I think you belong with someone like Jeff.  Too bad
he's taken.
        Jeff had gone to school with her father, and had recognized her
parentage immediately, so he was the one she told, as much as she could,
about her unique position, both in childhood, and later.
        She picked up her make-up case and put on her coat.
        *Hey, there, Lieutenant.
        'NO,' she told herself.  She fought to put her mind back in the present.
        She was concentrating on what she had to do when she got home as she
went back into the Green Room.  It had pretty well cleared out, and
thecompany had started striking the set.  She had never really liked strike,
but she would rather have been doing just about anything than what she was
going to be doing.
        "I'm ready," she said.
        "OK, let's go," he answered, picking up his coat.

I'm sorry if I've lost anyone in the theater terms.  If you don't
understand, don't hesitate to ask.