"Quinn!" Wade Wells screamed as the vortex roared. "Hurry!!!!"
  At that same moment, Quinn Mallory was fighting of a bunch of cave
beings on a world where man never evolved.  "Go!!!" He yelled. "I'll be
right behind you!"
  "Mr. Mallory!  It is important that rush!" Proffessor Maximillion
Arturo Yelled to be heard above the roar of the vortex.
  "Come on Q-Ball!  It's now or never!" As he said that Rembrant Brown
jumped into the vortex.  Behind him Was the Proffessor.  Wade stayed
  "Quinn!!!" She screamed
  Just then he broke free and was heading for the vortex.  "Go!" he
yelled, and Wade did just that, as she jumped into the vortex.  Quinn
then jumped in.  Right after he jumped, the vortex closed as the cavemen
then worshiped the ground, figuring the vortex was a God.
   The vortex opened in a dark alley, Having First Rembrant out, then
the Proffessor, next Wade and then, finnaly Quinn.
  "Hey, Proffessor" Rembrant Weezed "Could you be so kindly as to....GET
   "Truly sorry, Mr.Brown."the Proffessor said
  But as Quinn fell through the vortex a blue light, a light no one saw,
surronded him, taking Quinn away, And leaving Dr. Sam Beckett.