San Fransisco, California
May 8, 1995

  Sam Beckett was surprised to find himself soaring to the ground."Ahhh"
screamed as he hit the ground.
  As he landed he saw a green hole-like thing closing.  "Oh, boy!", He
said as he saw the hole.
  He looked down at himself to see what he was like.  He was wearing a
plaid shirt with a black jean jacket, black jean pants and brown working
boots.  In his hand was a weird gizmo he had never seen before.
  Glancing around he saw he was not alone.  There was a rather "stout"
man wearing a sweater with a tan jacket with tan kahkis.  There was a
black man wearing a blue shirt with a black leather jacket.  He also
wore blue jeans.  Finnaly there was a young attractive girl wearing a
white T-Shirt with blue jeans.
  "Quinn?" The girl said. "Are you OK?  You look...... different"
  "I agree Ms.Wells" The stout man said "Mr.Mallory does appear to be
somewhat strange."
  'My name is Quinn Mallory' Sam thought then said out loud,"What do you
  "Well, Quinn it's just...................weird!  It's like your face
was merged with another face." The girl said.
  "Really?" Sam was now interested
  "Yeah, Q-Ball"The blackman said "It's like you got a lock of white
hair right...." He pointed to a peice of hair on his own forehead. 
  "I suspect it may have something to do with our current slide" The
fatman said.
  "Slide?" Sam was confused at what the man had just said.
  "Yo, Q-Ball, are you sure that your okay?" The balckman asked.
  "Yeah, It's okay, I'm fine."Sam said
  "How much time do have on this world Quinn?" The girl asked.
  "Huh?" Sam didn't know what she was talking about
  "Let me see that Mr. Mallory" The fatman said sirecting towards the
gizmo in his hand.
  "Oh, Okay" Sam nervoslied smiled as he handed the fatman the gizmo.
  "The timer says" The fatman said  "Three days, Seven hours,
Thirty-Eight minutes ans Eleven seconds."
  "Thanks, Proffesor" The blackman said."Come on lets find a motel"
  With that Sam followed them not knowing what had just happened.