Chapter Three

    It was six in the morning on 9/11.
Sam had just gotten off the phone. It was the hundred of phones in the World 
Trade Center and even tried calling the Petagon and the White House, but 
everybody thought he was insane. Nobody believed him, even though he wished 
they would. 
"Patty, I'm going to work now to pick up a few things," Patty said on her way 
out the door. 
Al warned Sam  to not let her go.
"Why Al?"
"She works at the Trade Center."
"Don't go!" Sam commanded.
'Like why?"
"Because I need you here. We're going to leave this morning. Everything's 
finished right."
"She's saved," Al said. "She didn't get killed in the original history, but 
could have been dead in the crash in this timeline."
Al looked out the window and saw his childhood best friend with another 
teenage girl. He projected himself outside in order to listen in on their 
"Davy, I don't want you to move," the sexy looking girl said. Her arms draped 
around the boy's neck. 
"I have too, my mom and aunt say so." He brushed his hand against her tight 
top. "But, we could always say good bye."
"Aren't we saying goodbye now?" she asked. "Oh! That's what you mean! David!" 
She giggled sexily.
"Where are you moving too?" she continued.
"Far, far away." David knew he was only going to move to another borough, but 
the Bronx in 1940 - 62 years before the day he was living.
"Can I email you? Or visit you?"
"No, but we can snail mail. I can send you long passionate letters. Care of 
the postal service, we can virtually -" He smiled devilishly.
They kissed long and hard, his hands feeling up her skirt. 
Sam knocked on the window for David to stop kissing his flavor of the week, 
and come inside. 
It was time to go!
                                                       * * * * * * * * 
    The Viaggios and Tina gathered in the garage. Patty and Sam sat in the 
front seat, Sam behind the wheel. The two kids sat in the back, fighting over 
who got more sitting room. Al and Tina watched over them inside of the 
playroom next to the garage, only the screen separating her from the car. She 
wanted to go, but no way could she leave her important job and boyfriend 
    Sam turned the key, and Patty pushed a code into the laptop.
    In an instant, they were gone in a flash.

    Sam had his eyes closed, but knew he was lying down in the back seat of a 
car. He felt something heavy on his body. He slowly opened his eyes, and was 
shocked that a teenage girl was on top of him. He noticed that he had his 
white T-shirt already off.
    "Oh, Albert!" the teenager said. She sat up, and started to undo the 
buttons on her blue blouse.
    "Oh, boy!"

diana beckett
(c) June, 2002