Chapter Two
     Loud baring music that seemed destructive to Sam's ears was coming from 
David's room, drowning out the sounds of the headboard knocking against the 
wall in the small room.
    Sam walked over, and banged on the door. He swore he heard a girl's yelp 
on the other side.
    "David, is somebody in there with you?"
    "No," David answered. "It's just the television." He flicked on the 
television in his room, and the sci-fi channel came on playing his Aunt 
Patty's favorite television show.
    The sixteen-year-old girl quickly scampered out of the first story 
bedroom window, and walked away scott free.
    David unlocked the door, and let his "mother" in.
    Sam walked toward his "son", noticing that on the bed was a pair of 
lady's lacy underwear half hidden by the assku bed sheets. Sam picked them up 
on the tip of his fingers. He was disgusted at what he had caught the boy 
doing. "What's this?"
    "Nothing," David defended.
    "There was a girl in here wasn't there?"
    'No," he lied. "I told you that it was the television."
    "TV sets don't wear women's underwear."
    "If you makes you happy, I'll admit it," he yelled angrily back. "I had a 
chick in here, but it's none of your damn business on how she lost her 
    "I think that you did It with her."
    "Admit it!"
    "Mom! Get lost!"
    "I will not get lost!" Sam told his  "son" sternly. "You could die from 
having sex. It's the 21st century, and a thing called AIDS exists."
    "There's no AIDS to wherever the hell in time we're going tomorrow, 
because I know for a certain that I'll be lucky to see a babe in a mini 
    "Still, there are STD's and stuff like that," Sam told David, "Or the old 
standby, you could get a girl pregnant that you hardly care for."
    "Mom! Out!"
    Sam started to leave the room. "I just want to tell you to use 
protection, and only have sex if you're in love. That's it." Sam opened the 
door. "Plus, when we get to 1949, you're grounded for a month."
    David looked furiously at Sam. 
    As Sam was walking into the kitchen, he saw Kelly covering her right eye. 
 "What's the matter, kid?"
    "Nutin'" Kelly said, trying to push bye Sam. Sam put his arm on her 
shoulder, grabbing her arm away from her eye.
    "Ma! Leave me alone," she commanded.
     "No, I won't Kelly," Sam said, spying her large bruised eye. He took her 
into the kitchen and put an eye pack on her eye. "Now, how did this happen?"
    "I was playing video games over at my friend's house, then I won. Juan 
couldn't take it, so we got into a fight. He couldn't take loosing to a girl 
for the uptenth time."
    "So, you punched him?"
    "So? David says it's ok to fight."
    "David does a lot of things that aren't right."
    "Like having sex in his room."
    "Oh, really?" From the mouth of a kid! Now, Sam knew exactly what was 
happening before in David's room.
    "Yah. He has reached all the way with a girl more times than I reached 
the highest level of my favorite video game, and I almost beat the game 
several times."
    Sam yelled, "David! Come out here!"
    He slowly meandered into the room. "Yah, mom!"
    "Kelly just told me that you . . . well, doing things you shouldn't be 
doing at your age with girls in your room?"
    "I wasn't doing anything," David stated.
    "Including keeping your clothes on," Kelly said.
    David made a fist at his younger sister as Al stepped though the chamber 
door. "What's going on? Family fight?"
    "Mom, you have no right in telling me what to do with my body."
    "What? He wants to get a tattoo or something?" Al asked, noticing David 
wearing a silver earing.
    "No," Sam said. "He was having sex in his room."
    Al took a drag the cigar. "Figures!" He remembered that David did not 
calm down sexually until he reached 33, when he got married one of the nurses 
on the base.
    "As long as you're living under my roof, you live by my rules, and that 
means no girls in your room."
    "He learns how do drive in a year," Al commented. "Got this great used 
car from his Aunt Patty. I remember he usta take me out cruising for chicks."
    "I don't want you hanging out with him, since you could be a bad 
    "Too late!" Al looked at the teenage boy. "Uh, I mean, too early! We 
didn't meet yet, in your time Sam."
    "Kelly, you're grounded for a month for fighting," Sam directed. "And, 
four months for you, David."
    "Good thing, Mrs. V forgets that they're grounded."
    "I'll write her a note," Sam commented. "These kids need disclipline."
    "Guess I did too, according to you, Sam. Guess I did too." Al was glad 
that Sam was not his parent, although he longed for a family as a child and 

diana beckett
(c) June, 2002