NOTE: In this story, the Al that is refered to a an 18 yo college student.

    Sam was dressed in a cheap brown suit as he stood in the middle of a 
college's lecture hall classroom. It was either the beginning of the class or 
the end of it because the class was unruly. Most of the kids were talking, 
except four. Two teenage boys, an Italian with bleached blond hair and 
another Italian with shaggy hair were kissing two girl's Sam guessed were in 
a sorority based on the fact that both college girls' T-shirts had Greek 
letters on them.
    Sam went down the attendance sheet. It said Physics 101  - Spring 2011. 
He was shocked as to who the professor was. The name read Dr. Samuel Becket, 
PhD., Md. 
    "Oh, boy! I'm me!"

                                           * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter One 
    "Aren't you going to give the final?" a studious looking student asked. 
    "Shut up, you nozzle," the bleached blond said who finally let go of the 
college co-ed he was kissing.
    "Take a seat, everybody." Sam looked down on the desk and noticed a pile 
of tests. After passing them out, he looked at the attendance sheet to learn 
his students names. 
    Two names stuck up at his like lightening: David Viaggio and Albert 
    *How could both of them be going to school in 21st century,* Sam 
wondered. Then he remembered the time machine that the Viaggios use to travel 
to one place in time to another. If Al was adopted, then possibly he became a 
time traveler too when he was young since he became part of the family. 
    The imaging chamber door opened, and Sam really surprised when a middle 
aged Tina stepped out. She was wearing a knee-length black and white dress 
and black shoes, completely different than her usual bright outfits that 
rivaled Al's. She looked about Sam's age, well what Sam remembered his age to 
    "Don't look at me!" she commanded. "I, like, forgot to get Lady Cairrol 
at the store today." Her long red hair was already showing a few gray 
    Tina's appearance and the semester on the piece of paper made Sam wonder 
what year it was at the Project. "What's today's date?"
    "May umpteen, 2004," eighteen-year-old Al Calavicci told his professor, 
before his eyes moved back to his best friend's paper.
    "Eye's on your own paper," Sam told the class.
    "You really should separate those two, Sam," she told him from 
experience. "They were up to no good and glued by the hips since they were 
    "I know," Sam said. Even when Al stayed in his original time, David and 
him were the best of friends growing up and in the Navy. . . . . But, Al did 
not stay in his correct time. Instead he was sitting in a college classroom 
three years after Sam leaped out of him back in time, a few days after Pearl 
    "How do you really know? Besides your last leap," Tina wondered. "I was a 
best friend of their Aunt Patty, that's how I know.
    "Sam use your cell phone," Tina continued. 
    Sam picked up the phone and pretended to dial a number. "What's today's 
date where the project is, Tina?"
    "April 3rd , 2014," she answered. "But where you are its May 17th , 
    "How old am I?" Sam said, finally feeling ancient.
    "Well, you were born in 1952. So, you are, like, 62."
    "Wow! I'm as old as Al!" Sam huffed. He wondered why he had to be so darn 
    Tina pointed toward the male co-ed who was almost finished his test. 
    "No, a different Al I use to know," Sam said, running his fingers through 
his completely white hair.
    "You're only as old as you feel, Sam," Tina said smiling flirtatiously at 
him. "Anyways, you're kind of cute for a senior citizen."
    *Senior Citizen?* Sam thought to himself, giving up. *Why must I be so 
darn old!*
    "How long have I been leaping?"
    "Just a few years," Tina said. "Maybe about six or seven."
    "Wait a minute! I thought I started when I was about 40."
    "Having a senior moment, huh Sam?" Tina asked compassionately. "You 
started the Project when you were 52, and started leaping a few years after 
that. You were still teaching when you were in your forties. In fact, you're 
52 on this leap, and, well, you're yourself."
    Teaching? Sam didn't remember anything about teaching in college or at a 
lower level of education. Maybe, the last leap he was on changed history for 
more people than just his best friend.
    "Why am I here?" he asked the forty-something woman.
    "To make sure that kid up there passes this course." She pointed to the 
eighteen-year-old with the fake blond hair and Day-Glo orange T-shirt. "Ziggy 
caught him cheating several times this period." Tina left.
    Most of the class had already handed in their test papers, leaving David 
and Al behind.
    "Boys, it's time to hand your test papers."
    "Just a few more minutes, Doctor Beckett," David pleaded.
    Al walked up, placing his paper upside down on the professor's desk. "I'm 
    "I want to talk to you, uh,"
    "Yah, prof," Al said.
'   "I know you cheated."
    "No, I didn't!" the teen denied.
    "I have my sources," Sam told him.
    "Man! You nozzle, I didn't cheat!"
    "Well, I saw you and so did somebody else in this classroom."
    "So, you're going to believe them?"
    "Yes, I am," Professor Beckett told the teenager. "But, I'll give you 
another chance. I'll make out a final especially for you.  If you already 
know the stuff, then you don't have to worry about studying. If you cheated, 
then you'll either fail or have to study again. That is if you studied the 
first time."
    Al grumbled as he walked out of the classroom.


diana beckett
(formally Monica Briggs)

(c) June, 2002