A Leap for Sam

I don't want to grow up.
I don't want to change.
Just want to have fun.
---- 6 Flags commercial

    Sam found himself on a tropical deserted island. He looked around him 
from his seat on the white sand beach. In front of him, there was clear blue 
water. There was no sign of life anywhere to be found, except for many plants 
and a few birds that were making tropical calls. 
    Out of the surf came a beautiful young woman wearing a French cut bikini. 
He must have missed her when he glanced around him before. She had long 
straight blond hair, blue eyes as pure as the water . . . and she was drop 
dead gorgeous. Sam always admired her eyes, but this time all he was looking 
at was what the top of her bathing suit was trying to cover.  
     She walked over to Sam, and snuggled up to his chest. "Kiss me," she 
      Hormones took over, and he kissed her, wrapping his arms tightly around 
her waist. 
     After the kiss, he felt the water from the ocean hitting him. He let go 
of the female.
"Oh, boy!"