Chapter Nine
    Sam was back in the Officer's Bar. Lisa was standing by the jukebox, 
while Doctor Beckett was standing at the bar getting a beer. Doctor Beckett 
and Lisa had a fight that afternoon, because he did not want to respond to 
her caresses in the medical office.
    Sam walked up to Lisa Sherman, who was standing by the bar.
    The Imaging Chamber again opened and closed. This time Tina and Al got 
out. "Sam, you got to go do something," Al said, as he stepped out of the 
    "Yes," Tina agreed. "Ziggy just stated that Lt. Sherman gets killed in an 
hour." Tina sent Al out to see if he could recognize Chip from the picture 
Ziggy generated before they came back to the past.
    Al searched the bar looking. He found the young man playing darts next to 
a group of other young Navy flyers. "Bingo!" Al shouted when he found him. He 
just felt like he got five squares down and felt ready to complete the 
mission with the help from two Sams and a much older total babe.
    Chip stopped playing darts, and walked over to Lisa. "What's the matter, 
gorgeous?" He smiled at her, running his fingers through his sandy brown 
    "Bubba," she answered in one word.
    He brushed a lock of her blond hair over her shoulder, touching her check 
in the process. "Don't worry about him. You're too pretty to be with a looser 
like him, anyways."
    Tina was disgusted with Chip. &How dare he treat her like that! & she 
thought to herself. "Where's Sam?" she asked the main computer in her own 
    "He's in the bathroom at the Club," the computer answered back.
    "Albert, haul yourself into the Officer's Club john, and see what's 
keeping Sam," Tina ordered.
    "Yes, ma'am," he saluted.
    Al landed himself into the bathroom. Sam was alone in there talking to a 
man who looked exactly like him, the other Doctor Beckett.
    "Sam, you have to help her now. Chip is up there making passes at Ms. 
    Sam told his other self that he had to rush to Lisa's side to save her. 
Doctor Beckett walked out of the bathroom and towards the bar, followed by 
Sam and Al.
    "Get lost, Bubba," Lisa said. 
    "Yah, get lost, pal," Chip said. "She's with a real man now."
    "A threat to your manhood, Sam, punch him," Tina said, guessing that's 
what men in the military would do.
    Al looked down at the Hand link. "There's a 100% chance that if you kiss 
her now, then she is saved."
    "Kiss her," Sam told Doctor Beckett.
    "Because it's predicted by Ziggy," Sam answered himself.
    Doctor Beckett did not want to do it, but he wrapped his arms around her 
tiny waist and kissed her firmly on the lips.
    Doctor Beckett was wondering why he didn't Leap. "I'm still here," Doctor 
Beckett thought out loud.
    "That's because we're sending you home," Sam answered.
    "Home?" The word slowly formed on Doctor Beckett's lips. It was a long 
time since he was home back in his own time, but he longed to see the day. 
The day that was coming soon.