Chapter Ten

    Sam, Tina and Al stood in the middle of the Control Room. Tina could not 
believe that she was looking at a complete holographic version of herself who 
were exactly one year older then they were now. Ms. Martinez-Gooshman and Dr. 
Elesse stood at the control center, looking up at Ziggy's round ceiling 
    "I think we're ready to send Sam home now," Donna said. 
    Then, Tina turned a new switch on Ziggy's Control Panel. 
    The Accelerator roared to life.
    "I'm home," Sam heard a voice say gleefully from the loudspeaker, as the 
Accelerator stopped roaring. His voice. He was home. "I can't believe this. 
I'm finally home. Yippee!"
    Knowing that he was going to return in exactly a year's time, Sam leaped.
    Sam found himself on all fours and wearing a red sweater that covered 
almost his entire body, his nose buried in a bowl of dog food. He looked 
around him. He was in a small 1940's style kitchen. A small white fridge was 
next to him, and a stove was behind him. 
    An eleven-year-old girl came into the room. "Eat up, Fido," she said. 
"Mom said I can't feed you my table scraps anymore, although you are a cute 
    "Oh, boy! I'm a dog!"