"Tony! Please!" Tony's father said as he rushed over to his son's 
unconscious body. He said a private, quiet prayer to God hoping that his 
best friend and/or his son--whoever was inside of the body in front of 
--wouldn't die. He didn't know whether he should get angry at him for 
going back inside or to cry for what happened to him inside. "Tony--or 
Sam-- if it's still you in there, then you were really outa your mind to 
in there. You shouldn't have done it! You're such a damn 
I knew one of these days, . . . " -- he cringed at the thought as he 
felt a tear 
flowing down his left cheek-- "one of these days . . . God, please don't 
him die!"
	As soon as Tony's wife spotted him on the carrier, she ran over as 
fast as her pregnant body could move her. "Oh me Gawd! Sweetie!" she 
exclaimed terrified through her sniffling. She clutched her stuffed 
close to her chest with one arm, while her other hand held Tony's hand 
trying to comfort both of them. She stood next to her husband's body, 
eyed, fat lipped, two constantly flowing rivers flowing straight down 
her cheeks. 
	Tony's father was glad that she was there with them, while Tony's 
mother tried to comfort the three other boys a short distance away, her 
around each of her two youngest while Joey stood close by. All were in 
with what was going on as they eyed both the building consumed by fire 
"Tony" getting hauled away. Kelly leaned down and kissed Angelo on the 
top of his head, glad he was not also a victim to the disaster.
	Liam looked at the sight, and he also hoped that man he had just saved 
would be healthy once again. But, he was also confused. He looked down 
the T-shirt the djs had signed and he put on right before he got on the 
ride. It 
was now black from the ashes and smoke, except for the bottom where 
Cal" signed, the name Calavicci showing up clearly on the gray 
-- and that's why he was confused. He doubt that the sight he saw was 
by inhaling too much smoke from the fire, he knew exactly what he saw. 
next to the man he saved he saw Al Calavicci and a younger, attractive 
--Tina?--standing next to the cot, with Al yelling at the man and Tina 
over him. How could they exist outside of Donald Bellsario's 
	They were real!  Quantum Leap really was something more than a 
television show!  
	Liam's eyes fixed on the unbudging man on the cart. By the way Al 
was yelling at him, he figured that Sam must have leaped into the man's 
He didn't know who  the man was but knew that Sam was inside. He hoped 
that--if it was Sam . . .  or even if it was not--the man would live. No 
does a hero have to die.  A life for a life, he realized, just like how 
brother was saved while the reporter died in the second part of "The 
Leap Home."  	
	He realized it was him that Sam came after. He could tell it was the 
hero of the legends . . . when he fell, he saw him through the smoke 
lying on the 
tracks looking just like Scott Backula's character would look on the 
"Thanks, Sam! Get well soon!"


	Tina sat in the chair by Tony's bedside in the intensive care unit of 
hospital. Her hands gripped a book--a Quantum Leap book, Ashley 
McConnell's  Random Measures-- in her hands; she had brought the book 
for her 
husband, either for him to read or for him to be read too. But, she was 
the one 
who ended up reading it alone, even though she could care less about the 
series and the only books about it worth reading were Storm's. Something 
to take 
their mind off of where they were.  Her hands loosen their grip as the 
book, her 
head, and her eyelids got pulled down by the power of gravity and the 
	Sam who lay on the bed beside her, tubes going through his nose and 
arms, also felt the affects of the Sandman. He was now conscious and 
knew he 
was going to live. But, the one thing he would prescribe as a medical 
doctor for 
both Tony and him to get better was a good night sleep. He tried to pull 
white sheet up to his chin and settle his head comfortably on the hard 
behind him.
					* * *
	Al walked away from the scene that was taking place in the past, which 
he witnessed in the Imaging Chamber. He already knew what was going to 
happen. Sam was going to eventually leap out, and Tony would get better. 
year later, his son was back at work again and his daughter-in-law had 
healthy twins which kept the couple busy for most of the time. 
	He just didn't know when Sam was going to leap out. There was no 
sign of it when Tony was being hauled away to the hospital or at the 
where Sam now was, Tony's body hooked up to all sorts of machinery to 
track and help him with his breathing and some other functions--smoke 
nothing more serious than that.  
	"Ziggy," Al said, looking up at the round colored ball on the ceiling. 
	"Admiral, don't worry about Sam," the computer announced. "He just 
 to get some rest, especially after trying to save everybody on that 
ride. By the 
way, the ride ceases to exist; they built a roller coaster in its place. 
Why do 
humans like to be scared for a thrill?"
	"Because it's supposed to be fun. . . . That is if there's no real 
	"I have loads of data on the subject. I don't need you telling me 
anything, Ms. Martinez-Calavicci. So, --"
	"Put a sock in it, Zig," Al commanded.
	Al and Tina let out two at the same time yawns, both glad that 
Gushie didn't yawn spreading his bad breath throughout the room.
	"Going to hit the hay," Al said.
	"Need a ride home,"  his daughter-in-law offered as they left the 
room and walked down the corridor towards the elevator. "I have to get 
home and can drop you off on the way. Get some rest and see my three 
babies." Her three babies--her husband, Tony, and two kids, Taylor and 
	"No thanks, Tina,"  he refused. "Gotta lot of work to do in my 
office. Project funding stuff. I'll just catch a nap down there, then 
get a 
early start on everything in the morning."
	"Well, bye, Al."

(c) Summer, 1997