As Sam and Tina approached the opposite end of the park where all of 
the water slides and raft rides were, they had no problem finding out 
where the 
radio station was set up for the day. A huge yellow boom box--at least 
one story 
high and lifted up another eight stories, towering over some of the 
rides in the 
area--was blaring out the same type of music which Sam heard the radio 
earlier, a song by Hootie and the Blowfish about how they "don't believe 
time." They walked to the sight where the box was located, and saw more 
fancy equipment WOLZ owned, such as two trucks and a small console, 
somewhat similar to the one in the studio, which a fat, dark haired man 
stood behind. 
	A crowd stood around or sat on benches nearby, watching what 
was going on. And, other passersby stood for a short while or just 
their heads to see everything.
	Sam also stood amazed at the sight of the modern technological radio 
wonders, thinking about how Tony was a part of everything.
	A skinny guy with light brown hair, who wore a WOLZ T-shirt, came 
off the stage and toward Sam. "Hi, Tony," he said. "Everything's fine 
We're having a great time."
	"Hi, Paul," Tina greeted. 
	"Hi, Mrs. Cal."
	"So, Tony, did you come with your folks, or did you just come to 
check on us?"
	"With 'my' folks," Sam answered. "Well, I guess you can say both, 
though, now."
	Paul quickly changed the subject over to business and what went on 
so far since Simon and he got there that morning. Sam listened to every 
interested, but not really commenting about anything.
	A teenager walked up to them carrying a T-shirt similar to the one Sam 
had on the day before, received when Paul and Simon were handing them 
to the crowd before. Looking up at Paul, "Can you sign this for me. Paul 
signed it already. "
	"Only one thing. That's Simon," Paul pointed out. "I'm Paul."
	"Oh," the teenager said. "Can you sign it, though? Make it out to 
	"Sure, kid," he said, being used to it. He took it away along with the 
black felt-tip pen he was also handed, and autographed it.
	"Anyway, if you leaped into him, and --"
	Sam smiled, but Tina groaned. "Oh, boy! Not another one!" she sighed. 
"My husband drives me crazy with that show. Frankly, I think it's 
totally dumb."
	"How could anybody not like it? The show's the best show ever made."
	"Liam," Paul called, putting his hand on "Tony's" shoulder. "Do you 
know who this is? This is Tony Cal. The biggest dj to ever hit the 
since Wolfman Jack."
	Al walked through the Chamber door, behind Sam. "I think Simon is the 
biggest dj to ever hit the Southwest," Al commented, looking up at the 
"That guy weighs at least four hundred pounds.
	"But, my son is definitely the most popular dj in the Southwest."
	"Really? You're Tony Ca.l!" Liam turned toward "Tony Cal," excited.  
"I listen to you every morning before school. This is so cool! I've met 
WOLZ djs today. Wow! Can you sign it, too? Wait until I tell everybody 
about this! This is so cool!"
	Sam took the T-shirt. He thought about what to say. He took the pen, 
and scribbled. "To Liam, Keep Rockin'! Tony Calavicci." He tried to 
what all the people at the station refer to Tony as. His name wasn't 
Calavicci, Sam was certain. But, the name was already down on the 
and couldn't be erased or wiped off. He thought about scribbling it out, 
thought that a huge black line would look too mess on the clean gray 
(either that or too conceited if it look like he was just heavily 
'his' first name.) Something possessed him to just put quotes around the 
name and write "Cal" underneath.
	Liam took his shirt back, and read what the two djs wrote. "Is your 
last name really 'Calavicci'? I just thought it was Tony Cal," he asked 
	"It is just Tony Cal," 'the dj' answered. "I just wrote that as a 
joke from one tv fan to another. You got it."
	"Yeah. You like QL, too? Really?" Liam said, before walking away 
looking at his autographed shirt. "Tony, you are the king of rock! 
Thanks for 
the shirt! Wow!"
	"Sam, that was nice signing that shirt for the kid," Al said. "But, 
did you mean by the 'Calavicci' part? I know you just made a mistake 
with my 
son's radio name. But, what did you mean by the 'fan' part?"
	"Don't watch much tv. Do you, Spock? He's an Admiral on the 'SS 
Enterprise,' you know where you said the 'fictional' Ziggy is," Sam 
smiling, remembering their conversation about the show the night before. 
They walked far away from the crowd towards an empty alley next to a 
refreshment stand, where several boxes were.
	"The games and the news. You keep me busy most of the time," Al said. 
"I'm certainly not a trekie like you or my son. Actually, I think that 
this trekie 
stuff is left in your head from my son, because the only two sci-fi nuts 
I know 
are Tony and Gushie. But, Sam!  Stop calling me 'Spock'!  Ok, Doctor 
	"I always thought of myself as more of a Captain Kirk, leader and 
controller of the Starship Enterprise," Sam joked. "I think your son is 
an Ensign Wesley Crusher from the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'," he 
said, making a comment about Project Cadet Joey Calavicci which the 
took to be about Tony because of the science-fiction reference.
	"Sam, can you please stop talking about 'Star Trek'! I hate that show! 
How come outer space is always portrayed as totally way out in movies 
on television? The only space story which tells the truth is 'Apollo 
because it's a true drama about astronauts. (I actually met Jim Lovell 
once during that time period, because that was when we were both 
working for NASA.) People are writing about space, who don't even know
 what space is truly like."
	Maybe, that's why Tina hates the show so much, Sam guessed. It's 
for the same reason why Al hates stories about outer space. She works 
there, and knows what things are truly like . . . well, are truly like 
Things at the Project are much different now then how they used to be. 
Maybe, that's why I like the show. I actually remember when everything 
happened for real which that episode showed happening, back when I 
leaped into that pig doctor and the only thing Al did was obsess about 
who Tina was cheating on him with. . . . . Man, things sure did change 
so much since back then! Wow! If I just heard about the changes without 
witness them myself, I would think that Dark Vadar and Godzilla would be 
easier to believe in than Al and Tina's new lives.
	"Sorry, Al," Sam said. "I just watched one of your son's favorite shows
 yesterday, and it's kind of getting to me. A sci-fi show. You know 
'aliens' and 
'dinosaurs' and time travelers."
	"Going through big black holes in outer space," Al completed Sam's 
statement, filling in where the "time travelers" on the show were 
facing, waving his cigar in the air. 
	"Do you know that Planet Earth is in outerspace?" 
	"And, it is scientificly possible to actually bring dinosaurs back to 
 like in 'Jurassic Park'?" Sam joked. He could not hold the urge not to 
say anything.
	"Sam, you have a assignment to do," Al stated. "We're not supposed 
to be here talking about aliens and 'Star Trek' or anything else for 
that matter 
other than your assignment."
	Sam remembered how many times he had to tell Al to get back to 
business before everything changed, when his friend seemed to ramble on 
and on about some woman he once knew. Now, Al was telling Sam to be 
quiet.  But because of Sam's rambling on about science-fiction shows, 
because of any tales from a once true sexual legacy.  He stopped 
	"That kid you were once talking to, you know the one you signed the
 shirt for. That was Liam. The person you have to save, and you just let 
get away."
	"Oh, boy!" Sam said miserably. "Al, any idea on how Liam gets killed?"
	Al took the handlink out of his pocket, pushed a few buttons, and 
read the tiny screen. "He gets killed in the haunted house. That was 
he was headed. And, you should head over there, too, because you only 
 a half hour before the fire starts."
	"Good," Sam said relieved. "That's was what Ziggy said my other 
assignment is. So, I'll just save Liam and leap."
	 Sam watched his friend's eyes study the screen reading information 
which a moment ago was not there. Al's face looked devastated, even 
 than when--in the original history--he was faced again with the 
depressing problem of Beth's decision to claim Al dead and marry that 
 lawyer. His eyes looked like they were going to cry buckets of tears, 
and his 
face was as miserable looking as if his world had exploded and he was 
around with the ashes. "Liam's not the only one you have to save in that 
he said. "The death toll went up to three. And, the other two victims 
taken in 
that fire are my two youngest sons." 

Monica, (c) Summer, 1997