Sam decided to walk Kelly home that night. He grabbed her binder from his bed, 
and they walked out of his house together.
        Unlike this afternoon, her beauty now was overshadowed by her look of gloom. 
Her large brown eyes had lost their shine, and were now lackluster. Her face 
now wore a frown, instead of her usual happy expression that had made him fall 
in love with her. It was a look of hopelessness. 
        "Kelly, what's the matter?" Sam asked as he came outside onto the porch. He 
was concerned about her, and cared about her a lot. He wanted to know what was 
on her mind. No mater how big or small it might be.
        Kelly and he started walking away from the house towards the street. "Sam, did 
you study for the physics test, yet?" she asked. "I tried to, but I still don't 
understand that stuff, and the final is only a week away. I could positively 
        "I can help you if you want?" he offered as they reached the road outside of 
the gate that enclosed his house. He wished that was all that she was worried 
about, but he strongly felt that her problem was more massive than a high 
school final exam.
        "Thanks," she said. "I don't even know why I even took that class anyway. I 
sure don't understand it."
        "Well, maybe it will pay off someday."
        "I don't think so. It sure doesn't really have anything to do with real life. 
History has always been my thing, not science."
        *Someday, history and science will met the 'real world,'* Sam laughed to 
        "Kelly, I have a feeling that's not all of what it is that's worrying you."
        "Sam, I have some bad news," Kelly said.
        "What is it?" he asked.
        "Well," Kelly started. She sucked in her lips and bit down on her lower lip 
with her two front teeth sealing her mouth shut. She looked like a chipmunk. 
Sam remembered that this was a little habit of hers which she did every time 
she did not want to say something that she knew she had to say.
        The imaging chamber door opened, and Sam saw Al getting out holding the 
handlink. "Sam, I have some news, but it isn't good," Al said as he saw Kelly.
        *Oh, great! Two pieces of bad news on the same day, and at the same time 
        "Yeah, Kelly."
        "Do you really want me to tell you?" Kelly said flustered. Sam could tell that 
she really did not want to tell him this piece of information. "Sam, this 
pretains to you as much as it does to me."
        "Yes, I want you to tell me," he insisted.
        "Remember what happens up in your dad's hay loft," she said nervously.
        *How could I forget?*  Sam looked at her, and smiled. He remember their 
expression of young love and passion between him and the beautiful young woman 
standing next to him.
        Al caught onto what they were talking about right away. "I guess you had a 
roll in the hay in the hay," he joked grinning. He took a look at her checking 
her all out. "Way to go, Sam!"
        *He could be such a jerk sometimes,* Sam thought as he tried to ignore Al. 
*It's none of his business what happens between my girlfriend and me. It is 
basically a secret. A secret of mine was revealed, and by Al too. Unlike him, I 
don't want my sexual exploits broadcasted throughout the known universe.*
        "Yeah, what about it?" Sam asked her.
        "I don't know how to tell you this," she started. "Well, my monthly is late." 
She was very anxious and upset about what was happening to her.
        "Oh, boy! Your what is what?!" Sam was confused and upset.
        "I'm pregnant, I think."
        "Oh, boy!" Sam said dismally. *This is definitely not a little thing.*
        "I don't really know." A small stream of tears started to flow down her 
cheeks. "I'm going to the doctor tomorrow for a test. So, I won't really know 
for a while."
        "Kelly, don't worry," Sam said placing his arms around her for comfort.
        "How can I not?"
        "I'll be there for you," Sam told her. "However, I want you to be quiet about 
all of this. You didn't tell anybody, except me." *With the exception of 
a certain person who just happens to be walking directly in back of us taking 
everything in.* "Right?"
        "You're the first person I told," Kelly said. "I told Dr. Miller though, 
because he has to do the test. He promised to do it before hours tomorrow, and 
keep everything secret. My brother's the one whose supposed to be out of control, not me."
        "Sometimes, things just happen to good people. It has nothing to do with being 
out of control."
        "Try tell that to my mom. She still thinks I'm a virgin."
        "You fooled me too," Al stated extremely amazed. "Sixteen! Wow! You're not as 
backwards as I thought you were, Sam."
        "If my mom only knew the truth about us, Sam," Kelly said. "She'd kill us 
        "You better start planning your funeral, buddy boy," Al said. "Ziggy predicts 
that there is a 50% chance that she's pregnant. Although, there's still a 50% 
chance that she's not."
        *At least, this is good news,* Sam thought. *I hope.*
        "Kelly, I have a feeling you're not pregnant," Sam told her upon hearing this 
        "How do you know? Did a little birdy tell you?" she asked trying to smile 
through her tears. She rubbed her eyes to get rid of he small stream of tears 
still falling from her large brown eyes.
        "You could say that." Sam couldn't tell her the truth. He could just picture 
himself telling  her that a computer from the future predicted it. She would 
think that he was nuts. "I have a really god feeling you're not," he said. "I 
just do." Ziggy gave semi-good stats against it. Also, out of all of the few scattered 
memories Sam had, he could not remember Kelly ever getting pregnant. "I mean we 
used protection. Didn't we?" he covered up what he just said. It was the only 
reason that he could think of of her not to be pregnant, which had nothing o do 
with the future.
        "That stuff doesn't always work. Anyway, you never really use that stuff 
anyway. You said that you didn't want to buy it at the drug store, because 
people will find out what's happening, including our parents."
        "That's stupid!" he said thinking of his mixed up small town sixteen-year-old logic.    
"People will talk even more, if you're really pregnant. Still, Kelly, will you 
marry me, if it comes out positive?" he asked to be on the safe side. He most 
certainly did not want Kelly to be abandoned, if the 50% percent chance does 
end up happening.
        "What about college?"
        "This is more imporant. Will you marry me?"
        "Yes." She leaned over. Their lips met as they kissed each other goodbye. "See 
you later, cutey." 
        Sam watched Kelly as she continued to walk down the road towards her house.