Chapter Five

	At the bottom of the page, there was written, "Your friend, 
Albert Calavicci, USN."
	"Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!" Sam exclaimed clasping onto Kelly's 
letter. "Oh, boy!"
	Sam had no clue on what to make of his new found information. All 
evidence pointed to the facts that Al had told him when Sam was doing his 
chores was absolutely right about Kelly. All of the evidence that Sam 
needed he was grasped in his hand. The evidence that Sam needed was in 
the form of a letter which passed over boundries, which Sam thought only 
humans could pass. In fact, Sam felt he had even more evidence then he 
needed to convice him of Kelly's secret.
	He could no believe it, but everything was absolutely true. It 
now seemed somewhat realist and logical. It had to be. It was a 
discovered fact of absolute truth. All of the information lead to the 
discovery. It was a massive discovery about his girlfriend. The discovery 
could not have been made any other way, but though the circumstances that 
came though his leap.
	Sam doubted that Kelly was also a leaper. There was no way she 
could be. She was always Kelly Viaggio. she was born Kelly Viaggio. She 
was growing up as Kelly Viaggio. most probably she would die as Kelly 
Viaggio, if she never got married or changed her name. She was living a 
perfectly normal life, but with a twist. The twist was that she lived in 
different times. As well as changing places to live, she had also changed 
times to live. To her, livig in a certain year was just like living in a 
certain neighborhood or in a certain apartment or house. It was nothing 
more than that.
	Sam had always wanted to travel though time, and had finally 
achieved his wish as a adult. To him, traveling though time had always 
meant being able to help others. He guessed that time travel to Mrs. 
Viaggio meant the same thing. She was always helping others both in New 
York City and in Elk Ridge. Maybe, the Viaggios had influenced him 
subconsciously to pursue his wish of controlling time, as well as 
consciouslly influencing him to help others. Mrs. Viaggio just did things 
through different means, and had just decided to take her family along 
for the ride.
	Sam looked down at the signature of the letter again. The letter 
read, "Albert Calavicci." He guessed that this too was logic. Al was once 
young. He grew up in the large city of New York. It was perfectly 
logically for the Viaggios to know him, since they too came from the 
Bronx, just like they knew Sam when he was growing up in Indiana. Al used 
to be Kelly's brother's best friend, just like Kelly used to be Sam's 
girlfriend. Everthing was perfectly normal. They were all living their 
lives - lives that transcended the boundaries of time.
	Sam had no idea on why the Viaggios chose these places and times, 
but he flet that Mrs. Viaggio had some reason behind it, even if the 
reason was hidded from him and also from her own daughter. Kelly had said 
earlier that day that her mom had a readon behind it.
	Sam also recalled her telling him that her mother was a "free 
spirit" and a "gypsy" when she was younger - in other words, a hippie. It 
felt unusual and nonsensical that all of the bad thigs that he heard 
about "those people" could possible have included Kelly's mother. Mrs. 
Viaggio - in Sam's knowledge and opinion - did not seem like the type of 
person to be categorized at all in that group. She was always for America 
as much as he was. She never seemed as free as the wind, but lived the 
life of a mature responsible small town adult. He knew that she grew up, 
just as almost everyone else that was young in the sixties did. Everyone 
was young once, and may have done many different things very different 
then what they did as a adult. Opinions and lifestyles constantly change 
as one grows older. Mrs. Viaggio was a part of the generation that was 
young during the 1960's, just like many people who had children about the 
same time Kelly was born. Still, it felt biazatte that Mrs. Viaggio was a 
part of the same generation as he was in - the same generation Kelly was 
	Yet, Mrs. Viaggio was a part of a different generation. She was a 
adult. Sam and Kelly were both teenagers. Kelly was about one year older 
than Sam. Kelly was not many years younger, like she was supposed to be. 
Kelly and Sam were almost the exact same age, and were in the exact same 
grade in high school. Al, too, was only a few years older than her, when 
Kelly lived in the Bronx and at the point where the letters were coming 
from, wherever that may be. Al was only five years older than her - the 
exact same age as her older brother, who was born in 1975.
	He wished that he and al wre actually young in Kelly's present. 
*If Al, Kelly, her brother and I were all lived in the present as young 
people, it would be exactly like how Kelly is viewing the world,* Sam 
figured. *She does not see us seperated by years, but only by land. It is 
as if we are all around the same age. If we were, we probably would all 
be considered either in or almost a part of the same generation. What did 
they call Kelly's and her brother's generation again? It was a letter. A? 
No, it was later in the alphabet. Z? No, that's not it. X! X is the 
letter of mystery and secrets. Nothing is more of a secret than time 
travel. According to her, we are all part of Generation X, only displaced 
by time. I think I remember Generation X being called "the generation 
without an identity." Well, instead of being called "the generation 
without an identity," we are a generation without a time line. We are 
would-be Generation X-'ers. X marks the spot!*

Note: In Italian, "Viaggio" means "I travel" or "I take a trip." I chose 
this word to reflect Kelly's family time traveling.