Chapter Four

	Kelly walked up the stairs leading to the family's bedrooms 
watching her boyfriend wal through the door. She turned into his 
cluttered room and sat down on his bed. Her mind wondered through a 
beautiful garden of thoughts, but the garden was overgrown with weeds. 
She was going though a tough time - a time she sooner or later had to 
tell her boyfriend about. All day, she had been searching for the right 
time and words to tell him but all day it seemed like the wrong place and 
the wrong time. She did not want them to be forced with the 
responsiblities that they sooner or later had to face. She wanted them to 
live simply as two teenagers in lover are supposed to - not take on the 
problems of the adult world.
	Sam walked through the door carrying his bookbag and her binder. 
He placed both items down on the ground near the bed with a loud thump 
starling Kelly. She saw a white piece of paper come out of her binder and 
bent over to pick it up. She read the words on it as her mind - for the 
first time that day - fully made her forget about her problems - at least 
temporarily. She felt a small smile come over her lips.
	Sam sat down at the foot of the bed next to her. He tried to get 
a better look at what his girlfriend wa holding. "What are you reading?"
	"It's just a letter my friend sent me." She tilted the letter 
towards him as she rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder. "He's the 
guy I told you about at rehersal."
	"Can I see it?" Sam asked curious about what was written, 
especially curious about the mysterious writer of the letter.
	She quickly read the letter thinking about Sam's request. She did 
not want to reveal what was written. It was her letter containing her 
secrets and her news. "No, but I'll read it to you," she told her 
	"Yes," she answered before she started to read the letter. "Well, 
he starts by saying the usual. You know 'How are you? I'm fine. I'm 
having a great time, as great as I cna being stuck on the base.'" *The 
only way this guy could have a good time is if he's fooling around a lot. 
Little does he know - I can translate his letters. As my ma would say, 
'Kelly sometimes you have a really dirty mind.' At least I'm not doing 
dirty acts like y brother ad him are - way too much freedom I think.* She 
looked up at her boyfriend. *Something isn't dirty if you really love a 
person. Is it?* "You know it kind of says all of tha general stuff about 
life." She folder the letter placing it down on her lap.
	"Tell me more."
	"Are you sure?" He nodded. "Ok. I don't know why. It's just a 
letter, and you don't even the guy."
	"It's a part of your life, and I want to know all about 
	"Oh. Ok. I don't really mind anyway," she said opening the letter 
again. "You know that my birthday was last month."
	"Happy birthday."
	"Thanks again," she said holding onto the thin gold necklace he 
gave her for a present. She always wore teh necklace as a symbol of his 
love for her. "Well, he wished me a happy birthday and a good year. 
Actually he says, 'Time to part and live young, kid, before you get to be 
old lke me.'" She smiled at the homor of his statement. She reread the 
line of the letter again to herself, and let out a maused giggle. 'No way 
is my friend that old. To tell you the truth, he's definitely living it 
up more than anybody in the universe."
	Sam was more curious about Kelly's friend. How old is he?"
	"Well, the way I figure it, he's oly about your brother's age. 
So, he's only twenty-two."
	"Twenty-two!?" *Either Kelly is not talking about Al, or she has 
a very weird sense of telling time. Most probably it is not Al at all, 
but somebody else entirely. Kelly's just a normal teenager, just like 
everyone else at school.*
	"No," she finally said slowly. "He's twenty-three now. Our 
birthdays are about a month apart, even though he's five years older. 
He's a Genini."
	*Is Gemini in April or June?* Sam thought. *I'm a Leo, since my 
birthday is in August. I think Al's birthday is in June.*
	"Do you want to know something cool? I think that your signs 
should be reversed. You're a Leo, and Leos are supposed to be wild and 
outgoing. He's a Gemini, and Geminis are supposed to be really smart and 
be interested in many different things. You're both completely different 
then your signs, so maybe you should switch," she said. "Did you ever 
notice that somethings in life are really weird?"
	"You're weird."
	"I'm not weird," she said. "It's the rest of the world that is." 
	Her eyes skimmed over the letter, until they rested on a passage 
near the bottom of the page. The passage looked like it had been squeezed 
in at the last moment, as if originally he did not want to mention any of 
th information it contained. He told her that she was the only one that 
he told about it, and by the looks of the letter it appeared that he 
didn't even want to tell her. She slowly read the passage quietly. "Sam, 
do you believe in deja vu?" she finally asked.
	"Well, he said that it might have happened to him," she said 
motioning to the letter. "I was just wondering if you believed in it."
	"I read somthing about that in one of the books that I got from 
one of the town's doctors, either Dr. Burger of Dr. Miller. It says that 
deja vu is caused when there is a hiccup in the brain, and the right and 
left side of the brain experience the exact same thing but a microsecond 
apart, so it seems that the person is living the same experience twice 
although it only happened once."
	She smiled at him. "You know you look so cute when you act smart, 
Sammy. But why can't you just quit that mambo jumbo sometimes? If it 
wasn't for that brain stuff, do you believe that a person could relive 
the same experience twice. Maybe a person could relive a certain night," 
she said looking at the letter. She looked up at Sam. "Or maybe a period 
of time even longer than that, such as a day or even a few days."
	*I'm doing that right now! I'm reliving my youth. I guess that 
one could call the situation that I'm in right now a kind of deja vu.* 
"Anything is possible."
	"I though you would say that."
	She read the passage again. One line in the paragraph greatly 
stuck out among all of the rest. It read, "One word stuck in my mind - 
Destinty." It was the same word that her boyfriend remembered and told 
her right after he won the basketball game against Bentleyville last 
Thanksgiving. She remembered that her boyfriend did not remember anything 
that happened during the few days before the game, unlike her friend who 
claimed to experience the exact same night twice. Even though these 
experiences were different, she had  feeling that both events were 
interconnected by the single word Destiny. Both young men did not tell 
her about any mental concrete connections to the word, probably because 
there were none. They only knew the abstract word that somthing they were 
certain of was to come.
	"Sam," Mrs. Beckett called to them from the bottom of the stairs. 
"Kelly, I think the oven is calling you. The timer just went off."
	"I'll be right down," she called back. She placed the letter on 
the bed, and raced down the stairs.
	Sam leaned over on the bed and picked up the letter. He wanted to 
know more about what was writeen there. His eyes immediately wnt down to 
the bottom of the page. He could not believe what he was seeing. He 
rubbed his eyes with his hand, and looked at the letter again. It was 
still there. He was shocked at what was written, even though a small part 
of him had been certain of it all along. Still, he felt a sense of great 
disbelief at the world around him. He felt that he was transported into 
another realm of reality -  a world where anything is possible. He 
guessed that t was logical, but he could not understand what was 

What in the letter is shocking Sam? Read Chapter Five to find out.