Chapter Three

	Kelly and Sam walked into the house. He left the bucket of eggs 
on the kitchen table and went into the bathroom to wash up. When he got 
out of the bathrrom ad walked back into the kitchen, Kelly wraped her 
arms around him. "Now, Sammy, let's get down to being together."
	"Huh? What do you mean?"
	"We couldn't be together with your little sister showing up and 
your father telling you to do your chores, Now, where were we?" she said 
before she kissed him.
	"I think I'll have to pry the two of you apart with a crowbar," 
his mom joked as she entered the room. She walked toward the sink where a 
few dirty bowls and eating utensils were laying. From the delicious aroma 
in the kitchen, Sam could tell that she just made one of her 
award-winning pumpkin pies.
	*Rule number one is make sure yu don't make out in the kitchen, 
while your mom is cooking or chances are she's find out,* Sam thought as 
he quickly pulled away from his girlfriend. Sam's face turned as red as 
the strawberries that grew in his mom's garden.
	"Oh, hi Mrs. Beckett," Kelly said slowly moving away from him.
	"You're cooking supper tonight," Mrs. Becket asked Kelly. "Aren't 
	"Yes," she answered. "I hope you like Italian."
	"I never really tasted it before," Sam's mom told her. "I did try 
that homemade pasta stuff your mom makes once. What's it called again?" 
she said as she roamed her memory banks. "It doesn't matter. You probably 
know what I mean. It was very good."
	"Well, I'm going to make baked ziti tonight. I hope you like it," 
Kelly said smiling.
	"Well, I'm willling to try anything. It's just I don't think John 
will," she commented about herself and her husband.
	"Don't worry," Kelly said. "It's really good. It's my ma's 
favorite dish. she was famous for it will all of the people we knew back 
when we lived in the Bronx." She looked around the kitchen for a moment. 
"Uh, Sammy."
	"Yeah," Sam answered.
	"I kinda left it in the backseat of your car," she said 
	"I'll come with you," Sam said as he walked towards the front 
door with Kelly.
	"I'm so Swiss-cheesed sometimes, cutey," she told Sam as soon as 
they left te kitchen. She gentles shook her head. "I guess I have a lot 
on my mind."
	"What are you thinking about?" he asked kindly.
	She did not say, but looked sadly down at the floor. "I'll tell 
you later," she said dismally as she raised her head and looked Sam 
straight into his eyes.
	Sam could tell that whatever it was it was news that was hard for 
her to vocalize. "Whatever it is you could tell me?"
	"I said I'll tell you later," she said hostilely.
	They walked out of the house. She went to the car, opened the 
door and removed the white caramic casserole dish from the backseat. She 
examined the dish as she and Am went back into the house. "My ma had this 
dish ever since we lived on Staten Island," she told him. "The recipe for 
what's inside is even older than that."
	"Why did you and you mom ever leave the city?" Sam asked. He knew 
what Al had told him earlier that day, although he did not believe it. He 
wanted to hear KElly's side of her youth, insead of hearing Al's version 
of it.
	"My ma said it would be a good idea," she said. "I don't think 
she could take New York any longer, and wanted to bust out of there."
	He guessed that her reason made much sense, but there ere other 
places that one could go to instead of moving to Elk Ridge, Indiana. "Why 
did you come here, though?"
	"I don't know," she shrugged. "I guess that she thugh that the 
country would be good for us. My brother grew up in the city, and my ma 
says that he was always a real handful. I gues he still is. To tell you 
the truth, my ma was always a free spirit. She once told me that she was 
real gypsy, when she was our age. Sometimes, I don't really ask what she 
does. I just go along with it."
	"Maybe, you should ask."
	"Yeah, I try to sometimes, but sometimes she doesn't tell me 
eerything," she said as they walked back into the house and went into the 
kitchen. "When I aske her, she always tell me that there are some things 
in life that are meant to be secrets, because if they're told they won't 
make any sense at all." she walked over to the oven, placed the meal 
inside and turned it on.
	"I think that everything makes sense, but sometimes you just have 
to figure it our first."
	"Well, you have the brain to figure anything out."
	"You're really smart also, Kelly," Sam complimented.
	"Not as smart as you," she said. "I don't think that even Eistein 
was as smart as you." She glanced at the oven turning a knob setting the 
timer to go off in a half-hour. She then looked at Sam. "We have about a 
half-hour until diner is read. Do you want to go up to your room? Maybe, 
we could get a head start on our homework."
	"Sure," Sam said. "I'll get our stuff from my car. I'll met you 

What is Kelly's secret? What is worrying Kelly? Tune in to find out.

"Somethings coming over me.
 My baby's got a secret." - Madonna (song)