"Hey, where are you running off to?" Jordan asked once Sam arrived. Jordan was 
half drunk. He handed Sam a cup full of beer. "You're here after all." The 
group was still drinking and partying.
	Sam looked around panicking. He could not see Kelly anywhere. The night casted 
everything is a black blanket, except for the bright moon and the stars and the 
artifical lights from a few car headlights. "Do you see her?" Sam asked Al.
	"See who?" Jordan asked.
	"Kelly," Sam told him.
	"I see her," Al said. He went out on the lake to the spot Kelly was hovering 
an inch above the water. "She's still in the boat. You made it on time."
	"Where is she?" he asked. He noticed that his future friend was no longer with 
him. "Where are you?"
	"She's on the lake," he stated, "kinda in the middle."
	"That's actually going to help me?" he said scarcastically. Even though the 
man tried to help him by giving him Kelly's postition, the information was of 
little use. From Sam's point of view, he could see neither one of them.
	Al leaned over to pick up somehtig that was lying near his feet. He picked it 
up. Al turned on the large bright flashlight. "How's that?" he asked as he 
turned it on. It spotlighted him and Kelly in a round circle of light.
	*How can he stand on water?* Sam pondered. "I see you," Sam said looking off 
into the distance. They were far off from th spot that he was standing. Al was 
now glad that he got the light, before he went into the chamber. If it was not 
for his brillant idea, Sam would not be able to see him now. 
	"Hey, Sammy!" Kelly called to him as she stood up in the boat waving her arms 
wildly above her head. She was completely drunk, and remsembled a huge rag doll 
in her floppy movements. Her unbalanced actions were her own undoing as the 
boat tipped over and dunked her into the dark water.
	Upon seeing this, Sam rushed into the water and started to swim out to the 
point, where Kelly was. He did not wait one second. He did not want to take any 
more chances.
	Kelly went towards the boat, and tried to push it upright again, so she could 
get in. Her touch only let the boat float farther away from her. She started to 
move her arms and legs trying to stay afloat. Her effort was all in vain, as 
her body started to get swallowed up by the water.
	Sam swam as fast as he could towards the area where he saw Kelly go down. He 
took a long deep breath. He went under the water to look for her. Al followed 
him under the water, and shone the flashlight onto the spot, where Kelly was. 
It was only within a short distance from Sam. Kelly's body was floating 
aimlessly underneath the water.
	Sam placed his arms around her, and with all of his strenght pulled her 
lifeless body back to the shore. He had no idea where he got the strenght from. 
Maybe, it was the strenght of love. Maybe, the strenght of goodness. For her, 
he was willing to do anything. He would drain the entire lake, if he had to and 
if he could.
	He manged to get back to shore. He dragged Kelly's body onto the small patch 
of sandy land right in front of the lake. A small crowd began to gather around 
	"What happened?" Sam heard a crowd member ask.
	*She almost drowned, because nobody cared enough to keep an eye on what she 
was doing,* Sam thought as he began to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her. 
He rotated his action with CPR as he tried to regain life into his girlfriend. 
*Please, God! Let this work!*
	Kelly began to cough up water. "Sam, I think it's working," Al said as he 
watched what was going on before him. He bent over Kelly looking down at her. 
Ziggy's main terminal was feeding Al information, because Al knew Sam could 
never hear Ziggy talking. "There is a 85% chance she's going to survive and 
going to live a normal life, and the percent is rising higher and higher each 
	*Wow! Thank God!* Sam thought as he kept doing his life restoration actions. 
	"Sam, she's ok," Al stated. "It's a 100% now."
	Kelly oped her eyes, and began to look all around her. Sam ran his fingers 
through her long wet hair. "You're ok,' Sam said relived as he bent over her.
	Kelly looked straight up at Sam. "Sam?" She turned her head to look at where 
Al was standing over her. "Albert?" Kelly questioned. "What are you doing 
	Al glanced at Sam and shrugged as if to say he had no idea what was happening. 
Al knew that people close to death could see him, but she was never as much in 
life as she was at that moment. 
	Kelly looked at both of them together. "You both look so old!"
	Sam leaped.
	Sam felt a glass bottle up to his mouth and warm beer pouring in. Sam looked 
around him. He was standing in what seemed like a bar. The place had a heavy 
smell of tobacco smoke and beer. Somewhere a jukebox played, but was drowned 
out by people's rowdy and loudy conversations. The place was crowded with 
service men - US Navy men to be exact. All were dressed in their uniforms, as 
was Sam. Sam was standing around a wooden table with a group of three other 
guys, who all looked like they were in their earily twenties. By the way the 
guys were goofing around and laughing, Sam could tell that these guys were 
definitely buddies.
	"Here's to three days of freedom," a guy in the group said holding up his can 
of beer.
	"Yeah, we could do whatever we want," a second guy agreed. His voice had a 
faint North Carolina accent.
	"There's going to be no pompous windbag nozzles telling us what to do for the 
next few days," another guy said. His back was turned to the group, and he was 
aiming for a dart board near the table.
	Sam could not believe it.
	That voice!
	It was Al!
	"Oh, boy!"


"The day the music died.
We were singing 'Bye bye Miss American Pie.'
Drove my Chevy to the levy,
But the levy was dry.
Then, good ol' boys were drinking wiskey and rye,
Singing 'This will be the day I will die.
This will be the day I will die.'"
	- "American Pie" (song)